If you want to modify an inkjet printer or build your own inkjet plotter for the purposes of direct resist printing onto copper boards to make printed circuit boards, this is your group. In addition, we now explicitly cover inkjet printing of silver or other conductive coatings or metals directly onto substrates such as fabric, mylar, fiberglass boards, and other substances. As an adjunct to...
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Low-Fat-Good-Cooking / Low Fat Good Cooking
Hey, healthy menu eaters or wannabes! Hop on in for some great information and recipes for living a low-fat lifestyle. We're glad you're here! Members are moderated to prevent SPAM being sent to the list.
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CubCadetGardenTractors / Cub Cadet Garden Tractors

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Radio Amateur Kits for High Frequency including the HF Packer Amplifier and miniHFPA and miniHFPA2. Also featured are the 6M Amp project and the PA-100 SDR Amp. We offer construction kits or fully assembled and tested projects. Includes all parts and a comprehensive construction manual by email. Support by email and telephone. Failure is not an option. We service all the projects. If you get stuck...
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radioartisan / Radio Artisan
We love radio and small computing devices and we combine the two to automate, experiment, or just see if something can be done. We believe it's better to build something with our own hands, however small or imperfect, and improve and expand it over time. We support experimenters of all levels and exchange ideas about amateur radio hardware homebrewing and software development, especially ...
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Kandi / Kandi Private Group
This is the new site for the Kandi Private Group, for those interested in Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (see below for description), a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq under the symbol KNDI. This site was originally founded in February of 2011 over at Yahoo Groups, and consisted of two sub-groups, the main site and the Kandi Lounge. The two sites have been merged into one here, with use of m...
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This group is governed by the topic of DCC for model railroading in N Scale
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TS-590S / Kenwood TS-590S and TS-590SG
Discussion group for the Kenwood TS-590S and TS-590SG amateur transceivers. when applying for membership, please make sure your display name includes your callsign. When posting to the group , please follow the rules: 1) Please specify if your topic is specific to the 590S or 590SG. 2) Stay on topic 3) Be respectful of peoples views even if you dont agree with them, No bashing, No being disrep...
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KohlerEngineGroup / Kohler Engine Group

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This list is the fusion of the PRR-FAX List and the PRR-Modeling list. The purpose of this list is to expedite the sharing of accurate information regarding the Pennsylvania Railroad, both in prototype and model form. It exists for all of us who admire, study and/or worked for the "Standard Railroad of the World". All factual information regarding the PRR is welcome. Accuracy is expected,...
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Chat With The Designers (CWTD) is a discussion forum for the monthly CWTD program AND for products and activities of Midnight Design Solutions, including the SDR Cube Transceiver, the NUE-PSK Digital Modem, the DDS-60 SigGen card, the Midnight SNA, and many other products released over the years. CWTD is a live audio conferencing program conducted on the Internet every second Tuesday at 8pm Eas...
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gnshuls / Great Neck Shuls - Kehila of Great Neck
This is an announcement board for the Great Neck Orthodox Kehila. VISIT GREAT NECK SHULS GROUP ON FACEBOOK You MUST provide your name and location for membership. Anonymous requests for membership are rejected. No commercial posts permitted, but paid sponsorships are available! No General Mechandise or local Real Estate FOR SALE... but LOOKING FOR is permitted. However, "Aliyah Sales" a...
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onlinesewing-janome / Online Sewing for Janome owners
This group is for owners of the Janome embroidery-capable machines, including the Skyline S9, Memory Craft 12000, Memory Craft 14000, and Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000. It is a place for members to seek help with problems, as well as exchange ideas. It is owned by former Janome dealers, Diane and Jim Stutsman.
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ic7200 / ICOM IC-7200
Portable/Base HF/6m 1-100W transceiver offered by ICOM. IF DSP, digital filters, noise reduction, noise blanker, twin PBT. SSB,CW & AM modes. (No FM) Water resistant front panel and partially water resistant chassis. This group supports discussion of the IC-7200.
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ic-7610 / The New ICOM IC-7610 SDR TRANSCEIVER
The new IC-7610 SDR Transceiver This group has been created to provide information and a discussion forum for the new IC-7610 SDR-HF transceiver. Icom has announced the IC-7610 at Tokyo HamFair 2016, which opened on 20 August 2016. Other newly-announced Icom products are the IC-R8600 desktop receiver, the IC-R30 handheld receiver and the ID-51A/E PLUS2 D-Star handheld. Please visit this page f...
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OnanEngineGroup / Onan Engine Group
Welcome To The Onan Engine Club This club is for the discussion of the maintenance and repair Onan Engines one of the finest small engine manufactured in the world.... This Group Was Created For Members To Enjoy What The...
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w4dccqa / Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC Question and Answer Forum
Question and answer forum for Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC website.
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RepowerAndRegear / RepowerAndRegear
Our group is for discussion of repowering and regearing model railroad locomotives. This group is also receptive to the discussion of additional model modifications after repowering and regearing; for example, repairs and redetailing, DCC installations and painting as pertains to locomotives. Modelers from all scales and gauges are welcome. Attachments are currently restricted to 500K in size, th...
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RSGBTechnical / RSGBTech
Welcome to RSGBTech, an independent group open to ALL radio amateurs to discuss amateur radio related technical matters, be it a technical query or area of interest. If it's technical and amateur radio, it is "On Topic". Refer to the current RSGB year book for further information. Please note that postings are moderated and do not necessarily represent RSGB policy, especial...
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This group is for owners and anyone else interested in TEC telescopes
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