Hello! My name is Keila de Lima and I am the mother of two beautiful men Pedro is 18 years old and João Vitor 16. I am a trained educator and post-graduate in Psychomotricity. They have over 15 years of experience working with children since I was one myself. I am in love with the little ones and I am the defender of their followers. "What is more than the pleasure of caring for your child?...
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KeldinFics / Keldin's Fanfiction
This group is dedicated to the fanfiction written by Keldin (unsurprisingly), mostly to serve as a central location to work from. Beta readers and lurkers are welcome, and discussions of writing style, hints and tips are more than welcome. This is the version of this group, mostly moved for testing purposes at this time.
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Designers only
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This group is also known as North Grenville Amateur Radio Group. Our radio call sign is VE3NGR. This group is for discussion of Amateur Radio in the Kemptville, Ontario area. This includes HF Radio, weak signal microwaves, QRP, APRS, Broadband Hamnet, repeaters, antennas and anything related to our hobby that you want to share with other hams in our area. Our local repeater VE3NGR (North Grenville...
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KenmoreTwinSisters / KenmoreTwinSisters
This group is for owners of the Kenmore 19010 & 19005 embroidery machine made by Janome America.
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KentRaynet / Kent County Raynet
A forum for anyone interested in voluntary emergency communications in Kent and Medway including: - all aspects of operations and relevant training: from basic radio skills to amateur radio licence training; event planning, net management, control room skills. - all relevant technologies including vhf/uhf radio, digital radio, VoIP and other IP systems, and satellite enabled internet. - interopera...
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Kenwood-R2000 / The Kenwood R2000 User Group
Established in the year 2000! Welcome to the Kenwood R2000 Users Group on At 419 members strong, this list is a place where owners of the venerable Kenwood R-2000 Communications Receiver can meet and exchange information about anything related to the receiver. Your moderators are Colin Newell VA7WWV of and Robert Williams, KC7BUM The Kenwood R2000 user group has a ZERO to...
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Kenwood-TS890S / Kenwood TS-890S
Discussion group for the Kenwood TS-890S amateur transceiver. when applying for membership, please make sure your display name includes your callsign. When posting to the group , please follow the rules: 1) Please be as specific as possible 2) Stay on topic 3) Be respectful of peoples views even if you dont agree with them, No bashing, No being disrepectful, 4) make sure you callsign and name ...
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KenwoodTH-D74 / Kenwood TH-D74
Group for the TH-D74A for the ultimate in APRS® and D-STAR®. And now it has raised the bar even further with the new TH-D74A, adding support for D-STAR®, the digital voice & data protocol developed by the JARL, and enabling simultaneous APRS and D-STAR operation – an industry first. Offering intuitive operation and rugged IP54/55 weatherproofing, this top-of-the-line portable transceiver ...
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Information about the Kenwood TS-700 (2 meter all mode transceiver) and the TS-600 (6 meter all mode transceiver) can be found here. These are great beginner radios from the 70's. They include AM, SSB, and FM operation. They have repeater shift capabilities, but no tones. Many people add tone board to these radios making them excellent all band transceivers. Operating Manuals can be found in ...
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GCO and You Cane Give is embarking on a once in a lifetime outreach to our fellow blind men and women of Kenya! This list is used to plan, share information, address schedules, concerns, and anything else related to our Kenya trip! Enjoy@!
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Group dedicated to continuing our You Cane Give Initiative to our Kenya family.
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recipes for Low Carb and Keto styled meals plus some reward non-keto recipes
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Kevins-Billiards-Resources / Kevin's Billiards Resource Group
Kevin Morgan's Billiards Resource Group for my APA League Teams Videos and other resources are on my Google Drive Pool Folder here.
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A group for anyone who has attended a K4A retreat
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Group for kickstarter's projects
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KidFriendlyPSPZone / KidFriendlyPSPZone
Here we share nothing but G rated tubes tags and tag offers. There will be nothing that lil eyes can't see sent here. mail volume may be high at times. You must share at least twice a month. I believe that's fair to everyone :) Come give it a try.
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Kids-In-The-Kitchen / Kids in the Kitchen
Welcome to Kids in the Kitchen! This is a place where you can come to get and share recipes that kids love, or that kids can help make. If you'd like more recipe ideas to get your little ones to eat, or to get them cooking, then you're in the right place. Because of the amount of spam emails that have plagued the groups, this list will be moderated for your protection. Feel free to introdu...
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KimsKreationz / Kim's Kreationz ~Ü~
Hello & welcome! This is where I will share my stationery for IncrediMail. I will be the only one posting, so mail volume will be light. My IncrediMail creations are G rated, and I create country, cute, prim etc. I have started creating the fun expanding/scrolling letters, so I will be sharing those as well. I will also share my PSP Tutorials & those of talented others that I use to creat...
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