monasticlife / Welcome To An Ecumenical Benedictine Monastic Group
An ecumenical, but mainly Benedictine, monastic group open to monastics and lay people interested in the monastic way of life from all faiths and traditions.
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BibleProphecy / Bible Prophecy from a Christian perspective
BibleProphecy has been created to provide a forum to discuss topics and share information related to Bible prophecy/end time events from a Premillennial / Pre-Tribulation Rapture viewpoint. Topics of discussion include: eschatology; global government; global religion and the New Age movement; rapture; antichrist; environmental changes (earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, freak storms, floodi...
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HOswap / HOswap on IO
NO FEES NO HASSLES NO LIMITS This is THE place where HO-Scale items move. Whether it is new in the box or just collecting dust, you may have what others are looking for. You might even find your own lost treasures, here. We welcome all who are looking to buy, sell, or trade: -HO locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories -Hard-to-find items -Train-related videos, books, printed material, and o...
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"And homeless near a thousand homes I stood, And near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food" -- William Wordsworth Welcome to RVA Community Cats (formerly RIchmond VA Feral Cats). Our group is a network of independent trappers, caretakers, foster homes, and rescuers promoting the humane treatment and non-lethal control of feral and free-roaming cats in Richmond, VA and central Virginia ...
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cushinghundevital / cushinghundevital
Cushinghunde Cushingsyndrom Addison Ernährung bei Cushing, assoziierte Erkrankungen wie Hypothyreose IBD Harnwegsinfektion Pankreatitis Calcinosis Custis Cushinghundevital Unser Schwerpunkt ist das Cushing Syndrom bei Hunden und Katzen. Diskutiert werden darüber hinaus solche Erkrankungen, die mit Cushing im Zusammenhang stehen, wie z. B. Lebererkrankungen, Pankreatitis, IBD, Calcinosis Cutis...
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The online historical discussion forum devoted to the Southern Pacific (Espee) between 1861 and 1996. SP’s various subsidiaries are also on-topic including the St. Louis Southwestern (“SSW” or “Cotton Belt); Northwestern Pacific (NWP); Texas & New Orleans (T&NO), Pacific Electric (PE); Visalia Electric (VE); Pacific Fruit Express Company (PFE – a partnership with Union Pacific u...
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HalfscaleMinis / Half Scale Miniatures
The home for miniaturists working in 1/24th scale, G scale, or 1/2” equals 1’ in real life. Our creations are half the size of most scale miniatures - but twice the joy! Or perhaps we are just twice as crazy? Halfscale is not as easy to find as our “big sister” 1/12th scale, so many of us are makers are well as collectors Come join the fun! Half Scale members share their photos, patt...
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odxa / Ontario DX Association
The Ontario DX Association was founded in 1974 as a club for radio listeners, primarily shortwave broadcasting, but other bands and modes as well. The ODXA grew to be one of the largest SWL/DX clubs in the world. In more recent years we have been an online presence, posting monthly articles and providing opportunities for the exchange of listening tips and hobby information. Besides we c...
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GWVols / Greyhound Welfare Inc.
A group for the volunteers of Greyhound Welfare. The list is for sharing information and materials among our volunteers about Greyhound Welfare and the placement of retired racing greyhounds. Please do not use this list for any other purposes. All posted material is private and may not be cross-posted without the permission of the author. IMPORTANT: Please follow the following guidelines when...
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C-P-R / C-P-R
C-P-R is specifically for discussion of topics pertaining to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Our main areas (as they pertain to CPR) are railroading and railfanning, with some modelling discussion thrown into the mix. Items for sale/trade may be posted on Tuesdays only. If you post a virus warning, missing child sob story, or any other SPAM, you are probably going to get the boot from this list. Lo...
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jmriusers / JMRI users
Discussion group for people using the JMRI® model railroad software suite. The JMRI suite provides several useful tools such as: DecoderPro® to simplify configuring complicated DCC decoders by providing screens on which you can select the various options and values you want. PanelPro™ makes it easier to control panels, set up signalling, configure operations and control your layout. Soun...
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20 team - Strat O matic draft league
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gnshuls / Great Neck Shuls - Kehila of Great Neck
This is an announcement board for the Great Neck Orthodox Kehila. VISIT GREAT NECK SHULS GROUP ON FACEBOOK You MUST provide your name and location for membership. Anonymous requests for membership are rejected. No commercial posts permitted, but paid sponsorships are available! No General Mechandise or local Real Estate FOR SALE... but LOOKING FOR is permitted. However, "Aliyah Sales" a...
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ASCMEMBERS / Discussion group for ASCA members
This mailing list was created with the purpose of enhancing ASCA member communication. All issues which deal with ASCA and ASCA Affiliate clubs may be discussed here. This list will NOT be used for discussions which are better suited for general dog lists (E.G. flea control,how to groom your dog, training problems, selling puppies, brags, etc.). This list is lightly moderated -Do not engage in...
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NEBCR / NEBCR Volunteers
This group is for volunteers of New England Border Collie Rescue. If you would like to become a volunteer, please click on the link to fill out the Volunteer Form or Foster Home Application! Volunteering is not only limited to fostering - we have many other needs as well! We will post pleas for foster care, transport, needed supplies or special funding, people needed to help with educational tabl...
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premierplusembroiderysoftware / Premier Plus Embroidery Software Group
Welcome to the Premier Plus Embroidery and Quilting Software Group! This group is owned and run by independent software users, not the software manufacturer. The focus of this list is to support owners of Viking/Pfaff Premier+ 2 (PP+2 or Premier Plus 2), Premier+, 6D, 5D & Quilt Design Creator software. We also support older versions. All sewing/embroidery machine questions should be dir...
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A group for sharing all things Victorian
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ebm-weekend / EBM Weekend
Welcome to Everything But Meat on the Weekend! You could call this an extension of my Everything But Meat-group. The difference is that this group is theme-based. I will announce the new theme each Monday, and you may start sending in recipes right away. However, they won’t show up until between Friday and Sunday. The new theme will be announced in this space and by email. Be sure to check...
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Eating the Wise Woman Way A Women Only Group Remember you are a Goddess! Fast food and poo on a plate won’t do! Believe in your beauty! YOU ARE STUNNING! This world will suffer if you’re not at your best, brightest and most fulfilled. I will suffer if you don’t shine. When you build a daily practice of honoring yourself, thoughts rearrange. The negative hot air loses power as the truth posi...
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The LOUISIANA RAILFAN & MODEL RAILROAD GROUP is for people interested in historical and contemporary Louisiana railroading and for model railroaders living in Louisiana and the surrounding states.
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