Freecycle-SilverSpringMD  is a community reuse group. We are all about recycling. Our aim is to reduce the number of useable items that end up in the landfill, and share our unwanted items with our neighbors. 

The Basic Rules: Keep it 
FREE, LEGAL,and APPROPRIATE for all ages. Sorry, no trading, bartering or borrowing. 
If you want to recycle something rather than throw it away, start here . Whether it's a swingset, a fax machine, Grandma's china or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you want to get something that someone else doesn't want! 
If you live in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Wheaton, Kensington and several other communities in Montgomery County, Maryland, Freecycle-SilverSpringMD is the group for you. We do not serve District of Columbia, or other Maryland counties. 

To join Freecycle-SilverSpringMD please follow this link:

When you apply, please include your town name or the section of Silver Spring, county, zip code, and the names of the closest MAJOR cross streets, so we can approve your membership more quickly. 
When you post, use the format below; otherwise there will be a delay while we return your messages for editing. Please include your approximate location in ALL posts. 
OFFER: old couch (20912) (when you are giving something away) 
TAKEN: old couch (Takoma Park) (when the item is claimed or picked up)
* WANTED: small mirror (4 Corners) (when you hope someone will give you something) 
* RECEIVED: small mirror (20901) (once you have received the items you requested)

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