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FTshuls / FTShuls (previously FiveTownsShuls and FiveTownsJewishCommunity)
FTshuls (FiveTownsShuls), the OFFICIAL website and email list for the Five Towns Jewish Community. This site now includes FiveTownsShul as well as FiveTownsJewishCommunity, both of which have been merged into this single source of Five Towns Jewish Community and Shuls source of information and communication. The owners/moderators of this list are volunteers and accept no responsibility or liabilit...
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TeaneckShuls / TeaneckShuls
TeaneckShuls is an announcement list for the Jewish community in the Teaneck / Bergenfield / New Milford vicinity. For complete posting policy info & relevant rules:
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UK-Rail / UK-Rail
This specialist and free, rail email group exists to allow members to share gen, report sightings and discuss rail topics. Anything railway orientated is acceptable, we cover the present day, historical and preservation scenes and your posts can relate to locos, rolling stock, track machines or plant - even railway architecture if you choose. We welcome debate, questions or anything whic...
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SecularHumanist is a liberal progressive group, discussing and debating today's news and politics. Greg Dempsey, Listowner/Moderator
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webvilleladies / WEBVILLE LADIES
Webville Ladies was founded in 1998. ChitChatLadies has now merged with us. Our membership is open to women of mature status, (Over 40+ please) who are looking for a safe place to make new lasting friendships on the web. Topics can include menopause, health issues, recipes, crafts, gardening, dieting, exercising, TV shows, music, movies etc. You can talk about anything that matters to you except ...
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se-gen / SE Gen
This IO group is a replacement/migration from the SE Gen Yahoo group, the platform for which has become increasingly unreliable. The purpose of the group remains unchanged: to post railway gen of a time critical nature for the London and South East area. Gen on locos, units, rare track, etc is welcomed. Questions and discussion are not allowed.
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flathunting / Flathunting
Flathunting the first, finest and the longest free real estate information available in Israel. Renting, buying, selling, solving problems, we have been there for you since 1999. The name Flathunting has been and will remain unmatched in its reputation of helping people connect and settle in Israel. Flathunting service with this group is *free* :-) However if you feel that you have benefited fro...
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CivilSMA1 / Civil San Miguel de Allende, formerly Civil SMA from YahooGroups
Welcome to the list about San Miguel de Allende! This list is designed to let you share information, ideas, questions and answers with folks living in SMA or those who are interested in SMA. This is a HIGH volume list. Choose digest or special notices if you don't want emails sent to your inbox. No politics, no rudeness, no arguments, no rancor: just helpful, interesting communications about a...
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RBS1 / The Ramat Beit Shemesh Group - Founded 1999
The RBS Group
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DailyRecipes / DailyRecipes
Welcome to Daily Recipes! If you love recipes, this is the place. Please feel free to share and request recipes or ask cooking questions. Recipes from appetizers to desserts are welcome. This list is dedicated to recipe sharing, and culinary adventures. This is a high volume list with lots of excellent recipes. You may choose daily digest for the condensed version however you will not see the reci...
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ChevyChaseCommunity / Chevy Chase Community Listserv
The Chevy Chase Community Listserv is a moderated discussion forum where over 5,350 residents in Chevy Chase, DC and Maryland share information, seek advice and address community and area-wide issues. This listserv was founded on April 6, 2001 and is independent of any organization. Those who would like to join are required to send their full name, home address and telephone numbers, in confid...
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KGHShuls / KGH Shuls
The primary goal of KGHshuls is altruistic, clear, and simple: to publicize Torah, Avodah and Chessed announcements, community-wide. Our aspiration is: to bring our Kew Gardens Hills (KGH) community together and elevate us, by enabling institutions and individuals to reach out to each other with “postings” (email announcements related to Torah, Avodah, and Chessed). The following rules ser...
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Lidless Eye exists to discuss politics and policy options in the post-911 world. Members from all nation-states and political persuasions are welcome, but the dialogue can range into the extreme at times; a good sense of humor is mandatory. Polite, thoughtful and considered exchange is the rule at Lidless Eye. Flames, ad-hominem attacks, and other objectionable debating tactics will be tolerated o...
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all-about-psp-and-fun / All About PSP & Fun
We are a friendly group and all are welcome.We are rated G to AC.Slight Adult Content (SAC) with tasteful images (marked in subject line).Please use preview of images being shared. Open what you want, delete what you don't. Please share at least 2 to 3 items a week. Participation is required. We also have daily challenges and games. LOVE WARS? JOIN OUR SISTER GROUP -- ALL ABOUT PSP AND FUN WA...
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SewItsForSale / Sew Its For Sale
WHEN you request membership to the group you will receive an auto response email called: Required Information. Please reply to that email. BEFORE SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP is approved you will be required to send to the owner/moderator. This information will not be shared or listed on the group and is only held by the owner. Thank you for your participation. This group is for personal stash items th...
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TheRheumatoidFactor / TheRheumatoidFactor
TheRheumatoidFactor was created for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis, other Autoimmune Diseases and Fibromyalgia. Our group is first and foremost a SUPPORT group. We encourage people to share what is happening both the good and the bad. We understand that life is not all sunshine and roses. So please feel free to whine, vent, mope, rant, cry or do a happy dance! Even if our members have not been th...
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Rust / The Rust List
Discussion of Neil Young and his music. In many forms over the years, it is now time to move beyond Yahoo.
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MONAForums / MONA Forums
Mothers of North Arlington (MONA) is a local social and support group for mothers. MONA does not assume responsibility for any resources or companies that are discussed on the forum. When requesting to join, please provide your FIRST and LAST name and the email address you registered with MONA so that your paid membership can be verified. You can email with questions. Visit our...
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fm-mirrorarchive / Fictionmags
Researches and documents the appearance of fiction in magazines past and present
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