FremontFreecycle / Fremont Freecycle of California
NEW Home of Fremont Freecycle on Groups.IO The Volunteer Moderators welcome you to The ORIGINAL Fremont Freecycle in our new home; where our goal is to keep usable tangible items out of the landfills. Membership is by request, and is limited to residents of Fremont CA, and adjoining communities, and those that work or visit regularly. YOU MUST REPLY to the VERIFICATION EMAIL to complete registrati...
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AmazonSellers / Amazon Sellers (FBA & MF), all things Amazon Online business Seller
Amazon Sellers was created from the original YahooGroup: FBAForum that was created in August 2008. Due to YahooGroups shutting down/restricting, this group was created for those that do not want to go over to our Facebook groups. It is dedicated to both FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and MF (Merchant Fulfilled) sellers, and everyone from novice/Newbies to more Advanced sellers. Anyone can provide a...
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LivingMathForum / Living Math Forum
Welcome to Living Math® Forum! This is an on-topic list dedicated to the discussion of "living math" - mathematics education incorporating living books and materials with or without traditional curricula as the primary learning tool. Discussion applies to mathematics learning from birth to adult self education, with the understanding that arithmetic is only one feature of mathematics as a...
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Rust / The Rust List
Discussion of Neil Young and his music. In many forms over the years, it is now time to move beyond Yahoo.
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ui-view / UI-View32
Support & Discussion of G4IDE's UI-View Support and discussion of UI-View software by Roger G4IDE (SK). UI-View32 can be downloaded from Posts should include your call sign. Please stay on topic. If you must post an off-topic message on other amateur radio related matters, please mark the posting OT and request direct replies. Sales messages should NOT be pos...
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APRSISCE / APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
Welcome to the APRSISCE/32 Support Group Note: To join this group, you MUST include your NAME and CALLSIGN in the membership request! APRSISCE/32 is intended for licensed amateur radio operators only and that privilege comes with the responsibility of identification by CALLSIGN. It's really not that hard. This group is for hints, tips, and support of KJ4ERJ's APRSISCE APRS-IS cli...
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xtrackcad / XTrackCAD User Group
Support and discussion group for the open source program XTrackCAD. This is also called XTrkCAD. Supported entirely by volunteers, this is a free railway design and simulation application that runs on Windows, Mac and several varieties of Linux. The topic is the program, how to use it, how not to use it. It is not a space to advertise your product, conduct debates of real-world matters and so ...
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MediaPro / Media Pro - Film, Television & Media Professionals
A networking community for established media creatives & technicians - filmmakers, writers, artists, editors, musicians - to exchange ideas, develop projects, share wisdom, and gain a bit of peer support. Fundraising, spam, sales, or proselytizing are not allowed.
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This group is for anyone interested in the Colt Garden Tractors , Case Garden Tractors , and Ingersoll Garden Tractors garden tractors.
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FreecycleRockvilleMD / FreecycleRockvilleMD
FreecycleRockville was founded in 2005 and is NOT affiliated with (TM) which began in 2013. FreecycleRockville serves the greater Rockville, Maryland area, including Derwood and Potomac.CafeMontgomery is our companion list ~ come on over to chat. We are open to all within our service area who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it&#...
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Discussion of electronics for beginners and experienced alike. Hopefully we can all exchange ideas, circuits, schematics, and pictures of all disciplines of electronics including both analog and digital. When asking for help, be specific, please. But don't forget to give us the big picture. Often it's easier to help solve your problem, than help solve your solution. Also visit the H...
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ic-7300 / The Icom IC-7300 HF/6m SDR Transceiver
This group is devoted to the new IC-7300 direct-sampling SDR HF/6m transceiver, which was announced at Tokyo HamFair 2015. **Please note** Licensed radio amateurs as well as SWL's are eligible for membership. Applicants are requested to state their name and callsign (or SWL status); this will speed up the approval process. Membership requests which do not include this information are subject t...
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Yaesu-FT-60 / YAESU FT-60
If you are looking for a place to talk about ALL ASPECTS OF THE YAESU FT-60R you have come to the right place! All posts must be directly related to the FT-60. Off topic posts are not allowed. Insults of any kind are not allowed. Bad behavior will result in full moderation of posts or removal from the list. New members are moderated. After the first few relevant posts, new members may gain non-...
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K9Kidneys / K9Kidneys
K9Kidneys is a list for owners of dogs suffering from one/more forms of kidney disorder, Kidney Disease ,Acute/Chronic Failure, Juvenile Renal Dysplasia(JRD),Glomerulonephritis(GN),Renal Insufficiency(RI),Protein-Losing Nephropathy(PLN),Protein-Losing Enteropathy(PLE). Emphasis is on treatment options,kidney diets & other tips/tricks in the mgmt. of the renal dog.It is designed to be a comfort...
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QRPLabs / QRP Labs
This group is for QRP Labs products owners and constructors. The QRP Labs shop is at
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etherbun / Etherbun Main List
A group devoted to the health, care, and behavior of domestic companion rabbits. Please be aware in advance that discussion of breeding rabbits for *any* purpose--including pets or show--is NOT ALLOWED on EtherBun. Our rabbits are not commodities. They are family.
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A forum to exchange ideas relating to 4 x 6 Bandsaws by Harbor Freight, Grizzly, etc.
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vikingdesignerepic / Viking Designer Epic Group
Welcome to the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic group! This group is owned & run by independent machine embroidery users, not the manufacturer. The focus of our list is to discuss sewing, quilting, and embroidering with our Husqvarna Viking sewing/embroidery machines: Epic2, Epic, Diamond, Ruby, Topaz & Jade machines. We ask that all posts stay positive, no bad language, no bashing allowed....
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N1MMLoggerPlus / N1MM+
The official platform for discussing the N1MM Logger Plus contest logging program. N1MM Logger+ (aka N1MM+) is free contesting software that supports virtually all amateur radio contests. If a contest is not supported now, it can usually be added using the Logger's "user-defined contest" feature. N1MM+ is not a general-purpose logger; there is no support for chasing awards like DXCC ...
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n-scale / N Scale Model Railroading
Started in 1994 at Stanford University by Bill Barr, this is the internet's oldest and largest, email list dedicated to N Scale model railroading. It's a general information list so all topics (DCC, decals, trackwork, benchwork, painting, airbrushing, kitbashing, scratchbuilding, protoype operations, detailing, etc.) are welcome. With thousands of messages in the archives, chances are good...
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