Santa's Workshop Schedule


Welcome to Santa's Workshop where we gather to cook, bake and create fun festive activities for the entire family and our pets.


Here in Santa's Workshop we are reminded of the reason why we celebrate Christmas. The Baby Jesus was born this very special day to bring love to all who believe.

Prayer requests are welcomed here.

We are here for the exchanging of Recipes for the Christmas Season. This exchange will be based on weekly Ideas...all of which are posted below.


Please submit your recipes one at a time with the title in the Subject Line.

There is no limit as to how many you can submit. If you have a family story to go along with it, by all means submit it with the recipe. You do not have to participate every week either; However, we do encourage you to participate at least once a week out of consideration. Thank you


Happy Holiday Cooking!

Mrs. Claus, Owner


Week 1: Crockpot, Slow-Cookers: Air Fryers, Instant Pots, Dutch ovens and pressure cookers


Week 2: Christmas Cooking tips, Decorating hints (especially freezing ideas, ice and ice cream


Week 3: Christmas Gifts (Gift Jar Recipes, etc.). This also includes Edible and non-edible Gifts


Week 4: Christmas Eve Recipes & Main Dishes: What are some of your favorite dishes to make for your Family's Meal.

Any special traditions for cooking this time of year? Please share.


Week 5: Christmas Brunch Recipes (Breakfast Casserole, Scalloped Apples, etc.)


Week 6: Diabetic Friendly, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, GF, Weight Watcher's, Paleo etc...


Week 7: Side Dish Recipes (from salads, Soups, stuffing, to casseroles)


Week 8: Breads, Muffins, Pastries like, all rolls.


Week 9: Pies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake balls, Cobblers


Week 10: Brownies, Bars, and Cookies


Week 11: Candy, Fondu’s and Fudge Recipes


Week 12: Drinks - Both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic, including all smoothies, Shakes, floats etc…


Week 13: Pet Recipes -Not everyone has pet's, so feel free to post more of your favorite recipes or just chat.


Week 14: Children's Favorite Recipes (for those at the "little table" or goodies for Santa


Week 15: Miscellaneous Recipes and Any Special Requests for a Recipe


Week 16: Christmas Left overs, preparing for New Year's- Do you have a special

tradition for preparing for                            the New Year’s? --Is there something

special you do or plan as you close Christmas and get ready for the new Year?




God Bless You & Yours!


Sugar, Owner




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