SFBirds / Birding in San Francisco
SFBirds is a mailing list hosted at groups.io for topics relating to birding in San Francisco proper. What are suitable posts for this list? Please confine your posts to issues of relating to sighting and distribution of birds within San Francisco (City and county for pelagics/Farallones). Brief postings regarding events IN San Francisco of special interest to the SF Birding public are also on to...
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tablesmith / TableSmith
A place to discuss the Windows application TableSmith. TableSmith is a program used primarily to generate random tables for roleplaying games, to help gamemasters speed up the creative process.
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CafeMontgomeryMD / CafeMontgomery
This Bulletin Board is where Freecycle members in Montgomery County, MD, can have a friendly chat among like-minded people. Just keep it polite and free of politics, religion, or topics not appropriate for all ages. You can: Share community resources, including "freebies" as well as "nearly free" resources, for example, thrift stores. Ask for info. If you've got a "Ho...
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ic-9100 / Icom IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
Icom IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver This group is for the new ICOM transceiver, IC-9100 HF+6M+VHF+UHF all modes+D-Star (23CM, optional), built-in HF/50MHz ATU (tuner), 32 bit IF-DSP, 24 bit ADC/DAC. HF/50MHz 100 watts, 144MHz/430MHz 75 watts, optional 1200MHz 10 watts output. 15kHz roofing filter is stock for all bands, 3 & 6kHz optional filters available for HF/50MHz only. Rear panel USB ...
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singaporemath / Singapore Math
This is a U.S. based forum. The elements that lead to the effective teaching of mathematics involve the instructors studying the textbooks and other teaching material, doing the math themselves, and discussing math with and learning math from other instructors. The purpose of this forum is to assist those outside of Singapore, using Singapore's Primary and Secondary level mathematics, particul...
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This is a supportive, encouraging online community of Haflinger owners and enthusiasts from around the world who wish to share information about health, nutrition, breeding, genetics, training, promotion and just plain old fashioned enjoyment of the Haflinger horse. We welcome the entire family to participate in these discussions about our special horses.
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Forum for discussing all aspects of the Great Northern Railway (United States), including modeling.
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cci-people / Canine Companions for Independence
The cci-people group is an unofficial discussion list for CCI graduates, puppy raisers, breeder caretakers, volunteers, and staff. If you wish to become a member of cci-people, please send a message to cci-people+subscribe@groups.io and tell us your name, CCI region, and briefly describe your involvement with CCI. Once your membership has been approved you will receive a Welcome email with inst...
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For users and others interested in the Arcom RC210 or other products http://www.arcomcontrollers.com
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TS-990S / Kenwood TS-990S
Discussion group for the Kenwood TS-990S amateur transceiver. *In the making for more than twenty years, the ultimate Contest / DX experience is here. Kenwood's long awaited flagship model is equipped with the latest technology that embodies an entirely new HF standard. The TS-990S comes equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on different bands, it also features narrow-band ro...
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BriggsEngineGroup / Briggs Engine Group
Welcome To The Briggs Engine Group This group is for the exchange of information about the Briggs & Stratton small engines that are so popular in use today. This club is for the discussion of the maintenance and repair of the finest small engine manufactured in the world.... No Abuse to other members will be tolerated The Moderators Of This Group Have The Las...
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RPMclinics-RickBell / RPMclinics-RickBell
This group is for following along with Rick Bell as he presents on-line internet clinics about railroad prototype modeling. Specifically he does DCC installations on HO models (primarily) and are "High End" type installations. On occasion he will have a guest present a clinic. RPM "on-line internet clinics" are the next step in the evolution of assisting everyone with their railr...
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Discussion group for homebrewing beer and related topics, including growing hops, brewing equipment, recipes, and more.
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The CBQ Groups.io is a moderated group that is open to anyone who cares to subscribe and participate. The first three new members' posts will be reviewed for appropriateness and will be released only after a moderator approves the posts. The purpose of the list is for historians, railfans and railroad modelers to discuss the any topic related to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad an...
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swskeds / Combined shortwave broadcast schedules.
Combined shortwave broadcast schedules.
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Pro92 / Pro92
Discussion of the RadioShack Pro-92 portable scanner radio
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aicap-aifap / Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians/Foreigners in American Prisons
A replacement for the same group name in Yahoo Groups, all the users, photos, files, and messages were moved here from the original group at Yahoo Groups. AICAP/AIFAP ~ A Guide For Canadians Imprisoned Abroad http://www.voyage.gc.ca/publications/imprisonment-emprisonnement-eng Registration of Canadians Abroad http://www.voyage.gc.ca/register Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963 h...
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This list is a place to discuss all aspects of past, present, and future passenger trains and rail travel in Canada. This includes all national, regional, commuter, and tourist rail carriers. Examples include VIA Rail, the former passenger services of the CNR, CPR, and BCR, the passenger services of the Algoma Central (CN), Ontario Northland, GO Transit, West Coast Express, and Rocky Mountaineer R...
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A group dedicated to all things Kiron, ie lenses made by Kino Precision, Vivitar lenses, Panagor and Elicar, Guinness and things like that...
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CLLSLL / Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia / Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma
This is a support forum soliciting postings of general and serious medical interest to patients with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) or SLL (small lymphocytic lymphoma). We look for and discuss information of an educational and medically informative nature, and encourage postings from individuals with medical issues and problems relating to CLL/SLL. Dr. Furman (New York-Cornell) is our medi...
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