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Everything here contains dairy and/or eggs! There is sooo much that can be done with both from breakfast to dinner, a beverage to a snack! What can we do with a bounty of milk or eggs? 

Also welcome are the almond, soy, etc milks and egg replacement products. Some need to use them instead of regular milk and eggs and often times the products are interchangable in recipes. So it stands to reason we should include them too. 

We will also share how to make some of the things we enjoy such as yogurt, ice cream, nut milks, etc. The topic of dairy is pretty expansive!

Lets share some recipes, ideas and information pertaining to them!

Also, a group is only as good as the members make it. So I'm asking new members to post a favorite TNT recipe upon joining. At this time there will be a posting requirement in the group unlike the old group where there was no posting requirement. All group members need to be posting at least one (1) recipe to the group every month so we can  make this group more fun!

No spam, forwards, politics, etc.

Play fair and play nice! After all, we're here to share and enjoy the group! We are family orientated, so acceptable language and good manners are mandatory. ;)

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