Same as the old rrnotes...lets make yahoo groups GREAT again.
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softrock40 / SoftRock40
A replacement for the same group name in Yahoo Groups, all the users, photos, files, and messages were moved here from the original group at Yahoo Groups. This is a restricted group, new members have to be approved, and an initial post will be moderated, no spamming is tolerated, spammers will be deleted on their first offence. This group is for individuals, Company accounts will be refused....
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RecipesWorthSharing / Recipes Worth Sharing
This group is for sharing great recipes of all kinds.
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BahnCH / BahnCH
Diskussion aller Aspekte der Schweizer Bahnen und von Schweizer Bahnprodukten im Ausland. Betrieb, Rollmaterial und Politik stehen im Vordergrund. Das Forum dient dem Austausch persönlicher Meinungen und Ansichten. Offizielle Information muss als solche gekennzeichnet sein.
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This is a group dedicated to the Icom IC-7000 compact mobile IF-DSP HF/VHF/UHF transceiver. **Please note** A valid amateur radio license is a prerequisite for membership. Applicants are requested to state their name and callsign; this will speed up the approval process. ***ALL REQUESTS FOR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE DENIED IF A CALLSIGN IS NOT PROVIDED*** If your membership is denied, it is most likely...
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WeavingSalesAds / Weaving Sales Ads
This is the Weaving Sales Ads group that was on Yahoo Groups. Weaving Sales Ads is a moderated list for vendors & individuals to place ads for items for sale for weaving equipment and supplies, such as looms, tools & yarn. You may also post if you are looking for something specifically related to weaving. MESSAGES AND PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED *AFTER* MODERATOR APPROVALS...please be patient: ...
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SharingSmallEngineSecrets / Sharing Small Engine Secrets
Welcome To Sharing Small Engine Secrets Group Small Engines is Intended as a resource for individuals studying small engines, business owners, home owners or anyone. The basic purpose of the list is to discuss and distribute information. Members are encouraged to post questions, comments, or announcements of interest about small engines and which pertain to work, theory or ideas about the current ...
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canmodeltrains / Canadian Model Trains Discussion Forum
This is the new home of the CanModelTrains Yahoo! Group. All discussions relevant to Canadian model railroading are welcome!
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95033talk / 95033Talk
This group is a continuation of the 95033Talk Yahoogroup. Since migrated here. TO JOIN: Go to the bottom of this page and click on the "Apply for membership in this group" button 95033talk is the group for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas of the Santa Cruz / Los Gatos Mountains to discuss local issues <please note the emphasis on local>. asking for recommend...
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PoNYTYA / Parents of NY Teens & Young Adults
This is a place for parents of teens and young adults located in all five boroughs to come together and openly discuss the trials and tribulations of raising teens in this crazy city... where else can a teen travel as far as from coney island to the bronx for only $2.75! Drugs, emo, goth, myspace, homework, high schools, college, leaving the nest and more! ... discuss it all here! Please sign up i...
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MarvelousMeatRecipes / Great meat recipes!
This is where we can post any type of meat recipes to only include BEEF, PORK and POULTRY that you like and would like to share. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is no posting requirement in this group but I do ask for the group members to not just lurk but to participate in the group when possible There...
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Kandi / Kandi Private Group
This is the new site for the Kandi Private Group, for those interested in Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (see below for description), a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq under the symbol KNDI. This site was originally founded in February of 2011 over at Yahoo Groups, and consisted of two sub-groups, the main site and the Kandi Lounge. The two sites have been merged into one here, with use of m...
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LEARN / LEARN Homeschoolers of Bloomington, Indiana
Welcome to LEARN Homeschoolers of Bloomington, IN! LEARN (Life Education and Resource Network) is a group of homeschooling families from Monroe and surrounding counties. We are a diverse and inclusive group. We represent many political backgrounds, educational philosophies, and religious views, and all are welcome! LEARN has weekly park or gym days, monthly skate nights, ice skating days, field ...
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Same as before, just a new location.
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myshelfreviewers / MyShelf Reviewers
For MyShelf.Com Reviewers & Columnists
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somisl / Strat-O-Matic International Summer League
~Our 15th Season 2002 to 2017~ This group is an open group for SOMISL members. Non-members are free to investigate our group to learn more about SOMISL. Checkout the Wiki and Files for a variety of information.
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NPTellTale / Northern Pacific Railway TellTale
NPTellTale -- an email list for of the Northern Pacific Railway since 1996! First of the Northern Transcontinentals -- Main Street of the Whole Northwest -- and David P. Morgan's All-American Railroad! We're also on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/394605293907664/
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IndustrialRailwaySociety / Industrial Railway Society
This is the Industrial Railway Society mailing list. It is open to Society members and non members to share information and items of interest about industrial railways and locomotives in the U.K. and worldwide. We welcome non members to join and participate in this list. For details of the Industrial Railway Society, including membership, see our web site at www.irsociety.co.uk. Ken Scanes Mo...
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trollope / Group Reading of Anthony Trollope
The Trollope reading list on groups.io is now open. You are welcome to begin to post. The Trollope reading list was founded by Elizabeth Thomsen in January, 1994. We are the largest and most active group devoted to the literature of Victorian author Anthony Trollope. We read Trollope's work in weekly segments and engage in specific discussion of the readings. We also discuss related aspects o...
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Elecraft-K3 / The Elecraft K3/K3S Transceivers
For people interested in the Elecraft K3 and K3S radios. Share information and learn about these awesome radios from the people that operate them. When joining the group, put something intelligent in the comment box so that I know that you are actually interested in the K3/K3S and are not a spammer. HINT- A callsign as your user name and/or in the comment box will do fine. RULES: 1. Keep it ci...
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