Obed-Judges / Obed-Judges
Group Description Obed-Judges is a discussion list comprised of provisional and approved judges of the regular obedience classes. This list is not for those with only non-regular or match judging experience. Tracking judges or judges of any other performance events will not be accepted unless they also meet the above requirements for obedience trial judges. Obed-Judges started in 1996 on the O...
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OF's CO's Archive
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Ocean21Community / Ocean 21 Association Community
Welcome to our new, private online community bringing together unit owners and families of the Ocean 21 Condominium community located in Seaside Park, New Jersey. It has been created to facilitate communication about Ocean 21 Community matters between unit owners including those serving on our Association's Board in order to strengthen relationships among our community members, improve commu...
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Planning for the east coast trip
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OceanCountySkywarn / Ocean County Skywarn
Ocean County NJ Skywarn. This is the Ocean County Skywarn group/bulletin board. Feel free to post and share weather related stories, weather information, etc... This board will be where most of the emergency and activation emails will come from. Visit our Facebook Page as well https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-County-Skywarn-617818108267259/
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OcularDump / OcularDump
Welcome to OcularDump, the place to rant about going to OcularDump, or actually known as ocular prosthetics, if you hate going, are being mistreated by the ocularist, or simply not happy with the service or care you receive regarding your eyes, fed up with it, the journey itself, or in need of someone to turn to for support due to sight deterioration and have inconsiderate family members who do no...
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OddballHFSSBRadio / Oddball HF SSB Radio Equipment
The above pictured radio is a Stephens Engineering SEA 222 HF/SSB Marine transceiver. It is mounted in a naval 20mm ammo can. This set is a permanent fixture on my picnic table where it is used to scan the below listed frequencies. This group is dedicated to the collection, restoration, historical documentation, & use, of oddball HF/SSB radio equipment. These types include military, paramilita...
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OffGridComms / Off-Grid Comms Group
When you hear EmComms in HAM circles, do you envision a room or tent full of HAM gear or "EmComm Go Boxes" setup to be the inter-tie between LEO/EMS units and people needing help as part of a regional rescue effort? That's my vision of the standard EmComms definition, but that's not "Off-Grid Comms" or what this group is about, although there is crossover between the two. ...
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A place to continue conversations that are not on topic within your other group. Decorum will be enforced.
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Here our generous taggers make tag offers to you that you can have personalized with your name on them. Sometimes they may offer a header set or matching xtras to go with their offer. if you want to be a tagger or even just a guest tagger you are more than welcome to throw an offer out there.
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Group email for Ogle County Pilots, Inc members and frequent users of Ogle County Airport (C55). Ogle County Airport is located between Oregon and Mt. Morris Illinois on Rt. 64. It is a privately funded, public use airport. For more details, visit the airport's website at: www.oglecountyairport.com.
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This group is for Yaesu C4FM users in Ohio and surrounding areas.
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This group is for the discussion of the State of Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS-IP). MARCS-IP is a true P25 system. The following scanners can be used to track the systems: GRE: PSR-500, PSR-600 Radio Shack: Pro-106, Pro-197, Pro-668 Uniden: BC296D, BC796D, BCD396T, BCD996T, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100, SDS200, HomePatrol, HomePatrol II Whistler: WS1040, WS1065, WS1080, WS1088...
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Members of OKRWA
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Group's purpose is for selling and trading Amateur Radio Equipment and stuff associated with the Amateur Radio Hobby. You may List free items
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Roller derby
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Anything "Old-Time" from TV and Movies to Radio and Music . . . Just upload your files . . . then share the Links enjoy!
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Astoria Riverfront Trolley Scheduling Calendar
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OldFashionedKYASC / Old Fashioned KY ASC
A group for members of the Old Fashioned KY ASC
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Having fun with radio ,antennas,homebrew,etc
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