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The Museum Ship USCGC Taney WHEC-37 Amateur Radio Group - NR3DT
We have formed a group of amateur radio operators, mostly Coast Guard, Navy, and other military branch veterans, who wish to support the operation and maintenance of the USCGC Taney radio room as a living history exhibit. We operate under the guidance of Historic Ships in Baltimore. The USCGC Taney was built in 1936 and was one of the two longest serving survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack. She  served gallantly until her decommissioning in 1986. She is now a National Historic Landmark, part of the Inner Harbor historic ships display which includes the USS Constellation, the USS Torsk, and the Lightship Chesapeake. The classic Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse from Seven Mile Knoll also makes up part of the display.
Our mission is to support special occasion amateur radio "activations" at the Taney, Torsk, Chesapeake, and the Lighthouse on special occasions, to restore existing radio equipment in the Taney radio room to function, and to provide volunteer guides to Historic Ships in Baltimore group.

If you are a member of the US Coast Guard Radio Club, an active or veteran radioman or electronics tech, particularly if you have have worked on or operated the shipboard equipment, please consider joining our group. Please let us know your FCC Amateur Radio call.  Thank you!

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