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Welcome to Living Math® Forum! This is an on-topic list dedicated to the discussion of "living math" - mathematics education incorporating living books and materials with or without traditional curricula as the primary learning tool. Discussion applies to mathematics learning from birth to adult self education, with the understanding that arithmetic is only one feature of mathematics as a whole. Math and science history topics apply as well.

Educators using Patricia Kenschaft, Frank Smith, Charlotte Mason, Thomas Jefferson Ed / relaxed classical, Ruth Beechick, Montessori, Waldorf, "eclectic" and unschooling philosophies and methods may benefit from the exchange of ideas.

Members pass on articles, links and resources of interest to home educators, tutors, and classroom educators interested in resources beyond curriculum.

From the site: "Insisting a child must be taught solely traditional, scope-and-sequence arithmetic to learn mathematics is like saying one must learn classical note reading and scales before one can learn music. You might get there, but you miss out on the inspiration of beautiful music created by the masters along the way. We need not master all the "basics" before being able to experience the appreciation that carries us through the hard work of learning. Think of applying living math principles as developing a 'mathematical ear' while working toward the mastery of basic theory."

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