TecumsehEngineGroup / Tecumseh Engine Group
Welcome To Tecumseh Engine Group A place to share and discuss experiences, repairs. Buy and sell pertaining to Tecumseh Engines. Our intent is to have a group where members can learn and help and Enjoy what the group has to offer A list to all the New Groups I created ...
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TeenagerPenPalsFromAroundTheWorld / Teenager Pen Pals from around the world!!
This is for people from the ages of 13-17 to talk and meet knew people all are welcome (even if you have a mental health disability) also you can be anywhere in the world (but please be relatively good at english) and is it just me or do you also want a friend that's mute... Just me okay (but if you are mute just tell me) here are some rules: #1: No bad language #2: No sexual content/ langua...
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Teens-DID-support / Teen dissociative support
This group is for anybody under the age of 20 who has a dissociative disorder, is a supporter of someone who does, or who hasn't been diagnosed yet but suspects they might have one. Please remember trigger warnings on difficult posts. If you don't know what a trigger warning is, or have any questions, you can always email me. I'm happy to help.
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Teenswithdisabilities / Teens with disabilities and special needs
A group for teens with any kind of disability or special need ages 13 to 21
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TekScopes / TekScopes
All about classic Tektronix test equipment, its use, repair, and collecting.
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TekScopes2 / All about Tektronix CRT scopes and more!
This group is for discussion of Tektronix instrumentation. We talk about the classic Tek scopes, the 7000 series, the TM500 instrumentation, the DSOs, and others. We also share service stories and occasional social talk: like you would if you went to get nuts and chatted in the hardware store. Moved from Yahoo!'s TekScopes2. We won't kick you out on a whim. We are a meritocracy, not a to...
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Tekstil, textile
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A forum dedicated to the purchasing owning and maintaining vintage Telequipment oscilloscopes.
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TemariChallenge / Temari Challenge For Everyone
Beginners through advanced temari stitchers are invited to join us! Welcome to our forum for exploring the techniques and designs of the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. We are a group of experienced temari stitchers who freely exchange ideas and help answer questions that go beyond the basics of temari. We thrive on the exchange of thoughts and experience in the development of temari design...
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TempleCityCERT-Radio / Temple City CERT Radio
Group for Temple City CERT ham radio team to ask questions and learn more about ham radio. Open to any Temple City CERT member with a ham radio license or members interested in learning about ham radio.
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TenTec516 / TenTec516
This group is for owners (and prospective owners) of the Ten-Tec Model 516 (Argonaut V) Amateur Radio Transceiver. It is a forum for the sharing of ideas and information about the Ten Tec 516 such as : operating questions/suggestions/hints/tips, accessories, modifications etc. Personal "For Sale" postings are permitted provided that they concern the sale of Argonaut 516 or related acces...
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TentecOmniVII / Tentec Omni VII
This group is formed to assist others and exchange ideas and experiences with the Tentec Omni VII transceiver. This group is not controlled by Tentec, any of its owners, past or present. This is a restricted group by membership only. To join this group, as requested of all, you must provide your amateur radio call and your name along with your request to subscribe.
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Test-Equipment-For-Sale-Wanted-or-Exchange / Test Equipment- for sale, wanted, exchange.
This is a group to allow people to buy/sell/swap/hire good quality new or used test equipment. Unlike auction sites, where sellers incur fees, no fees are charged, so items can be sold to buyers at a lower price than on auction websites. Only list equipment that your company actually has in stock - not what you can source if someone wants one. The equipment must be from manufacturers like Agilen...
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For buying and selling electronic test equipment and accessories
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Test group
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Experimental site
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TexasRS / TexasRS
Texas Repeater System Group. This group is to inform members of the happenings of the TRS
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Texas Repeater System Chat group
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Texoma Cycling Club
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Welcome to the Litter Box (Fun and Friends)! When you hear the word "Litterbox" your first impression might be that this is a Cat group. But that is not so. We call ourselves the Litterbox because you can bring all sorts of s### to the box (all sorts of stuff). Now what sort of group is this??? Well, the litterbox group is a place to share everything from recipes, jokes, househ...
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