This group is for anyone interested in the Colt Garden Tractors , Case Garden Tractors , and Ingersoll Garden Tractors garden tractors.
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CronesCorner / Crones Corner
Merry Meet! Please feel free to share articles and stories of interest to post and pre-menopausal ladies and to the older wise women among us. Health tips, recipes, herbs, magick, healing requests and prayer circles. etc. Yes, you will still be receiving GrannyMoon's Morning Feast! IMPORTANT: Please e-mail me directly and and introduce yourself, you will then be added to the list. Be sure that...
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TekScopes / TekScopes
All about classic Tektronix test equipment, its use, repair, and collecting.
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A place for Critters to Clutter. A sanctuary from the woes of Yahoo.. A place of love, peace, friendship with a taste of mutual respect. A private garden where Yee can be Thee. Enjoy it with me... Dickydoo,, ♥φ
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Sanctuary! Sanctuary! (ISC)² is killing has killed the CISSPforum on Yahoo Groups. In order to get membership approval for this group, please submit your first name and last name (as known to (ISC)^2) and your certification number to For full details please see
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"And homeless near a thousand homes I stood, And near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food" -- William Wordsworth Welcome to RVA Community Cats (formerly RIchmond VA Feral Cats). Our group is a network of independent trappers, caretakers, foster homes, and rescuers promoting the humane treatment and non-lethal control of feral and free-roaming cats in Richmond, VA and central Virginia ...
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ebm-weekend / EBM Weekend
Welcome to Everything But Meat on the Weekend! You could call this an extension of my Everything But Meat-group. The difference is that this group is theme-based. I will announce the new theme each Monday, and you may start sending in recipes right away. However, they won’t show up until between Friday and Sunday. The new theme will be announced in this space and by email. Be sure to check...
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vira / Vancouver Island Romance Authors
Private group for members of Vancouver Island Romance Authors:
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monasticlife / Welcome To An Ecumenical Benedictine Monastic Group
An ecumenical, but mainly Benedictine, monastic group open to monastics and lay people interested in the monastic way of life from all faiths and traditions.
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BibleProphecy / Bible Prophecy from a Christian perspective
BibleProphecy has been created to provide a forum to discuss topics and share information related to Bible prophecy/end time events from a Premillennial / Pre-Tribulation Rapture viewpoint. Topics of discussion include: eschatology; global government; global religion and the New Age movement; rapture; antichrist; environmental changes (earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, freak storms, floodi...
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A historical discussion list for fans and modelers of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad - aka "The Milwaukee Road". The Milwaukee Road was famous for its many superb passenger trains and popularly known by its "The Route of the Hiawathas" moniker. The western end of the system (Montana, Idaho and Washington) once boasted hundreds of miles of electrified mainli...
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1A-Travelzine / ZINE: Travel Talk!
Welcome to 1A-Travelzine! Travel talk at its best. No ads please. 1A-Travelzine is a moderated travel forum dedicated to the exchange of travel tips and experiences. We share information about our countries and cultures and answer each other's travel questions while making friends around the globe. Members may use travel tools and websites in the 1A-Travelzine Links Library Members ...
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makebelieve / Makebelieve
Discussion, fan fiction, video work and graphics for any and all media works. All genres accepted. All characters and pairings welcome. If you don't like a pairing or character written, accept it and move on. The list caters to all tastes. Challenges welcome. Story archive is located at Please consider posting you work, new and old there. Graphi...
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ScienceFiction / SciFi_Discussion
The ScienceFiction group is a discussion group that originated on OneList as SciFi_Discussion on Sep 2, 1998. (transferred from Yahoo on Apr 6, 2018 :)) SciFi Discussion IS science fiction (SF - speculative fiction - SciFi - SyFy). Whether you just like to read it, write it or watch it, feel free to join in. The only proviso is that all discussions be kept mature + polite + Fun! (+ on the topic ...
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CoffeeShopGoodies / Great Coffee Shop Recipes
This is where we can post any type of recipes that you would typically find in a Coffee Shop - pastries, muffins, breads, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, soups, salads etc. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members will need to post one (1) to the group every ...
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cushinghundevital / cushinghundevital
Info für alle Mitglieder, die mit einer Yahoo-Mail-Adresse bei uns angemeldet sind. Bitte hier klicken! cushinghundevital Wir freuen uns, dass du unsere Seite besuchst und laden dich herzlich ein Miglied zu werden! Als Mitglied unserer Group kannst du dich mit anderen Mitgliedern über alle Themen der Gesunderhaltung deines Hundes unterhalten, und du bekommst Zugang zu zahlreichen und umfang...
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LeSalonDeBleuette / BleuetteSalon - LeSalonDeBleuette
A new location for the 21st century history of Bleuette Doll and her Family - Rosette, Bambino, Loulotte. Le Salon de Bleuette is dedicated to everything Bleuette -- the French doll produced as a premium for La Semaine de Suzette, a French children's magazine published by Gautier-Languereau between 1905 and 1960. We focus on the history of Bleuette, her Gautier Langereau fashions, and the p...
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odxa / Ontario DX Association
The Ontario DX Association was founded in 1974 as a club for radio listeners, primarily shortwave broadcasting, but other bands and modes as well. The ODXA grew to be one of the largest SWL/DX clubs in the world. In more recent years we have been an online presence, posting monthly articles and providing opportunities for the exchange of listening tips and hobby information. Besides we c...
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jmriusers / JMRI users
Discussion group for people using the JMRI® model railroad software suite. The JMRI suite provides several useful tools such as: DecoderPro® to simplify configuring complicated DCC decoders by providing screens on which you can select the various options and values you want. PanelPro™ makes it easier to control panels, set up signalling, configure operations and control your layout. Soun...
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The online historical discussion forum devoted to the Southern Pacific (Espee) between 1861 and 1996. SP’s various subsidiaries are also on-topic including the St. Louis Southwestern (“SSW” or “Cotton Belt); Northwestern Pacific (NWP); Texas & New Orleans (T&NO), Pacific Electric (PE); Visalia Electric (VE); Pacific Fruit Express Company (PFE – a partnership with Union Pacific u...
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