BromptonTalk / Brompton Folding Bike discussion group
Forum for discussing the Brompton folding bicycle. We are a very relaxed group and often talk about cycling or related topics. Group's rules: - commercial posts not permitted. - Your first few messages needs moderator approval so tolerate a slower appearance of messages after joining. - Recommend use first opportunity to briefly introduce yourself in the sticky 'New Members' topic, an...
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Yaesu-FT-60 / YAESU FT-60
If you are looking for a place to talk about ALL ASPECTS OF THE YAESU FT-60R you have come to the right place! All posts must be directly related to the FT-60. Off topic posts are not allowed. Insults of any kind are not allowed. Bad behavior will result in full moderation of posts or removal from the list. New members are moderated. After the first few relevant posts, new members may gain non-...
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kicad-users / Kicad Users
This group is for users of KiCad, the amazing integrated EDA program. Not only does it capture schematics and layout PCBs, it is open source, free and runs on a range of platforms. This group concentrates on actually using KiCad, so post your questions, hints, tips and suggestions for improvements. The transfer from to has been kindly sponsored by ...
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APRSISCE / APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
Welcome to the APRSISCE/32 Support Group Note: When requesting membership, you should receive a (nearly immediate) e-mail response requesting your name and callsign. This is our way of keeping spammers at bay. Please REPLY to this e-mail with your NAME and CALLSIGN and we'll get your membership approved! APRSISCE/32 is intended for licensed amateur radio operators only and that privileg...
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nymuslimtimes / The New York Muslim Times
It is a mailing and announcement group for the articles update at the website of The New York Muslim Times; The New York Muslim Times is a publication of As-Seerah Publishing, Inc. The Print edition of monthly magazine will be distributed in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey through Islamic/Muslim Centers/halal restaurants and grocery stores. The magazine will also be ma...
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K9KidneyDiet / K9 Kidney Diet
This group is for owners of dogs with varying forms of kidney disease, and kidney-related disease or infection, and including certain kidney stones. We are pet owners, with decades of combined experience, caring for & feeding dogs with various forms of renal disease. Kidney Failure is not one-size-fits-all. Changes in tastes & food preferences are predictable. Focus is on extending quality...
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FremontFreecycle / Fremont Freecycle of California
NEW Home of Fremont Freecycle on Groups.IO The Volunteer Moderators welcome you to The ORIGINAL Fremont Freecycle in our new home; where our goal is to keep usable tangible items out of the landfills. Membership is by request, and is limited to residents of Fremont CA, and adjoining communities, and those that work or visit regularly. YOU MUST REPLY to the VERIFICATION EMAIL to complete registrati...
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A group hosted and moderated by Savannah Cat Rescue for pet owners to find new homes for their Savannah Cats. Posts will be limited to those offering an altered adult Savannah (older than 6 months of age). Posts should include the location of the cat, name of cat, age, gender, generation, spay/neuter status and also the adoption (which should be less than $500). We do believe that offering "fr...
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etherbun / Etherbun Main List
A group devoted to the health, care, and behavior of domestic companion rabbits. Please be aware in advance that discussion of breeding rabbits for *any* purpose--including pets or show--is NOT ALLOWED on EtherBun. Our rabbits are not commodities. They are family.
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CyberJoke3000 / CyberJoke 3000™
Laugh along with Al Lowe, the creator of Leisure Suit Larry and once computer software's best-selling humorist . Every weekday morning you'll receive an email with two jokes, one of which is clean. Guaranteed to make you smile... or double your money back!
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comunidadeTQS / Comunidade TQS
Esta é Comunidade TQS, um espaço destinado aos usuários dos Softwares TQS e aos profissionais ligados a engenharia de estruturas, para troca de informações sobre matérias referentes aos Softwares TQS e Engenharia de Estruturas em geral. TQS software para o cálculo, analise e detalhamento de Concreto Armado, Protendido, Alvenaria Estruturas e Pré-moldados
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goomics / Goomics
Group where new episodes of the "Goomics" cartoon series are posted.
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This is the long-running Alameda Freecycle Group that used to be a Yahoo Group. Since Yahoo is closing down the Groups function, we are moving this group here to More details and Alameda Freecycle info to come!
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MontclairWatercooler / The Montclair Watercooler
Welcome to the new home of the Montclair Watercooler. This group replaces the Yahoo and Facebook versions of the original Montclair Watercooler and we believe it will provide a better experience for the future and civil discussion in Montclair, NJ. The group guidelines will be updated as soon as possible to support the web site that hosts the group, but for now you may see our existing Y...
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small-layout-design / Small Layout Design
Discussion of the design and construction of small model railroad layouts. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ACCEPT SALES AND WANTS ADVERTS - EBAY IS THERE FOR THEM. This group is intended for the average model railroader who does not have an entire basement or even an entire room to devote to a layout. Here we will discuss smaller layouts -- table-tops, shelf layouts, micro-layouts, modules and modular layo...
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vikingdesignerepic / Viking Designer Epic Group
Welcome to the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic group! This group is owned & run by independent machine embroidery users, not the manufacturer. The focus of our list is to discuss sewing, quilting, and embroidering with our Husqvarna Viking sewing/embroidery machines: Epic2, Epic, Diamond, Ruby, Topaz, Brilliance 80, & Jade machines. We ask that all posts stay positive, no bad language, no ...
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FelineAssistedFeeding / Feline Assisted Feeding
WELCOME:Lots of things can make a cat lose interest in food: infection,constipation, CRF, pancreatitis, a bad tooth, cancer, or even stress. Cats can't fast because they don't use body fat well. It can clog the liver causing acute failure, called Hepatic Lipidosis or Fatty Liver. Food is the only prevention and cure. [more] Nutrition can provide strength to fight, buy time to work on a ful...
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antiquepatternlibrary / Antique Pattern Library
This forum is for discussing the Antique Pattern Library, a makers' resource at We also use the forum to organize library volunteers, and to send out special notices when we upload new books or other important information. Antique Pattern Library is an ongoing project to scan antique craft and design books that are in the public domain and make them available on ...
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premierplusembroiderysoftware / Premier Plus Embroidery Software Group
Welcome to the Premier Plus Embroidery and Quilting Software Group! This group is owned and run by independent software users, not the software manufacturer. The focus of this list is to support owners of Viking/Pfaff Premier+ 2 (PP+2 or Premier Plus 2), Premier+, 6D, 5D & Quilt Design Creator software. We also support older versions. All sewing/embroidery machine questions should be directed ...
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This group contains the photos originally posted on the Small Layout Design Yahoo group. The photos are now in this separate group due to storage limits on This group is for storage only and posting of messages or uploading of files and/or photos will not be allowed. Please visit the main group to post. Due to restrictions in file space, 4 separat...
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