t-tools / t-tools
T-Tools is a Tech support forum/mailing list for Jehovah's Witnesses
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Eurovans - all years, all models.
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QRPLabs / QRP Labs
This group is for QRP Labs products owners and constructors. The QRP Labs shop is at http://shop.qrp-labs.com
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easypressurecooking / Easy Pressure Cooking
Need pressure cooker recipes? Need help getting started using a pressure cooker or a pressure cooker recipe? We can help! THIS GROUP IS FOR ALL PRESSURE COOKERS! OLD AND NEW! Stovetop and newer electric and digital cookers. All are welcome here!! New to pressure cooking and need help? Have one of those new digital programmable pressure cookers but can't find enough recipes for it? Or do you ha...
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ic-7300 / The Icom IC-7300 HF/6m SDR Transceiver
This group is devoted to the new IC-7300 direct-sampling SDR HF/6m transceiver, which was announced at Tokyo HamFair 2015. **Please note** Licensed radio amateurs as well as SWL's are eligible for membership. Applicants are requested to state their name and callsign (or SWL status); this will speed up the approval process. Membership requests which do not include this information are subject t...
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PacificVacancies / Pacific Vacancies
PACIFIC VACANCIES - The Premier Vacancy Announcement Service for Senior and Executive Positions and Consultancies in the Pacific PACIFIC VACANCIES provides information on senior- and executive level employment and consulting opportunities in the Pacific Islands region. Since its inception in 1998 PACIFIC VACANCIES has distributed thousands of vacancy and consultancy announcements. Regional and ...
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nymuslimtimes / The New York Muslim Times
It is a mailing and announcement group for the articles update at the website of The New York Muslim Times; www.nymuslimtimes.com The New York Muslim Times is a publication of As-Seerah Publishing, Inc. The Print edition of monthly magazine will be distributed in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey through Islamic/Muslim Centers/halal restaurants and grocery stores. The magazine will also be ma...
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Kenwood-radios / Kenwood radios - APRS
Kenwood APRS radios: Please use the main group for genral discussions and the subgroups for the spesific model. TM-D710 TM-V71 TH-D72 TH-D74 TH-D7
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N1MMLoggerPlus / N1MM+
The official platform for discussing the N1MM Logger Plus contest logging program. N1MM Logger+ (aka N1MM+) is free contesting software that supports virtually all amateur radio contests. If a contest is not supported now, it can usually be added using the Logger's "user-defined contest" feature. N1MM+ is not a general-purpose logger; there is no support for chasing awards like DXCC ...
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takomapakk / TakomaPAKK
The TakomaPAKK is a community of parents (and a few childcare providers as well) in Takoma Park, MD. We started as a project of the Takoma Park Family Resource Center, but are now community run. The PAKK group is an active listserv providing an online forum to help parents find playgroups, coffee meets, field trips and other social outlets as well as support for themselves and their young childr...
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1listsculpting / The gathering place for miniatures sculptors and all who are intersted in it.
Are you interested in creating miniatures for role play games, table top wargames or for having them painted? Or would you like to share your experience in how to do this? Then you are welcome at at 1listsculpting, the old gathering place for all sculptors small figurines and models. The list is not that active nowadays, but if you have any questions, just post it here. Also, while far less disc...
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Snorkack / Snorkack
Welcome to Bob and Alyx's fiction group. This is primarily an alternate posting point for our files, but everyone is welcome to point out stories which they like. This is an ADULT group so conversation may drift into that direction from time to time. Just one word of warning however. Don't ask the group owners to read or write slash.
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PooleRecycle / Poole Recycle #PooleRecycle
Poole Recycle is open to all who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away. Non-profits are also welcome to participate. Join in and have fun gifting! Everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages. Our group is interested in keeping stuff out of landfills while building a sense of community. #PooleRecycle
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DU / The Disappearance of the Universe
Hello, I'm Gary Renard and welcome to the Disappearance of the Universe (“DU”) listserv established April 2003. This discussion group was started as a place to come and discuss my books "The Disappearance of the Universe ("DU"),” "Your Immortal Reality” ("YIR"), "Love Has Forgotten No One” (October 2013); The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other...
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pebblecreekio / PebbleCreek IO
The PebbleCreek IO goup is an e-mail group for residents of the PebbleCreek Adult Resort Community in Goodyear, AZ. We conduct our business entirely by email (not here on this website), through a group forum hosted by Groups IO. Members can use this IO group to find out about special events, restaurant information and things such as shopping, doctor and repair recommendations, buy-and-sell person...
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Please read this VERY important message before joining the list. Please click on the line above. There is a LOT more to know before to this group. List Mission Statement: This email list has been formed to provide a forum for these powerful teachings of reality creation, and so that you, too, can share the gifts Abraham offers with all subscribed to the list. List Description and Purpo...
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TooFatLardies / TooFatLardies
A discussion forum for TooFatLardies Wargames Rules and related topics.
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FremontFreecycle / Fremont Freecycle of California
NEW Home of Fremont Freecycle on Groups.IO The Volunteer Moderators welcome you to The ORIGINAL Fremont Freecycle in our new home; where our goal is to keep usable tangible items out of the landfills. Membership is by request, and is limited to residents of Fremont CA, and adjoining communities, and those that work or visit regularly. YOU MUST REPLY to the VERIFICATION EMAIL to complete registrati...
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MediaPro / Media Pro - Film, Television & Media Professionals
A networking community for established media creatives & technicians - filmmakers, writers, artists, editors, musicians - to exchange ideas, develop projects, share wisdom, and gain a bit of peer support. Fundraising, spam, sales, or proselytizing are not allowed.
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CostaRicaLiving / CostaRicaLiving
Open to all interested in Costa Rica is a Public Group with 7882 members. CostaRicaLiving is for anyone interested in moving to, retiring to, living in, or simply visiting Costa Rica. CRL is a place to discuss, ask questions, or exchange information about Costa Rica such as, when is the best time to visit, should I come during the rainy season, what is there to do in Costa Rica, can I retire...
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