ExoticDVM / EXOTIC DVM: Veterinary Forum for Companion Exotic Animal Medicine
EXOTIC DVM: Veterinary Forum for Companion Exotic Animal Medicine The Exotic DVM Forum is a free moderated, vet-to-vet chat group for practitioners who treat small mammals, birds, reptiles and more. The purpose of the Exotic DVM Forum is to promote and facilitate discussion of exotic animal medicine among veterinarians who promote quality care of non-traditional companion animals. Utilizing the i...
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kwtneighbors / Kensington-Windsor Terrace Neighbors
KWTneighbors is a community board serving the residents of Kensington and Windsor Terrace. Membership is open to people who live in or have a business in Kensington or Windsor Terrace. The listserv, started in 2004, has more than 3,500 members. The goals of the listserv are to be an online community for new and long-time Kensington and Windsor Terrace residents and an information resource for our ...
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vintagesingers / Vintage Singer sewing machines
Vintage Singer sewing machine collectors, repairers, and users group. A member of the Vintage Stitchers Family of Groups. This is a forum for collectors of antique and vintage Singer sewing machines to get together to discuss recent finds, ask questions, and share resources. We cover model identification, maintenance, adjustments, repair, restoration, accessories and attachments - everything you...
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DXLab / DXLab
This list is devoted to the DXLab Suite of applications for amateur radio and its inter-operation with other applications. The DXLab Suite includes, Commander for transceiver control, DXKeeper for logging and award tracking, DXView for world map display and antenna rotator control, Pathfinder for QSL routes, PropView for propagation forecasting and monitoring, WinWarbler for CW/Phone/PSK/RTTY oper...
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loconotes / News and information about locomotives
News and information about railroad diesel and electric locomotives. We do not discuss modeling information.
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chb / Cats Health and Behavior
Friendly discussions on all aspects of cat health and behaviour are the focus here, whether you are a rescuer, breeder or just like having a cat in your life - we all aim to get along together. People with a new cat who wish to ask for suggestions on caring for their new cat or kitten are very welcome, as are those dealing with chronic or acute illnesses. However, the group is not intended to be a...
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vef / Vivre en France
Vivre en France (To Live in France); a discussion and support group for those who are dreaming of moving to France, those who are in the process of moving, those who have successfully made the transition, and anyone else who loves France. What is "Vivre en France" all about? We think of it as a friendly pub - or estaminet! - busy with people who are prepared to chat to you, but only if yo...
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venicemoms / Venice Moms Group, Los Angeles
This is the homepage for the Venice Moms email group: venicemoms@groups.io You will find additional helpful information on our website: www.VeniceMoms.net Our group was started in the Fall of 2002 by some moms with infants to create a local community for gatherings as well as information sharing and parenting support. Here are the general guidelines for this group. 1. ...
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The purpose of this list is to discuss all aspects of North American freight cars of the steam era [ 1900-1960 ]. The objectives include the sharing of information about railroad freight cars including their operation and various techniques of building models of them. Emphasis is to be placed on the study of the prototype with a goal of producing models of them with as great a degree of accuracy a...
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SKCC / Straight Key Century Club
The Straight Key Century Club is the fastest growing group of straight key Morse code CW operators and enthusiasts in the world. Organized in January 2006 the club has thousands of members around the globe. This Groups.io group is a meeting place for general discussion by SKCC members of all topics related to manually keyed Morse code, including mechanical bugs and sideswipers. It is the successo...
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headtagsandmore / HEAD TAGS AND MORE
A fun group to make head tags and tube shares everyone welcome..
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WeRead / WeREAD
WeREAD stands for Readers Enjoy Authors' Daydreams. READ also stands for: R = RESPECT for fellow members E = Exciting and Energetic friends A = Affection and Attention to those we care about D = Dedication to a hobby (reading) we all love This list provides a friendly network specifically for authors and readers to share and discuss Romance Novels. PLAY NICE OR DON'T PLAY on READ. This...
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CuernAds / CuernAds Email Exchange
Cuernavaca Ads Email Exchange If you need to find a new home or a used car, check with us first. Short or long term rentals, vehicles for sale, new and used furniture, maid service, Spanish language school; we have everything for the expat in Cuernavaca, Mexico. You can use this free community service to communicate with the expat community in Cuernavaca and area. We have over 1,000 email addre...
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USNA1965 / United States Naval Academy Class of 1965 email list
An e-mail list exclusively for members of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1965, grads AND non-grads.
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repeater-builder / Repeater Builder
Into building repeaters? Want to build your own repeater? Repeater-Builder is a free technical group (free to you - we pay for a premium group plan) available to people seeking information on building ham radio, GMRS, or commercial repeater systems. If you are a Spammer you'll not be able to post because all new members are moderated - so save yourself (and us) the time. Discussion of amateur ...
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alfaseeya / Alfa See Ya Motor Home Support Group
This forum exists to share information for the Alfa Leisure diesel pusher motorhome (Alfa Gold, Alfa SeeYa and the Alfa Founder). If you have suggestions, custom changes you have made, technical questions, complaints or anything relating to owning or considerations of owning an Alfa See Ya you are in the right place. Note: This group is financially supported equally by the Alfa Owners Club (AOC) O...
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This group is ONLY for members in the UK interested in crafting and exchanging cards, ideas, crafts and chat!! There are several exchanges a month and all members are encouraged to participate. Members may hold a swap too with permission from the owner.
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CozyFirstMysteries / Cozy First Mysteries
Welcome to Cozy First Mysteries. We have moved from Yahoo. I am glad that you have managed to find your way to our new home. We are a book club & discussion group dedicated to the cozy mystery. And we love our cozies here; be forewarned that your TBR Pile will grow in leaps and bounds as you discover new authors and series. So grab your favorite hot beverage (cocoa, coffee or tea) find a nook...
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Cyberquiltersmods / Cyberquilters mods
for administrators of Cyberquilters group
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WomenWriters / Women Writers
Our group cover picture represents a conflation of several paintings by Maude Lewis, a Canadian artist (1903-70). Our mascot picture or gravatar: An anonymous depiction of Christine de Pizan writing. Welcome to Women Writers. We try to function as a community of women readers. We discuss issues of interest to women as well as their art, writing, music, crafts and lives. We are much more a l...
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