felineasthma / Feline Asthma and Respiratory Disorders
Welcome to the Feline Asthma Message Board. This board opened in January, 1999 with many members from around the world. It is designed for people who are owned by cats who have asthma or any other respiratory disease or disorder. We discuss anything and everything about feline respiratory systems from medications; including inhaled medications, symptoms, diagnostic tests, triggers and prognosis. W...
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rcsoaringdigest / RC Soaring Digest
RC Soaring Digest magazine. This group will serve as a source of information for RCSD readers. Messages will include notification of current issue availability, announcements of special publications, links to new web content and similar items. Only the group moderators may post messages.
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RPG-Player-Sanctuary / RPG-Player-Sanctuary
This is the original RPG-Player-Sanctuary. If you see Role Playing (Play by Email) as a hobby, you have found the right place. This list is solely dedicated to Online Role Playing Games. Here members can post and read advertisements for SERIOUS role playing games, post requests for game titles and links for subjects you are interested in and speak freely as a serious role player. You are welcome t...
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The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) builds interdisciplinary collaborations and facilitates the sharing of knowledge to address global health challenges. It assists members in sharing their expertise across education, research, and service. It is dedicated to creating equity and reducing health disparities everywhere. CUGH promotes mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships be...
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NewCyberQuilters / New CyberQuilters
Are you a quilter who loves finding free quilting information, quilt patterns, instructions, and designs that are available on the Internet? Do you like to discuss techniques, tips and what you are working on? Would you like to be part of a wonderful community of quilters who share your interests? Then you will enjoy Cyberquilters. List rules include (but are not limited to): No religious, poli...
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RFSPACE / RFSPACE SDRs and Wideband Antennas
A group for discussion of all RFSPACE products including the SDR-14, SDR-IQ, NetSDR, SDR-IP, Cloud-IQ, CloudSDR, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and antennas, and SpectraVue.
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WeavingSalesAds / Weaving Sales Ads
This is the Weaving Sales Ads group that was on Yahoo Groups. Weaving Sales Ads is a moderated list for vendors & individuals to place ads for items for sale for weaving equipment and supplies, such as looms, tools & yarn. You may also post if you are looking for something specifically related to weaving. MESSAGES AND PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED *AFTER* MODERATOR APPROVALS...please be patient: ...
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FCT / Farrier / Corsair Trimaran group.io
New Farrier/Corsair Trimaran Association Description from the original Yahoo Group Group Description This forum was established in 2012 to cover all aspects of Farrier designs including the new F-22 trimaran. It has grown from the original forum seeded by the late Ian Farrier, covering all F-boat multihulls (built by anyone), and has 5 to 10 times the traffic of any other trimaran forum. Cor...
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PassaicJews / Passaic Jews
PassaicJews Welcomes You. Sponsor: NJ Patent & Trademark Lawyers/Attorneys NY - Michael Feigin See the Special Notices, Gas Prices, and the Eruv and Minyan Maps, at passaicjews.com How to Post: Post announcements at PassaicJews.com which will also sends the message to this group, or send an email to passaicjews@groups.io . Rules: All messages must be according to Jewish and secular law and not...
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SoundTraxxUsers / Soundtraxx Users Group
Discussion group for users of the Soundtrax model railroad sound system.
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vikingsewingmachinespre1980 / Viking-Husqvarna sewing machines pre-1980
A group for users, repairers and collectors of pre-1980 Viking-Husqvarna sewing machines. A member of the Vintage Stitchers Family of Groups. This is a forum for anyone who appreciates the Viking-Husqvarna sewing machines from the years when they were one of the world's best. We prefer to keep our focus on the Husqvarna built machines earlier than 1980. Our Group Files contain a great deal o...
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NewStatlerSiblings / New Statler Siblings
A group dedicated to helping each other with software, hardware and quilt issues. You must own a Statler Stitcher to be a member of this group. THIS GROUP IS NOT OWNED NOR MODERATED BY THE GAMMILL CORPORATION.
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DMR / Ham DMR in the Pacific Northwest of the United States
This is Digital Mobile Radio for Ham Radio Operators with a primary flavor for the Pacific Northwest. Within this "​Parent​"​​ DMR ​IO Group ​are also PNW DMR, DCI and several other subgroups. Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your call sign...
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This is a group in which subscribers can communicate information, recommendations and suggestions beneficial to the Leisure World community in Mesa, Arizona. Membership is restricted to residents (owners, lease holders, renters) and former residents. If you qualify, you may subscribe at http://www.lwcapost.com To permanently unsubscribe, send a message to lwcapost-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com. This...
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QuickBooks / QuickBooks User Group
This mailing list is a forum for QuickBooks users. Ask questions, get answers, and share ideas.
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TS-590 / Kenwood TS-590 Discussion Group
This group with 2500+ members provides a forum for discussions about the Kenwood TS-590S and TS-590SG Amateur Radio Transceiver. If you want to join and already have a Groups.io account, click on the button [+Apply For Membership In This Group] below. If you want to join and get the emails only, send an email to TS-590+subscribe@groups.io. Because this group supports the idea of Open Data, the mes...
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Grow-Hops / Grow-Hops
Discussions about growing and using home-grown hops
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FelineAsthmaInhaledMedications / Feline Asthma, Inhaled Medications
Discussion of methods and tips for treating feline asthma with inhaled medications. Anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to join.
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Biblit / Biblit
Nuova sede del gruppo di discussione Biblit, nato nel 1999 per offrire a professionisti e appassionati uno spazio di confronto sulla traduzione letteraria da e verso l'italiano. Nel 2006 Biblit ha ricevuto il Premio Speciale della Giuria della XXXII edizione del Premio Mondello per la sua attività a favore della traduzione e dei traduttori. **L'approvazione delle richieste di iscrizione ...
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California Bird Listserv - A forum for the discussion of rare birds found within California.
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