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LTspice / LTspice
This group is dedicated to LTspice. It's independent from the owner of LTspice (ANALOG DEVICES (ADI) / Linear Technology). The old LTspice group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups /LTspice/info has been integrated into this group - messages, files and members have been merged. There is an additional folder with zip-files containing the files from the Yahoo group - https://groups.io/g/LTspice...
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svackshee / SVACKSHEE /स्वाक्षी ( ” Seeing the World through Own Eyes ” in Hindi )
We, SVACKSHEE /स्वाक्षी (Society for Voluntary Action with Community-based Knowledge for Sustainable Health, Education and Empowerment) Sansthan is registered in March 2010 under the Societies Registration Act 1958 of Rajasthan as an organisation.
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aprendendo-ingles / Aprendendo Inglês, com Rubens Queiroz
Esta é uma lista gratuita para ajudar pessoas a aprender inglês. Todos os dias um texto ou piadinha é enviada para os assinantes com as palavras mais difíceis e importantes traduzidas para o português. Manter o contato diário com o idioma é uma das principais sacadas para aprender inglês com facilidade!
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Scanner groups
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SewItsForSale / Sew Its For Sale
WHEN you request membership to the group you will receive an auto response email called: Required Information. Please reply to that email. BEFORE SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP is approved you will be required to send to the owner/moderator. This information will not be shared or listed on the group and is only held by the owner. Thank you for your participation. This group is for personal stash items th...
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Uniden discussion group
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clevelandpark / Cleveland Park
This is a neighborhood email list for people who live, work, and enjoy the Washington, DC neighborhood of Cleveland Park and other nearby neighborhoods. It's a way to meet, exchange news, and find out what's happening in the area. The Cleveland Park Listserv is Washington's most vibrant electronic community. Join us! You can learn more about the group (which until recently was a Yahoo...
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PeachheadNanny / Peachhead Nanny
PeachheadNanny is the sister group to Peachhead. This site is for parents searching for nannies/caregivers and nannies/caregivers searching for a family. Nanny agencies may not join this group. If a nanny agency would like to advertise on this site or promote their business to the members of PeachheadNanny, please contact Linda Perry at Linda@Peachhead.net to find out about having a dedicated e-...
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Savannah Cat Rescue is a 501c3 rescue group for the Savannah breed of cat. Managed by a core group of volunteers throughout the US and Canada, we will use this group to send out emails to people interested in hearing when we have a Savannah available for adoption.
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fcb1010 / Behringer FCB1010 Users
User group for Behringer's FCB1010 MIDI pedalboard, for exchange of tips, information, Sysex dumps, etc. Please check the Files area for lots of helpful hints, and please see FAQ for the FCB1010 Frequently Asked Questions Here's the mantra: Look in the files section. Read your user manual cover to cover at least three times. Read the FAQ. Try programming your FCB and if you have any pro...
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TeaneckShuls / TeaneckShuls
TeaneckShuls is an announcement list for the Jewish community in the Teaneck / Bergenfield / New Milford vicinity. For complete posting policy info & relevant rules: http://www.teaneckshuls.org/files/TSPolicy.htm
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This is a user group for ATCS Monitor, a Railroad data, CTC monitor and display for railfans, monitoring enthusiasts, and the industry. Our purpose is to provide a forum to share experiences, advice, tips and ask questions on the use of the software. Currently supported protocols are ATCS, ARES, Genisys, SCS-128 and EOT. Note to prospective members: Upon requesting membership, a questionnaire will...
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ShovelBums / Your Adventure in Archaeology Starts With ShovelBums
Welcome to the new home of the mailing list part of ShovelBums! UPDATE SEPTEMBER 25, 2018! The Migration of the ShovelBums Jobs Mailing List from its nineteen year tenure on YahooGroups.com (and it's legacy systems) to it's new home on Groups.io is complete! If you previously had an active email address associated with ShovelBums@YahooGroups.com it has been transferred here to the new Sho...
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This is the new home for the long time Crestron programming group on Yahoo. Work has started on migrating all messages, files, and other data from the old group. This group is a discussion area and self-help support resource for individuals that create programs for Crestron multimedia products. All levels of programmers are encouraged to participate. This list is not sponsored or endorsed by Cres...
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ft817 / Yaesu FT-817 Owners Group
Dedicated to owners and operators of the Yaesu FT-817 all-mode, all-band wonder rig
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ECIR / Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance
IF YOU ARE IN AN EMERGENCY: SCROLL DOWN TO THE JOIN THIS GROUP BUTTON. YOU WILL BE EMAILED INSTRUCTIONS UPON JOINING. Please check you SPAM box. Started in 1999, the ECIR Group is the largest field-trial database for PPID and EMS in the world and provides the latest research, diagnosis and treatment information, and dietary recommendations for horses with these conditions. Even universities do n...
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This is a group for fanfiction, discussion, fanart and all things centered on the Snape/Hermione pairing. Please note that most content is intended for a mature audience, so you must be of age to join.
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js8call / JS8Call (previously known as FT8Call)
Official JSCall Group for development of the JS8Call application. JS8Call is a derivative of the WSJT-X application, restructured and redesigned for keyboard-to-keyboard message passing. It is not supported by nor endorsed by the WSJT-X development group. While the WSJT-X group maintains copyright over the original work and code, JS8Call is a derivative work licensed under and in accordance wit...
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Feline-CRF-Support / Feline-CRF-Support Group
Welcome to the new home for the Feline-CRF-Support Group! As of the morning of 11/7/2019, it looks like everyone & everything has finally arrived! Please check your email for further information. This is the original online support list started in February, 1997 for cats with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). It's a caring, supportive, and safe place to share ...
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