OldVTRS / OLD VTR's the web forum for users of Videotape Recorder technology
A gathering palace for those interested in old Videotape recorder technology. This group is to be a place to do the following, ask questions, share information and create a public archive of information about those wonderful machines that record television images, Videotape recorders.
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a TV screen can't compare to your minds imagination . . . . just listen in the dark, you'll be amazed at what you see OTRR - Old Time Radio Researchers Group preserving classic old time radio series from the past in order for our children & future generations to enjoy
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This group contains a live train log for the Metrolink Olive Subdivision in the Anaheim, California, area. The main goal of this system is to detect freight trains headed to San Diego. Because Metrolink passenger trains also run on the Olive Subdivision, it is necessary to distinguish between passenger trains and freight trains. To accomplish this, ATCS data from CP Katella on the Olive Subdivis...
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Olivia / Olivia Digital Mode Radioteletype on HF
Basics about the Olivia MFSK Digital Mode Olivia MFSK is an amateur radioteletype protocol designed to work in difficult (low signal-to-noise ratio plus multipath propagation conditions on shortwave bands. The typical Olivia signal is decoded when the amplitude of the noise is over ten times that of the digital signal! It is commonly used by amateur radio operators to reliably transmit ASCII...
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OmahaRollerDerby / Omaha Roller Derby
Exclusively for the Omaha Roller Derby League
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On3 / {On3}
for model railroaders in O scale - 3ft narrow gauge
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For model railroaders modeling in On30 Scale.
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On30conspiracy / On30 Conspiracy io
For model builders working in On30.
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A great place to sell all your On3 or On30 kits and products.
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Off road club in Simi Valley, CA
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OnanEngineGroup / Onan Engine Group
Welcome To The Onan Engine Club This club is for the discussion of the maintenance and repair Onan Engines one of the finest small engine manufactured in the world.... This Group Was Created For Members To Enjoy What The ...
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Large scale modeling of 3' narrow gauge railroading, in the more accurate scale of 1:20.3.
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Hi Welcome to the One Decade Back Retro Strat-O-Matic Baseball League website. Eddie Van Weele gruntsvw@yahoo.com. ODB League Commissioner
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OneExchangeIBM / OneExchangeIBM
The purpose of this group is to provide focus on any and all issues associated with the OneExchange system for IBM retirees. A team of IBM retirees and OneExchange representatives with experience dealing with these types of issues will provide assistance in resolving any issues that you might encounter.
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An informal group of Economic Developers, Educators, Investors, and Industry focused on building a common understanding of the Cyber Security Ecosystem and it's events here in Maryland, Nationally, and Internationally.
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This is a group that you can sit back and snag to your hearts content! I am Daelene,the owner, and would love to have you in this group!!
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We share and request Alphas and Blank tags. You must share or request twice a week or you will be removed Come on and join the fun.
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This group is for sharing animal graphics, both domestic and wild. Any animals may be shared, but anything depicting animal cruelty, slaughter etc. is not allowed. You may share photos, drawings, tubes, brushes, stationery (OE and IM) etc. Off topic postings such as political/religious rants, jokes, virus warnings, "the sky is falling" emails are not allowed, nor is adult content. No posti...
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OnsideLiberia / Onside Football & Peace Network
Onside Football & Peace Network connects grassroots football teams in Liberia. The teams are aged seven to 14 and can consist of boys or girls. Girls teams can be any age (roughly 10 to 18 currently) while we encourage member clubs to set up teams. The aim of the network is for the member teams to support each other off the field in developing young community leaders, building community suppor...
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Ontario Rubber Stamp Artists (ORSA) This group is limited to stampers living in Ontario, Canada. As an ORSA member, you will be able to share your ideas, resources, links and, above all, friendships Chitchat isn't forbidden but this is a stamping group and we would like most topics to reflect that. Personal conversations should be done off list. No flaming allowed. Homepage Banner Art - Hom...
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