finescaleminiatures / Fine Scale Miniatures
For people who enjoy building craftsman kits like Fine Scale Miniatures.
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Technology strategy
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Receive notification when indie game Fox & Owl is available to download. Fox & Owl Video Fox & Owl teaser video Fox & Owl on Kickstarter Fox & Owl Kickstarter
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siebenkatzenleben / SiebenKatzenLeben
Alles zur Gesunderhaltung deiner Katze Herzlich willkommen in der Group SiebenKatzenLeben! Die Group SiebenKatzenLeben ist für alle jene gedacht, die sich über die Gesunderhaltung und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten bei der Erkrankung ihrer Katze, sowie über ihre Erfahrungen mit schulmedizinischen und ergänzenden Heilmethoden austauschen möchten. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt der Group ist die E...
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GivatShaulKiryatMosheJerusalemGroup / Givat Shaul - Kiryat Moshe Neighborhood Jerusalem Group.
This is a community group for events, private sales, asking advice. Only for residents of Givat Shaul and Kiryat Moshe in Jerusalem neighborhoods. Businesses post once a week.
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The N_Tutorial list is for the absolute beginner in N-Scale model railroading. That means that no question asked here is ever stupid!! Initially this list was dedicated to people building the 3' x 5' beginners layout, described in detail on: In time some of the list members developed more advanced versions, like Geof Dagley's Advanced Tut...
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SettingCaptivesFree / Setting Captives Free
Setting Captives Free one heart at a time, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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This is a forum to discuss issues with all SPE Expert Linear amps. This site has no commercial interests in the Amplifier were just bringing owners/users together to share experiences. This group has been active since the 16th February 2008 originally via Yahoo Groups and commenced the move to IO Groups in May 2018. We would like to thank you for your support in the past and the future. This grou...
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TekScopes2 / All about Tektronix CRT scopes and more!
This group is for discussion of Tektronix instrumentation. We talk about the classic Tek scopes, the 7000 series, the TM500 instrumentation, the DSOs, and others. We also share service stories and occasional social talk: like you would if you went to get nuts and chatted in the hardware store. Moved from Yahoo!'s TekScopes2. We won't kick you out on a whim. We are a meritocracy, not a ...
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JP / Joseph's People, Ltd
Joseph's People is a faith based community dedicated to helping members find meaningful employment.
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NTHEurope / Natural Thyroid Hormones EUROPE group (includes the use of T3)
Welcome!! YOU ARE REQUIRED TO READ ALL OF THIS: This European-ONLY patient group was created to replace the wonderful 8+year old group on Yahoo called Natural Thyroid Hormone (NTH) Europe Users, created by Janie A. Bowthorpe M.Ed, the creator of the Stop the Thyroid Madness (STTM) website and the books: WHO CAN JOIN AND HOW: ...
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sldfiles2 / sldfiles2
This is a second overflow for the Small Layout Design group - more file and photo space. Please don't post messages to the sldfiles2 group - they won't go out. It is for files and pictures only. Due to restrictions in file space, 4 separate groups had been set up for the sharing of design files and photos.
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myshelfdotcom is a bookish website. We have columns, reviews, giveaways, and more. Join our Newsletter and you'll be automatically added to our monthly Book Giveaway. Various genres are offered in the giveaways.
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timingsolution / Timing Solution
Timing Solution community group has these goals: - discussing financial markets analysis and forecast provided by Timing Solution team and users of the software; - tips and ideas on how to apply software features for trading and market forecast; - software updates notifications and useful information. The registered Timing Solution software users may ask there other participants regarding issues ...
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LBDCaringSpouses / LBD Caring Spouses
LBD Caring Spouses is a support group for people whose husband or wife is living with one of the Lewy Body disorders (LBD): dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB)) or Parkinson's disease dementia (PDD).
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DailyAnnouncements / Out-Of-Sight
This list is for members of to receive daily announcements. Members will not be permitted to post to this address.
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Work-Sat / Work the Amateur Satellites - With Minimal Equipment!
Support forum for K6LCS' Work-Sat amateur radio satellites site!
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BestCharts / BestCharts
This groups discusses using the BestCharts a.k.a. wStockinfo software to evaluate stocks. etfs, indexes.
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An end-user self help group for users of David Taylor's Satellite Software Tools including the orbit predictor WXtrack, the file decoders GeoSatSignal and SatSignal, the HRPT Reader program, the remapper GroundMap, and the manager programs - MSG Data Manager, GOES-ABI Manager, AVHRR Manager etc. Open to all, and monitored by David Taylor.
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JTDX / JTDX Technical Group
JTDX means "JT & T modes for DXing", it is being developed with main focus on the sensitivity and decoding efficiency, both, in overcrowded and half empty HF band conditions. "Including JTDX T10" New T Mode "Tonal" Created for HF operation and being shaped by HF community. Please provide your amateur/SWL callsign and name when applying thank you JTDX support group for d...
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