The private email discussion list for members of the Hastings & St Leonards Community Orchard
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OrderOfBards / Order of Bards
Membership group of the Order of Bards Please feel free to start a topic for chat, ask questions or discuss your work, remember all work is copyright of its respective authors
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OrderoftheBlackHat / The Order of the Black Hat
The Order of the Black Hat™ The Order of the Black Hat is an international eclectic order of witches. All members are eligible to participate in face to face meetings. Female members will be able to join us in week-end gatherings and retreats. We take our spiritual path very seriously, yet strive not to take our egos too seriously. We consider that each of us has a responsibility to grow in th...
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OreRail / Ore Rail
For those interested in current and historical iron ore railroading, primarily in the Lake Superior Region. Railroads covered include: CN (DM&IR), LS&I, BNSF (Ore territory), CN (WC), Northshore Mining, and Cliffs Erie. This is a news and history list, not a model railroading forum.
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This group is for shared communications among Reconciling United Methodists (RUMs) in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference. We work for full inclusion of all in the United Methodist Church. We celebrate the gifts and graces of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-nonconforming, queer, and intersex people and their families, friends, and allies.
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Discussions of the Orion G801, G802, and the AA200 experimental aircraft.
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OrnishCohort38 / Ornish Cohort 38
Ornish Cohort 38 discussion group
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Välkommen! Den här gruppen är öppen för alla ortodoxa som bor i Sverige, oavsett nationalitet. Om du ännu inte är ortodox men är intresserad av ortodox tro och kanske vill veta mer, så är du också varmt välkommen. Låt oss diskutera allt som har med ortodoxt liv i Sverige att göra; hur man behåller traditionerna i ett samhälle som inte är ortodoxt, var man kan få tag på svenska ...
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Osprey 2 amphibious aircraft owners and builders
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What else is sorta, kinda like Group.io?
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Where I put other leagues stuff
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OttawaCentralPark / Ottawa Central Park Discussion Group
Welcome to the Ottawa Central Park Discussion Group. You can also visit us at OttawaCentralPark.ca or friend us on Facebook. This discussion group is intended for use by residents of Central Park to communicate with one another and to help develop a sense of community. So be respectful and do not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal information or material, a...
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OttawaValleyQRP / Ottawa Valley QRP Society
The Ottawa Valley QRP Society is a group of Amateur (Ham) Radio operators in the Canadian National Capitol region with an interest in QRP (low power) operating, equipment home brewing and antenna experimentation. The groups holds the Amateur Radio Callsign VA3OVQ. Membership is free and open to anyone in the National Capital Region (including Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec). The purpose...
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The Otter Creek Poets is a free, open, weekly poetry workshop that welcomes poets of all ages, styles, and level of experience.
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Our-safe-place-inside / Our-safe-place-inside
Welcome to OSPI, which stands for our-safe-place-inside. My name is Kaden i am your list owner and i suffer from the condition known as dissociative identity disorder, formally known as multiple personality disorder, as a result of being sexually and emotionally abused 7 years ago at college. This group is a support group for all littles in any dissociative system including mine, this includes lit...
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OurCreationStation / Our Creation Station
Resources for creating with Paint Shop Pro. This group could be VERY high volume. You will find anything and everything for use in PSP to make stationary. No sharing is necessary, but if you want to, you may. :) Please keep anything you snag intact when sharing with other groups. Give credit where it is due. No copyright infringements are intended. I am just sharing what I get from others.
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Our Heroine’s Journey: Using Our Diverse Voices to Empower Ourselves & the World!
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Hello Friends! Happy New Year! In November, we discussed starting a discussion group to explore the formation of our radicalized identities. It has taken me time to get through the semester grading, the holidays, the inauguration and the March to get my act together. After this, I do not need to feel "in charge" of this process (wink, wink). Just a reminder of our stated intentions: In ...
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OurSaviorWELSMembersStrongsvilleOH / Our Savior Members - Strongsville, OH
Providing a God pleasing forum for fellowship and sharing among the members of Our Savior Lutheran church (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). We are located in Strongsville, OH. Members: feel free to post events to the calendar, member's photos, etc. May our sharing and mutual support bring praise to the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
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OurWeightLossJourney / Our Weight Loss Journey
A place to share the ups and downs of weight loss! **************************************** YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! **************************************** This group is a place for you to come and share your weight loss journey with others who are trying to get healthy too!! .It does not matter what PLAN you are on, we have members Counting Calories, doing Weight Watchers, Low Carb, Keto, Richard Si...
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