TTdiscuss / Transition Truro Discussion Group
Transition Truro discussion group for networking ideas and practical action for Truro (Cornwall, UK) and surrounding area to face the challenges of resource depletion and Climate Change.
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TUCW-hiking / The Unitarian Church in Westport - Hiking & Outdoors Group
Welcome to the hiking group of the Unitarian Church in Westport! This emailing list group is open to members of the church, but their partners, spouses, relatives and friends (including canine ones, unless otherwise specified) are more than welcome to join us on the outings! The group usually meets every other Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.. Please sign up so that you can be notified of when and wh...
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Group comprised primarily of seniors who have an interest in technology.
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TV-Couch-Potatoes / TV, Movies & Music!
Discussion list to talk about TV, Movies and Music. Whether it be Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, Soaps, Classic TV and Westerns. The Networks, Cable, TV Land, VH1& MTV. If your a TV Couch Potato this is a list for you. List Owners: Jackie and Deb. Couch Potatoes Website Upon joining the list you agree to follow our list rules. This list is rated PG-13, if you can't stay within this rating...
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A group for those of a certain age or availability that allows them to enjoy riding motorcycles with like-minded individuals during the week.
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TVRVS-VR-Notifications / TVRVS Voter Registration Notification Group
This is the notification group of the Texas Voter Registration Volunteers' Society for Travis and adjacent counties. Posts are intended for volunteer deputy registrars (VDRs) but may be read by the public. Subscribers receive emails announcing (1) voter registration events at nonpartisan venues for which VDRs may volunteer and and which come to the moderator's attention and (2) voter regi...
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TV Shares . . . if it's on television or made-for-TV - daily or weekly, night or day, one show or a hundred just share the link
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For email experiment
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TW-Game-01 / Tiger Wings Game Site 1
Main site for players of Tiger Wings level fighting wings Rules.
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TW-Game-02 / Tiger Wings Game Site 2
Main site for Tiger Wings rules level play for Fighting Wings games.
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Information and schedule for members of the Topeka Woodwind Quintet
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This group has been established solely for the provision of support to participants in the 5B4AGN transmitting BPF project. Stored material is copyright but is available for use by group members for non-commercial purposes only. If you wish to join this group and hold an amateur radio licence you should drop me a note with your call-sign when subscribing. If you do not hold an amateur radio lice...
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TXFlyball / TxFlyball
This mailing list is for Flyball clubs, captains, team members and judges in NAFA's Region 5 (TX, NM, LA, AR, OK) and for Texas U-FLI clubs.
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For all typewriter associated discussion. For collectors of historic and more recent typewriters. Standard desktop and portables. How to use and repair. Buy, sell, trade machines, parts, manuals.
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This is a group for people that are interested in the TYT-TYTERA MD-398 10 Watts DMR/Analog handheld transceiver.
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To promote TYT-TYTERA MD-380 and to provide help and file updates
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Taalcoaches-VWN / Taalcoaches Vluchtelingenwerk Zuid Nederland
E-mail reflector voor de taalcoaches van Vluchtelingen Werk Zuid Nederland
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TacomaAreaFreecycle / Tacoma Area Freecycle
Tacoma Area Freecycle, part of a worldwide movement dedicated to reusing useful items within communities. Freecycle lets you find new homes for things you no longer use and receive what you need--free! It's about letting go and helping others without any expectation of reciprocation. Serving all of Pierce County and the communities of Fife, Fircrest, Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, Lakewood, McKenn...
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Welcome to Tag Cafe! We are a sharing group of cute and GP rated tags, extras, fonts, jpegs, pngs on tubes please. Sends are to have previews and attachments. Everything must be something a child can view. Looking for new members, if you're interested please send an email to tell us your name and how you found the group. All membership is subject to approval. To stay a...
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