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This self-help group is for caregivers of dogs with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). This is the original group started fifteen years ago on Yahoo and has moved to groups.io because of changes made to the Yahoo group. This is a restricted group. A completed application, which you should have received when you requested membership, is required.
Because many conditions other than EPI can have similar symptoms, membership usually requires that your dog (or cat) has tested positive for EPI, (the cTLI  for dogs the fTLI for Cats). Most labs can perform this test as well as some university veterinary clinics, including Texas A&M University clinical veterinary lab.

Group Description

This is the international companion-animal Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)  group.

Although any dog can develop EPI, the breed most often represented is the German Shepherd Dog. The symptoms are classic: foul smelling, often greasy stool and unrelenting weight loss. An untreated EPI dog will starve to death. Treated, an EPI dog will live a normal life and can engage in any and all activities. Although rare, cats can develop EPI as well. Treatment for EPI is replacement digestive enzymes and, in most cases, B12 supplementation.

We do not offer medical advice, we are not veterinarians. We do offer support and nutritional advice to the caregivers of our EPI charges. The vast majority of EPI dogs will recover, will compete and succeed in various contests, including agility, become Search and Rescue dogs, Service dogs…and great companions.

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