Petsburgh is a place to share friendship and love of animals. We also share stories and photos of our pets. And there are discussions on the well being of all living creatures. To this end, we share and petitions to sign. And yes, lots of politics. Petsburgh Links:
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Digitrax-Users / Digitrax-Users
The Digitrax-Users Group is for end users of Digitrax Digital Command Control (DCC) systems for model railroads. Friends Helping Friends. That is our fundamental guideline. The group is for discussions, providing help and assistance on the use and installation of Digitrax products and other DCC components that interface with Digitrax equipment. This group is not for co...
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This is a supportive, encouraging online community of Haflinger owners and enthusiasts from around the world who wish to share information about health, nutrition, breeding, genetics, training, promotion and just plain old fashioned enjoyment of the Haflinger horse. We welcome the entire family to participate in these discussions about our special horses.
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CoeurVietnam / Coeur Vietnam, le coeur et l'adoption
Bonjour à tous. Créé le 30 avril 2005, ce groupe se veut respectueux du désarroi de tous les adoptants, tolérant et ouvert. Ici, tout le monde doit pouvoir s'exprimer sereinement. Notre passion commune : nos enfants, l'adoption et le Vietnam, sans exclusivité (enfants ♀♂ et parents de tous pays bienvenus☺☻☻). IMPORTANT : pour rejoindre ce groupe, il faut répondre au mess...
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TrishTrans / TrishTrans
FOR ALL PAWS SAKE ANIMAL RESCUE NETWORK We are a screened network of rescues and shelters working to save dogs and cats primarily in WV, OH & KY shelters. Our rescues are located in the northeastern states from MD up into New England. Any rescues wishing to join must submit this application for screening. If your application is approved, you will have access to transport services from all of...
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PassengerCarList / Passenger Car List
Welcome to the Passenger Car List, or PCL. This is the new home for the former Yahoo Groups Passenger Car List - all of the Yahoo PCL posts, photos and files are here.. This forum is devoted to railroad and railway passenger cars - past, current and future. Modeling and prototype discussions are welcome! Messages sent to the list should be restricted to passenger cars and passenger car modeling. ...
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bedsbirds / BedsBirds
Birding in Bedfordshire, England.
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newlifepartners / New Life Partners
We are a Christian online resource and support group for women whose lives have been impacted by husbands or loved ones caught in the web of pornography and/or sexual addiction. This is the same NLP group that was formerly on Yahoo Groups. [If you request to join our group, please be sure you include a valid email address where we can contact you. You should receive a reply from us within 24 ho...
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HelpingFriends / Helping Friends Depression Support Group
This group is for BAPTIZED FEMALE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ONLY, for the mutual support between spiritual sisters and therefore is private and confidential. WHAT IS DEPRESSION? Depression is NOT a spiritual weakness, rather, it is a complex disorder involving, among other things, chemical imbalances in the brain. Depression is a serious medical condition that is different from “feeling blue...
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Leonia Talks is a community listserv that allows members to communicate with one another on subjects ranging from local issues, to inquiries about where to find goods and services, to notices of events and anything else that concerns the fabric and well-being of the town. Our mission is to knit the community together so that neighbor can easily relate to neighbor. To encourage participation by all...
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vintagesingers / Vintage Singer sewing machines
Vintage Singer sewing machine collectors, repairers, and users group. A member of the Vintage Stitchers Family of Groups. This is a forum for collectors of antique and vintage Singer sewing machines to get together to discuss recent finds, ask questions, and share resources. We cover model identification, maintenance, adjustments, repair, restoration, accessories and attachments - everything you...
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ExoticDVM / EXOTIC DVM: Veterinary Forum for Companion Exotic Animal Medicine
EXOTIC DVM: Veterinary Forum for Companion Exotic Animal Medicine The Exotic DVM Forum is a free moderated, vet-to-vet chat group for practitioners who treat small mammals, birds, reptiles and more. The purpose of the Exotic DVM Forum is to promote and facilitate discussion of exotic animal medicine among veterinarians who promote quality care of non-traditional companion animals. Utilizing the i...
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loconotes / News and information about locomotives
News and information about railroad diesel and electric locomotives. We do not discuss modeling information.
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chb / Cats Health and Behavior
Friendly discussions on all aspects of cat health and behaviour are the focus here, whether you are a rescuer, breeder or just like having a cat in your life - we all aim to get along together. People with a new cat who wish to ask for suggestions on caring for their new cat or kitten are very welcome, as are those dealing with chronic or acute illnesses. However, the group is not intended to be a...
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News for and about Citrus Park residents
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DXLab / DXLab
This list is devoted to the DXLab Suite of applications for amateur radio and its inter-operation with other applications. The DXLab Suite includes, Commander for transceiver control, DXKeeper for logging and award tracking, DXView for world map display and antenna rotator control, Pathfinder for QSL routes, PropView for propagation forecasting and monitoring, WinWarbler for CW/Phone/PSK/RTTY oper...
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vef / Vivre en France
Vivre en France (To Live in France); a discussion and support group for those who are dreaming of moving to France, those who are in the process of moving, those who have successfully made the transition, and anyone else who loves France. What is "Vivre en France" all about? We think of it as a friendly pub - or estaminet! - busy with people who are prepared to chat to you, but only if yo...
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kwtneighbors / Kensington-Windsor Terrace Neighbors
KWTneighbors is a place to exchange information about the Kensington and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Discussions include new businesses opening, local events, sharing ideas for activities in the community, arranging playgroups, and parents meeting other parents. Information is welcome on local services available in this neighborhood, including schools, doctors, dentists, shopping, t...
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DairyNEggsRecipeExchange / Dairy N Egg Recipes
Everything here contains dairy and/or eggs! There is sooo much that can be done with both from breakfast to dinner, a beverage to a snack! What can we do with a bounty of milk or eggs? Also welcome are the almond, soy, etc milks and egg replacement products. Some need to use them instead of regular milk and eggs and often times the products are interchangable in recipes. So it stands to reason we...
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The purpose of this list is to discuss all aspects of North American freight cars of the steam era [ 1900-1960 ]. The objectives include the sharing of information about railroad freight cars including their operation and various techniques of building models of them. Emphasis is to be placed on the study of the prototype with a goal of producing models of them with as great a degree of accuracy a...
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