IntLittleDannyList / International Little Danny (and other Littles) Group
Welcome to the International LD List Home Page! We started out as a Stargate SG-1 Kidfic group and have now expanded to allow kidfic stories from other shows/fandoms as well. This is a fanfiction/artwork group. If you’ve wandered over to our little corner of fan fiction, we assume it’s because you’re drawn to the genre of kid fics in general and LD fics specifically. If so, you'v...
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Quality-PSP-tubes-and-tags / Quality PSP Tubes and Tags
Welcome to Quality PSP Tubes and Tags! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly group. We share ONLY G-rated tubes and out tags are made with those tubes.. No adult content (not even SAC), no goth, dark, evil or scary tubes. If you question it...don't send it. We like to keep it simple...out general rules are as follows... 1. Share ONLY Tubes. 2. Tubes must be G-rated. 3. Include previe...
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Welcome to LW Ideas On behalf of our entire team I want to thank you for your interest in "our" Leisure World and its future. You must request (and be approved) for group membership, to participate and receive dialogs. To obtain a voice in these dialogs, you must be a current Manor Owner in Leisure World Arizona. You must also pledge to operate within the rules of this Forum.
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kutuphaneci / Kütüphaneci Yazışma Öbeği
Kütüphaneci Yazışma Öbeği. Kütüphaneciler arasında iletişim sağlamak, ortak problemleri tartışmak ve uygulamaya dayalı çözümler üretmek, bu çözüm önerilerini en ince ayrıntılarına kadar karşılıklı tartışmak amacıyla kurulmuştur. Topluluk başta halk kütüphanecileri olmak üzere her çeşit kütüphaneci, uzman, araştırmacı ve konu ile ilgilenen herkese açıkt...
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Data_IO_EPROM / DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group
Welcome to the DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group. This group is for Students, Hobbyists, Arcade Machine Collectors, Technicians and Engineers to share their knowledge and resources for DATA I/O Universal Programmers for use within their Hobbies or for educational purposes. For such programmer models as the Unisite, ChipLab, ChipWriter, Labsite, 2900, 3980 and many more. Other Universal ...
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blindtech / BlindTech
a group for discussing technology.
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ham-sauna / Ham-sauna - Sekalaista tarinointia hamien kesken
Ham-sauna - Sekalaista tarinointia hamien kesken. Ham-Sauna -listan ylläpidosta vastaa Erik OH2LAK ja Tuomas OH3ERV
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OpenHPC-users / OpenHPC Users
This list is for general questions and discussions by end users and is appropriate for subscribers to post questions, issues, or suggestions related to the use of OpenHPC packages and documentation.
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UKMilitaryRadios / UK Military Radios
For exchanging information about UK military radios, especially Clansman and Larkspur
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win10 / Windows 10 Screen Reader Users
A central forum for users of screen readers and Windows 10 family of operating systems and devices powered by it, including PC's, Windows 10 Mobile and others
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MavenRapkin / Central Ohio Health and Community Resource Information
Central Ohio Health and Community Resource Information
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pony / Pony
This is the top level meta-group for the Pony programming language. By joining one of our subgroups, you will be added to this announce only group which will be used to broadcast messages that would be of interest to the entire Pony community. If you are here, it means you are probably looking to join one of our subgroups: If you are a Pony user looking for assistance, please join Pony User. If...
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AllApple / AllApple
Discussion of and community assistance with All Things Apple; OS X, MacOS, iOS, watchOS & Apple/Apple compatible hardware
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zapoly / ZAPoly
This is the umbrella mailing list for polyamory in South Africa - it serves as a national polyamory interest and discussion group for polyamorous and poly-curious South Africans. Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. The important point is that everyone knows about and ac...
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tijazzfan / TI Jazz Band Fans
Fans of The Texas Instruments Jazz Band.
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Makine, machinery, mechanical engineering.
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Chicago Chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association
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sociocracy / Sociocracy
This is a discussion group on sociocracy, a collaborative governance method based on consent decision-making. Members of the list include professionals who train and do consulting in sociocracy around the world and beginners who are just discovering this method of governance. Sociocracy has its base in cybernetics and Quaker decision-making and is used globally in businesses and organizations in...
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This group will be for pics of Men with Bodybuilder Physiques in natural settings like at Home, Outdoors, or By the Pool, etc. Pics of Men with Average Builds are not allowed.
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TechTalk / Tech Talk
Welcome to Tech Talk, This is a group for discussing accessible technology and technology in general. Also, see our associated chat group where you can chitchat and discuss anything not related to technology.
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