ebm-weekend / EBM Weekend
Welcome to Everything But Meat on the Weekend! You could call this an extension of my Everything But Meat-group. The difference is that this group is theme-based. I will announce the new theme each Monday, and you may start sending in recipes right away. However, they won’t show up until between Friday and Sunday. The new theme will be announced in this space and by email. Be sure to check...
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replacement list for AlienSpaceBats@yahoogroups.com
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Fun group with jokes, cartoons, and memes. Laugh at political stuff too. Combination of 2 groups "Political Insights and Silly Stuff" and "Surveys Taken Here."
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This is an invite-only group intended for any-topic discussions by science fiction fans. (Formerly trufen@yahoogroups.com)
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A group for gardeners in the Gulf South. We encourage discussions on favorite plants, gardening successes and failures, growing hints, and everything plant related. Discussions involving life events, recipes, hobbies and books are also allowed. As a group we have been together for twenty years and know each other well. We are friendly and welcoming to new members but ask that you introduce yoursel...
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BolensTractorGroup / Bolens Tractor Group
Welcome To Bolens Tractor Group This group is for the discussion of Bolens Garden Tractors, attachments and any related topics. It offers support for owners, restorers and those interested in Bolens equipment. Feel free to explore the Files, Photos, Links and Database pages of this group. You will find a great deal of information and resources relating to Bolens tractors and attachments ...
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blind-gamers / the blind gamers list
This is a list where all gaming topics are welcome. The primary goal of the list is discussing games accessible to the blind and visually impaired. If you are looking for the latest news in accessible gaming, tips and tricks on that favorite game, or you simply want to know what is out there then this is the right place. We have a specific set of guidelines so please read them carefully be...
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CoffeeShopGoodies / Great Coffee Shop Recipes
This is where we can post any type of recipes that you would typically find in a Coffee Shop - pastries, muffins, breads, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, soups, salads etc. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members will need to post one (1) to the group every ...
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DRGW / Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (and its predecessors)
This group is open for anyone interested in the D&RGW - ex-Grande employees, historians, rail-fans and railroad modelers of the D&RGW railroads & its predecessors. Discuss any question, modeling topics, old stories or other items of interest about these railroads and their history including standard and narrow gauge are welcome. Discussion of current operations and interesting sighting...
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branchtv / Branch TV
Branch TV is a repair group for television receivers and other consumer electronics and trade related. We are largely based in the UK and cover equipment sold here but do have some overseas members. The group was created for qualified engineers to exchange information relating to the repair of consumer electronics, and trade related chat. It is not an end user forum. Membership will only be ...
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We are the Ottawa Valley Astronomy and Observers Group -- Observateurs astronomes d'Ottawa-Gatineau (OAOG) : a very casual group of amateur astronomers who do sidewalk astronomy, star parties and enjoy getting together at various sites around Ottawa, Ontario. Observers of all levels are welcome. The OAOG is the original informal group that was founded in Ottawa, Ontario in 1994 by local astron...
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HQ281AHC / Headquarters List, 281st AHC Association
To provide official communications to the members of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company Association, Inc., a non-profit veterans organization. The association also provides a printed newsletter. Find the official web site at www.281st.com.
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We are a giant coffee table in cyberspace, exchanging recipes, jokes and cooking banter. This list is for people who love to cook and share recipes and cooking tip and tricks. It's moderated by Teri Davis Newman, LimoBarbie@aol.com (native of Florida). We celebrated 17 years of the group in May and we are the oldest group of our kind on the internet. We have about 130 members and will an...
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NScaleYardSale / NScaleYardSale
This list is for N-Scale modelers to sell and buy N scale items and models. DCC equipment is also allowed as long as it is usable for N Scale. There will be no links to eBay, other paid-ad sites or commercial web sites. Do not use tinyurls either. Individuals and Dealers are welcome to list items for sale in their messages to this list. Swaps and trades are welcome as are sale items. Please feel ...
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18thCWorlds / 18th Century Worlds
Eighteenth Century Worlds: the long 18th century (1660 to 1830), its literature, music and art, society and culture. An informal seminar, a locus amoenus in cyberspace. 2015 Poldark - Tomlinson as Demelza Singing Welcome to 18th century worlds. The purpose of this list is to provide a space for a community of people who are interested in all things in the long 18th century (1660-1830): po...
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For those interested in receiving and decoding digital transmissions from aircraft and plotting position reports contained in such messages. Specifically for users of the PlanePlotter decoder and tracking program, to share techniques, charts, unusual loggings, to report bugs, to request Ground Station validation and to request new features. Related topics can be found in the following group: R...
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everythingbutmeat / Everything But Meat!
Well, the name pretty much explains itself. This is a recipe group where we share recipes for everything from the sea to the tressures of the vegetable- and fruit kingdom plus milk and egg products. Gelatin is allowed as an ingredient, as there are now gelatin products that are Vegan. Come and share all sorts of recipes with the above rule in mind, starters, soups, salads, main dishes, sides, dess...
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The CBQ Groups.io is a moderated group that is open to anyone who cares to subscribe and participate. The first three new members' posts will be reviewed for appropriateness and will be released only after a moderator approves the posts. The purpose of the list is for historians, railfans and railroad modelers to discuss the any topic related to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad an...
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TalkTemari / Talk Temari Discussion Group
TalkTemari is the companion discussion group to TemariKai.com. It has been going strong since 1998, in one form or another, but its origins go back to a handful of people who gathered together online in order to figure out & learn the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. Members are crafters/enthusiasts of these embroidered thread-wound balls, dedicated to learning about, preserving and craft...
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sbcobirding / Santa Barbara County Birding
SBCOBIRDING is a discussion group devoted to sharing information about the birds of Santa Barbara County, CA. This includes the nearshore ocean waters and the Channel Islands within the county area. Topics may include daily trip reports, rare bird sightings, early and late migration dates, status and distribution, and ID issues. Brief announcements of upcoming meetings, hikes, and pelagic trips ...
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