Recipes-Italiano / Recipes Italiano
This group is for sharing Italian recipes of all kinds. Whether it be authentic Italian recipes or Italian Inspired recipes, they are welcome here. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, beverages, it's all welcome! Because of the amount of spam emails that have plagued the groups, this list will be moderated for your protection. Feel free to introduce yourself, ask cooking questions, and please k...
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MAGAZINES - Taste of Home, RedBook, Womans Day, Family Circle, Better Homes & Gardens, etc. NEWSPAPERS & ADVERTISEMENTS - Any newspapers, grocery fliers, Grit, ads for mags/cookbooks, etc COOKBOOKS - Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Kraft, Martha Stewart, etc. FOOD PACKAGES - Usually the back of the box/can/container has recipes that the company has added due to it being a well liked dish. ADVER...
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RecipesWorthSharing / Recipes Worth Sharing
This group is for sharing great recipes of all kinds.
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RecoveringChristiansandSeekers / Recovering Christians and Seekers of Spiritual Truth
A support and discussion group for those who are "recovering Christians" and/or seekers of spiritual truth.
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This group is directed toward both a public and an academic audience of people interested in all aspects of recreational and leisure activities and pursuits
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RecreationalEquineDriving / Recreational Equine Driving
For carriage drivers of all types of equine in harness, in recreational or non-competitive settings. This group is intended to give carriage drivers a place to share experiences, memories, tips, and comraderie. The focus will be on making you and your equine (horse, pony, donkey, mule) have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable drive. Share your tips, descriptions of great drives, locations to drive...
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Serving Red Deer for 80 years.
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Welcome to the RED HAT ACCELERATORS! This private group is our central collaboration space where we can host private discussions, access important documents, and share information about the program. The Accelerators will meet monthly and discuss current products, services and technology topics related to Red Hat. You're welcome to introduce new topics for private discussion here. Anythin...
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RedHotPSPWar / Red Hot PSP War
This is a PSP War Group where we will share the last weekend of each month starting in June. June 27th 8 AM MST - June 29th MST 8 PM MST. World clock to compare time . You may share Alphas, Blank Tags, Animations, Tubes, dolls, etc. Anything that can be used in Photoshop or PSP. If in doubt just ask I will always answer your questions! No me...
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RedHotTagWar / RedHotTagWar
Simple question do you like tags or do you like to make tags? If you answered yes to either or both questions then we want YOU. Wars will be held in the following months: February, April, June, August, October and December. The war will start at 12:01 AM CST on Friday and will end at 12:00 AM on Saturday CST. Read each Taggers rules before requesting as they can be different and we don't ...
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RedZeppelin / Red Zeppelin Campaign
"I am Chris Robin. In my youth some called me 'Red'. I welcome you aboard the Red Zeppelin."
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Townhomes of Redbridge Board of Directors
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Redwood appreciation society. Surrey.
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ReelFishn / Reel Fish'n
Reel Fish'n Chatter - Beta testing - Members only talking fishing
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A private discussion for veteran high-end audio designers
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The British Regency... In a time of over-indulgence and excess at home by the Prince Regent and the aristocracy, the world outside of English borders deals with political turmoil, war, and other drastic changes that shape the rest of Europe well into the next century. The wars with Napoleon seem over, however, and soldiers return from war. There they find the lower classes struggling to survive am...
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RegencyTalesRPG-OOC / Regency Tales OOC
For news, announcements, and discussion for Regency Tales RPG In Character Game Board: Informational Website (apply for access and we'll approve ya'!):
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Region19flyball / NAFA Region 19 Flyball
Communications group for North American Flyball Association Region 19 in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming
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Regions E and H hospital net
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ReikiSisters / Reiki Sisters
Would you like to feel relaxed, revitalized and energized at the same time? Would you like to have a sense of inner peace and feel less vulnerable? Would you like to heal yourself and others? (even plants and animals) If your answer is positive take my Certified Course, and become permanently attuned CERTIFIED REIKI PRACTITIONER. REIKI is a Japanese word, translated it means Universal Life Force E...
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