atlas-craftsman / Atlas-Craftsman Metal Working Machines
NOTE: Certain ISP's (Yahoo is by far the worst offender, but not the only one) will put messages from any Group into the member's Spam trap. And then send a spam complaint message to Recent reports seem to indicate that the spam complaint message (and subsequent unsubscription) is generated when the member deletes a message from the Group from within the spam trap....
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Amateur-repairs / Amateur Radio Repairs
Welcome to the Amateur-repairs Group! This Group is for those interested in or performing repairs and legal modifications to Amateur Radio equipment, and to seek answers to their questions or to post their discoveries for all to enjoy. Emphasis is on Amateur Radio equipment repair, modification and operation. Please, SHARE WITH US YOUR REPAIRS!. It is a great way to help others to fix their rigs....
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FCT / Farrier / Corsair Trimaran
New Farrier/Corsair Trimaran Association Description from the original Yahoo Group Group Description This forum was established in 2012 to cover all aspects of Farrier designs including the new F-22 trimaran. It has grown from the original forum seeded by the late Ian Farrier, covering all F-boat multihulls (built by anyone), and has 5 to 10 times the traffic of any other trimaran forum. Cor...
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criticanarede / Newsletter da Crítica
Receba a Crítica por email para não perder as novidades.
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Shining-Needle-Society / Shining Needle Society Home Room
The Shining Needle Society (SNS) -- Mission Statement: To provide nurturing and inspiring opportunities for growth in the study of needlework, with the hope of continuing the legacy of embroidery art for future generations. About SNS: The SNS is a friendly, supportive group that seeks to provide connections for enthusiastic stitchers and the teachers who inspire them. We offer online n...
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SubaruVanagon / SubaruVanagon
ABOUT US: The SubaruVanagon Group was created to share information and support to those interested in conversion of all VW Vans (Vanagon, T3, Transporter) to Subaru engine power!! Please see the tips pdf file in the Files section. SubaruVanagon Group Welcome Message.pdf (pending) CONTRIBUTIONS/BEHAVIOR: Discussion is LIMITED to the topic of putting Subaru engines into vanagon type vehicles o...
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ChevyChaseCommunity / Chevy Chase Community Listserv
The Chevy Chase Community Listserv is a moderated discussion forum where more than 5,600 residents in Chevy Chase, DC and Maryland share information, seek advice and address community and area-wide issues. This listserv was founded on April 6, 2001 and is independent of any organization. Those who would like to join are asked to send their full name, home address and telephone numbers, in conf...
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MMarioKKnits / MMarioKKnits
A group for the discussion of MMario Designs; beta testing of same, posting of project pictures.
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Freecycle-SilverSpringMD / Freecycle-SilverSpringMD
Freecycle-SilverSpringMD is a community reuse group. We are all about recycling. Our aim is to reduce the number of useable items that end up in the landfill, and share our unwanted items with our neighbors. The Basic Rules: Keep it FREE, LEGAL,and APPROPRIATE for all ages. Sorry, no trading, bartering or borrowing. If you want to recycle something rather than throw it away, start here . Wheth...
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JMT / John Muir Trail
This is the successor to the Yahoo John Muir Trail group. It is now open for posting either by sending an email to or by using the online options here.
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DXLab / DXLab
DXing is the art and science of making two-way contacts with distant amateur radio stations. The DXLab Suite is comprised of eight free applications that can operate independently, and automatically interoperate to help you find and work distant stations, and confirm your contacts with them. This list is devoted to the DXLab Suite of applications for amateur radio and its inter-operation with ...
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AbsolutelyEmbird / Absolutely Embird
A group where we can work and learn about Embird software together. All Embird software will be covered, learning all the tips and tricks Embird has to offer the embroidery world. Please keep the discussions related to Embird topics and keep off-topic discussions to a minimum. Please see the group guidelines for rules for posting to the group. Peggy Severt, the group owner, is an independent in...
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For those interested in receiving and decoding digital transmissions from aircraft and plotting position reports contained in such messages. Specifically for users of the PlanePlotter decoder and tracking program, to share techniques, charts, unusual loggings, to report bugs, to request Ground Station validation and to request new features. Related topics can be found in the following group: R...
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Designing, making, etching, soldering, printed circuit boards yourself. Any method allowed by law and local custom including photo, CAM, toner transfer, direct printing, plotter, laundry pen, silkscreening, toaster oven, paint stripper heat gun, conductive paint or epoxy, storebought or homemade etchant, etc. Suggestions, recommendations and such to professionals and companies are welcome. I...
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MasterCook / MasterCook Products
This group is for people who use any of the MasterCook products. Announcements about the MasterCook products will be made here. MasterCook users are free to post questions and converse with others.
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ibmpension / ibmpension
5,380 Members, 226 Topics, Public Archive, Last Post:
This is a group dedicated to the Icom IC-7000 compact mobile IF-DSP HF/VHF/UHF transceiver. **Please note** A valid amateur radio license is a prerequisite for membership. Applicants are requested to state their name and callsign; this will speed up the approval process. ***ALL REQUESTS FOR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE DENIED IF A CALLSIGN IS NOT PROVIDED*** If your membership is denied, it is most likely...
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ipcrc / Internet Pacific Coast Riders Club - iPCRC - Honda Pacific PC800 Motorcycles
Welcome to the iPCRC internet Pacific Coast Riders Club, the club of all Honda PC800 Pacific Coast riders worldwide. In Memory of member Christoffer "Captain Tupperware" Carstanjen -- September 11, 2001. Group rules: 1) Keep it about the bike that we all love -- the Honda Pacific Coast PC800 2) Don't be a jerk 3) Be welcoming of everyone
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BrotherBabyLockMultineedleMachines / Brother BabyLock Multi-needle Embroidery Machines
Discussion group for anyone who has an interest in Brother/BabyLock multi-needle embroidery machines. All members can post messages. All messages are moderated. Each message requires the member's signature. Prices of machines and related items are not allowed.
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This is a discussion group for the Tuner Information Center website ( We welcome general discussion of high end FM tuners, plus antennas and related topics. You can post pictures, schematics, repair tips, modifications, and information on your favorite tuners - vintage or newer. Rules: Personal attacks and insults are not tolerated. Group members range from the sharpest of eng...
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