For those interested in receiving and decoding digital transmissions from aircraft and plotting position reports contained in such messages. Specifically for users of the PlanePlotter decoder and tracking program, to share techniques, charts, unusual loggings, to report bugs, to request Ground Station validation and to request new features. Related topics can be found in the following group: R...
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Please read this VERY important message before joining the list. Please click on the line above. There is a LOT more to know before to this group. List Mission Statement: This email list has been formed to provide a forum for these powerful teachings of reality creation, and so that you, too, can share the gifts Abraham offers with all subscribed to the list. List Description and Purpo...
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DU / The Disappearance of the Universe
Hello, I'm Gary Renard and welcome to the Disappearance of the Universe (“DU”) listserv established April 2003. This discussion group was started as a place to come and discuss my books "The Disappearance of the Universe ("DU"),” "Your Immortal Reality” ("YIR"), "Love Has Forgotten No One” (October 2013); The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other...
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UI-View / UI-View32
Support & Discussion of G4IDE's UI-View Support and discussion of UI-View software by Roger G4IDE (SK). UI-View32 can be downloaded from Posts should include your call sign. Please stay on topic. If you must post an off-topic message on other amateur radio related matters, please mark the posting OT and request direct replies. Sales messages should NOT be pos...
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TooFatLardies / TooFatLardies
A discussion forum for TooFatLardies Wargames Rules and related topics.
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takomapakk / TakomaPAKK
The TakomaPAKK is a community of parents (and a few childcare providers as well) in Takoma Park, MD. We started as a project of the Takoma Park Family Resource Center, but are now community run. The PAKK group is an active listserv providing an online forum to help parents find playgroups, coffee meets, field trips and other social outlets as well as support for themselves and their young childr...
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Jazz-Guitar / Jazz Guitar Discussion Group
Discussion group for Jazz Guitar and Jazz Guitarists. This is the Jazz Guitar Discussion Group that was formerly on Yahoo (YJGG). Topics such as chords, harmony, theory, practice methods, recordings, and equipment are welcome. The Group has been in existence since 1995.
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t-tools / t-tools
T-Tools is a Tech support forum/mailing list for Jehovah's Witnesses
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HP-Agilent-Keysight-equipment / HP/Agilent/Keysight test equipment.
This group is dedicated to the maintenance, repair, usage, and correct operation of HP, Agilent and Keysight test equipment and accessories. It concentrates on older equipment for which support from HP, Agilent or Keysight has been discontinued, but questions about current equipment may be posted. Members may post questions, request information or manuals, or explain how they solved particular pr...
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TO JOIN: For new members, to prevent spamming, we ask for a one-line statement of your interest in this group. During the sign-up process you'll be given a chance to provide a short message to the group moderators. Pending members will be approved daily (we'll try!). We're sorry for the inconvenience. Many members are coming from the old Yahoo group. You are already a member of this ...
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n-scale / N Scale Model Railroading
Started in 1994 at Stanford University by Bill Barr, this is the internet's oldest and largest, email list dedicated to N Scale model railroading. It's a general information list so all topics (DCC, decals, trackwork, benchwork, painting, airbrushing, kitbashing, scratchbuilding, protoype operations, detailing, etc.) are welcome. With thousands of messages in the archives, chances are good...
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JMT / John Muir Trail
This is the successor to the Yahoo John Muir Trail group. It is now open for posting either by sending an email to or by using the online options here.
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winfldigi / Win-FLDIGI
Group Description This group was set up in 2008 by G3VFP purely to support Windows users of this multimode digital software originally developed for Linux, and ported to run within Windows. Please do not post off topic, and do not flame anyone, or use the group for personal or commercial advertising. ** When joining please enter in the comments your callsign if you have one if not the reason fo...
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Shemesh lists
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LivingMathForum / Living Math Forum
Welcome to Living Math® Forum! This is an on-topic list dedicated to the discussion of "living math" - mathematics education incorporating living books and materials with or without traditional curricula as the primary learning tool. Discussion applies to mathematics learning from birth to adult self education, with the understanding that arithmetic is only one feature of mathematics as a...
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K9Kidneys / K9Kidneys
K9Kidneys is a list for owners of dogs suffering from one/more forms of kidney disorder, Kidney Disease ,Acute/Chronic Failure, Juvenile Renal Dysplasia(JRD),Glomerulonephritis(GN),Renal Insufficiency(RI),Protein-Losing Nephropathy(PLN),Protein-Losing Enteropathy(PLE). Emphasis is on treatment options,kidney diets & other tips/tricks in the mgmt. of the renal dog.It is designed to be a comfort...
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xtrackcad / XTrackCAD User Group
Support and discussion group for the open source program XTrackCAD. This is also called XTrkCAD. Supported entirely by volunteers, this is a free railway design and simulation application that runs on Windows, Mac and several varieties of Linux. The topic is the program, how to use it, how not to use it. It is not a space to advertise your product, conduct debates of real-world matters and so ...
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PeopleToPeople / People To People
People To People, Inc. is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) governed by a Board of Directors and operating under IRS code 501 (C) (3). It was founded in April , 1999 in the state of Kentucky, USA as a non-profit organization. It has no political, ethnic or religious affiliation. It is comprised of people armed with spirit of compassion to bring hope to those who find themselves in hopeless sit...
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Discussion of electronics for beginners and experienced alike. Hopefully we can all exchange ideas, circuits, schematics, and pictures of all disciplines of electronics including both analog and digital. When asking for help, be specific, please. But don't forget to give us the big picture. Often it's easier to help solve your problem, than help solve your solution. Also visit the H...
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A forum to exchange ideas relating to 4 x 6 Bandsaws by Harbor Freight, Grizzly, etc.
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