Brompton Folding Bike discussion group

Forum for discussing the Brompton folding bicycle. We are a very relaxed group and often talk about cycling or related topics.

Group's rules:
- commercial posts not permitted.
- Your first few messages needs moderator approval so tolerate a slower appearance of messages after joining.
- Recommend use first opportunity to briefly introduce yourself in the sticky 'New Members' topic, and describe your motivations and interests for joining the group. 
- we know conversations will fork off into different directions, so to allow for future searches to find your valuable contribution, if the discussion is going onto a different topic please edit the subject line to match the new topic. That keeps threads on focused topics while allowing you to say largely anything.
- be nice, you can disagree on a topic but please do not make personal attacks or use offensive language.
- This group is originally from Yahoo created in January 2001, so nearly 19 years old, bad behaviour is extremely rare, so a light-touch moderation is working well, but just so you know how we operate:
- if you post something not nice and someone objects then the post is deleted and you are warned. Everyone is allowed 1 bad day.
- if you repeat and post something objectionable, it is deleted and your subsequent posts are checked by moderators for a period, so slowing your replies to the group. If no further bad posts then go back to normal.
- if then repeat and post something objectionable, your message is deleted, and you are not allowed to post, so go whistle in the wind, but you still receive messages while you work out your issues. You can always leave the group at any time.
- if you then use your read-only privilege to pick on people (e.g. email them direct) then you're banned.

Email addresses are visible to all members, so if your email service is hacked (usually for innocent reasons) you are stopped from posting until you have cleaned up the hack, then allowed to post as normal. These incidents are very rare we average about two a year but if you find you cannot post this may be the reason.

So please join the group understanding and accepting these very light rules.

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