This is the group formerly known as Railroad Modeling Still Makes Me Grumpy, 2003-2018 Which was previously known as Model Railroading Makes Me Grumpy, 2001-2003 From time to time some member or other will actually let slip some Useful Information. You may have to wade through references to pigs, obsolete sailing craft, obscure English canal boats, water tunnels, concert grand pianos, prosthetic ...
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WCML-Gen / West Coast Main Line (WCML) Gen
A group to share gen and workings on, or heading to the UK's West Coast Main Line. Any working or WCML-related info is allowed, even regular unit workings and wagon consists - the latter is positively encouraged. There's no obligation to post, but the more that do, the better.
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WheelHorseGardenTractors / WheelHorseGardenTractors
Welcome To Wheel Horse Garden Tractors A Group For Wheel Horse Enthusiasts, Owners and Collectors Wheel Horse This Group Was Created For Those Who Enjoy Talking About And Working On Wheel Horses. Wheel Horse Classifieds Are Also Welcome Here This Group Was Created For Members To enjoy what the group has to offer The Founder of this group has the last say in guideline’s if you can’t a...
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To discuss The Hammond Organ, both playing technique, and technical service and repair knowledge. Vintage and current models.
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P2P-CO / Parent to Parent of Colorado
Group Description Parents@P2P-CO is the Online Parent Support Group for Parent to Parent of Colorado. Here we provide an opportunity to exchange information with other parents of sons/daughters with disabilities or special health care needs living in Colorado. Our experience tells us that families of children with special needs connected to a peer support network are more knowledgeab...
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magicu-l / Magic Users Group
You don't have to join this group if you were a member of the Yahoo group. Just send new messages to magicu-l@groups.io or log in with the email address you used there. This is the Magic xpa (formerly known as uniPaas, eDeveloper, Magic, and Magic PC) RADD Software users group, formerly hosted at yahoogroups.com. You can submit bug reports to our sub group or email them to BugReports@magicu...
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PeachheadNanny / Peachhead Nanny
PeachheadNanny is the sister group to Peachhead. This site is for parents searching for nannies/caregivers and nannies/caregivers searching for a family. Nanny agencies may not join this group. If a nanny agency would like to advertise on this site or promote their business to the members of PeachheadNanny, please contact Linda Perry at Linda@Peachhead.net to find out about having a dedicated e-...
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UDXF / Utility DXers Forum
The Utility DXers Forum - UDXF is centered around the exchange of news and information relating to "utility" radio stations and signals, below 30 MHz. What kind of stations are covered? Actually everything in the range of 0-30 MHz with the exception of Broacasting Stations, Pirate Stations, and Amateur Radio (with the exception of utility related activities). Important: You ar...
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Greetings and Welcome to SW-SWRG, the group for all things railway in the South Wales and South West regions. This group has been set up to fill the gap left by the unexplained disappearance of the old SWRG group. The area covered by the Group is as far North as Gloucester, and out to Westbury, Weymouth and down to Penzance, as well as trains within the South Wales area. Trains outside these...
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Welcome to our New Fed_Up_Conservatives Group! We are moving from Yahoogroups to this one.
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IntLittleDannyList / International Little Danny (and other Littles) Group
Welcome to the International LD List Home Page! We started out as a Stargate SG-1 Kidfic group and have now expanded to allow kidfic stories from other shows/fandoms as well. This is a fanfiction/artwork group. If you’ve wandered over to our little corner of fan fiction, we assume it’s because you’re drawn to the genre of kid fics in general and LD fics specifically. If so, you'v...
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CafeMontgomeryMD / CafeMontgomery
This Bulletin Board is where Freecycle members in Montgomery County, MD, can have a friendly chat among like-minded people. Just keep it polite and free of politics, religion, or topics not appropriate for all ages. You can: Share community resources, including "freebies" as well as "nearly free" resources, for example, thrift stores. Ask for info. If you've got a "Ho...
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Welcome to Ginny's Recipes! I love to collect and share recipes. This family-friendly group is for sharing and enjoying all kinds of recipes. Also, feel free to visit the Links section for a large variety of food and recipe links to some of the best recipe sites on the web. The pound cake recipe shown here is from my Great Grandma Anna written in her own hand. And yes, that is G...
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This list is a place to discuss all aspects of past, present, and future passenger trains and rail travel in Canada. This includes all national, regional, commuter, and tourist rail carriers. Examples include VIA Rail, the former passenger services of the CNR, CPR, and BCR, the passenger services of the Algoma Central (CN), Ontario Northland, GO Transit, West Coast Express, and Rocky Mountaineer R...
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Digitrax-Users / Digitrax-Users
The Digitrax-Users Group is for end users of Digitrax Digital Command Control (DCC) systems for model railroads. Friends Helping Friends. That is our fundamental guideline. The group is for discussions, providing help and assistance on the use and installation of Digitrax products and other DCC components that interface with Digitrax equipment. This group is not for co...
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This is a supportive, encouraging online community of Haflinger owners and enthusiasts from around the world who wish to share information about health, nutrition, breeding, genetics, training, promotion and just plain old fashioned enjoyment of the Haflinger horse. We welcome the entire family to participate in these discussions about our special horses.
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europeanrail / European Rail Gen
Welcome to "European Rail Gen" [ERG]. The leading mailing list for those with an interest European Railways. It offers a chance to pass on both urgent and interesting information in relation to railways in the European continent (except mainland Great Britain) including loco workings, rail tours, line closures etc. Also trip reports in the relevant "Files" area of the site. Please ...
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Petsburgh is a place to share friendship and love of animals. We also share stories and photos of our pets. And there are discussions on the well being of all living creatures. To this end, we share and petitions to sign. And yes, lots of politics. Petsburgh Links: https://www.pinterest.com/vabutter/petsburgh/ https://www.pinterest.com/vabutter/petsburgh-pet-loss-support/
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CoeurVietnam / Coeur Vietnam, le coeur et l'adoption
Bonjour à tous. Créé le 30 avril 2005, ce groupe se veut respectueux du désarroi de tous les adoptants, tolérant et ouvert. Ici, tout le monde doit pouvoir s'exprimer sereinement. Notre passion commune : nos enfants, l'adoption et le Vietnam, sans exclusivité (enfants ♀♂ et parents de tous pays bienvenus☺☻☻). IMPORTANT : pour rejoindre ce groupe, il faut répondre au mess...
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cooking-friends / Cooking Friends
A group for chat, recipes, tips, crafts, homemaking, stories, jokes, poems, prayer requests and for sharing the ups and downs of our every da
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