A email group for discussion of amateur radio activities using modes within WSJTX software by Joe Taylor.
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javaee / Welcome the official Java EE discussion groups is a moderated announcements group. Make sure to post your technical questions directly in one of the appropriate subgroup (see subgroups list below). The discussions archives can be consulted here. Contributions You agree that you will only upload, share, post, publish, transmit, or otherwise make available ("Share") on or through this Service content...
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Full-TimeRVingSeniors / Full Time RV Seniors over age 60
Full-time RVing Seniors~living on a limited income, who want to share useful information on Full-time RVing in a stationary RV/or on the road traveling. We started this group because there is little or no information for Seniors who live on a limited income and who are thinking of living in an RV fulltime. As we accumulate the information we thought it would be a good idea to share it with other f...
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Data_IO_EPROM / DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group
Welcome to the DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group. This group is for Students, Hobbyists, Arcade Machine Collectors, Technicians and Engineers to share their knowledge and resources for DATA I/O Universal Programmers for use within their Hobbies or for educational purposes. For such programmer models as the Unisite, ChipLab, ChipWriter, Labsite, 2900, 3980 and many more. Other Universal ...
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ham-sauna / Ham-sauna - Sekalaista tarinointia hamien kesken
Ham-sauna - Sekalaista tarinointia hamien kesken. Ham-Sauna -listan yll├Ąpidosta vastaa Erik OH2LAK ja Tuomas OH3ERV
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The Ham Radio Instructor's Group is for amateur radio operators who are currently teaching or are interested in teaching amateur radio classes. We discuss our experiences teaching classes and discuss ways we can become better teachers, including new ideas, techniques, and materials.
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UKMilitaryRadios / UK Military Radios
For exchanging information about UK military radios, especially Clansman and Larkspur
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The forum is provided for the benefit of GTC members, as a hub of discussion about matters relevant to people in our industry. We hope that discussion here will be lively, entertaining, intelligent and informative. Please check the Wiki pages for how to use certain functions and if you'd like to see something added or edited in there, drop one of council a line.
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zapoly / ZAPoly
This is the umbrella mailing list for polyamory in South Africa - it serves as a national polyamory interest and discussion group for polyamorous and poly-curious South Africans. Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. The important point is that everyone knows about and accepts...
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NRCPlus2016 / NRCPlus2016
This is the restricted group for Dr. Kellon's 2016 NRC Plus equine nutrition classes. Membership is limited to class enrollees. For information on available classes, please visit
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tijazzfan / TI Jazz Band Fans
Fans of The Texas Instruments Jazz Band.
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AllApple / AllApple
Discussion of and community assistance with All Things Apple; OS X, MacOS, iOS, watchOS & Apple/Apple compatible hardware
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Rialtapictures / Rialta pictures group
A place to post your pictures
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Chicago Chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association
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sociocracy / Sociocracy
This is a discussion group on sociocracy, a collaborative governance method based on consent decision-making. Members of the list include professionals who train and do consulting in sociocracy around the world and beginners who are just discovering this method of governance. Sociocracy has its base in cybernetics and Quaker decision-making and is used globally in businesses and organizations in...
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NPRailway / Northern Pacific Railway Fans
A place to talk history of the Northern Pacific Railway and it's predecessors. Share photos, collected artifacts, memories and anything else associated with the NP. Remember the Main Street of the Northwest. The ever famous Vista Domes of the North Coast Limited. The Red, White and Blue slogan box cars "SHARE IN FREEDOM!" The Northern Pacific Railway Group is neither affiliated with a...
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TechTalk / Tech Talk
Welcome to Tech Talk, This is a group for discussing accessible technology and technology in general. Also, see our associated chat group where you can chitchat and discuss anything not related to technology.
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vkzlqrp / VKZLQRP amateur radio
vkzlqrp is a mailing list for persons interested in low power amateur radio communication (or QRP) in Australia and New Zealand. QRP awards and contests, construction of QRP equipment, social gatherings of QRPers, announcements of QRP activity, QRP club news and the arrangement of QRP skeds/tests are all relevant topics for this list. Subscribing will be of benefit if you are at all interested ...
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OpenHPC-announce / OpenHPC Announce
This low-volume list is used to announce new versions and important updates.
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Makine, machinery, mechanical engineering.
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