The Energy Job Search Team (EJST) is an independent, professional networking group for individuals from the energy sector in a career transition. EJST exists to support job seekers during their job search at no charge. The objective of the Energy Job Search Team is to accelerate the job search of its members using a structured process in a team environment meeting on a weekly basis.
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Ham Radio operators in Grid Square EM70 discuss their amateur satellite equipment and operations.
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Electro-Magnetic Pulse Special Interest Group (EMP-SIG) is
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EMRRC / Elmhurst Model Railroad Club
ELMHURST MODEL RAILROAD CLUB 111 EAST FIRST STREET ELMHURST, ILLINOIS OPEN HOUSE EVERY Friday Night 7:00 - 10:00pm Sunday Afternoon 1:00 - 4:00pm This group was formed to keep members of the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club informed of what’s going on with the club. Not everyone can always make it down to the club. So by using this group, we can all keep up with what’s going on. Here you w...
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Group for Non Profits that are on both ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks.
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Wednesday Evening 6 meter net on 50.180 coments and communications welcome
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CORSO DI LINGUA INGLESE prof. Salvatore Averna Scienze del Servizio Sociale Università degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro" Per iscriversi, inviare una email dalla mailbox istituzionale uniba a: ENGLISHFORSOCIALWORKERS+subscribe@groups.io indicando cognome, nome, matricola.
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EOC2EOC / EOC Communications-Washington State
A discussion group for Radio operators who are involved in emergency communications between Emergency Operations Centers within, or adjoining the State of Washington. While primarily concerned with EOC-to-EOC communications issues, this group also welcomes participants who deal substantially with EOC to scene-of-action communications. [just pasted in....feel free to edit format, merge etc.] Serve ...
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City of Richardson Ham Radio Room
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Welcome to Essence of My Cozy Kitchen! Where food and friends are made fresh daily! It is our goal to make this group: A place where members can: * Share recipes, laughs and enjoy themselves * Share idea * Get cooking tips and tricks * Post your favorite recipes * Meet other cooks of all expertise from beginner to expert You are welcome to post all types of recipes. Once you...
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Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) is a Denver, Colorado based non-profit organization that promotes science and education by exploring frontiers in amateur radio and high altitude balloons.
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EPRG / European Portable Radio Group
The European Portable Radio Group is a discussion forum for all aspects of Portable Radio operation in Amateur Radio, i.e. Walking Portable*, Portable Operating from a Remote Location, Pic-Nic Table or Mountaintop, Mobile, Bicycle or Motorcycle Mobile etc. Use this Yahoo Group to post skeds and reports, info about equipment, antennas, propagation - anything to do with Portable Radio. Members ...
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Group for creating alternative mount interfaces for the EQMOD Telescope project.
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ERP market in Turkey.
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This list is for pictures and disscusion of the NBC series ER. As pictures are traded - please use the non-digest subscription to receive them.
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ES28 / ES28 Naming Cmte
Prototype ListServ for the newly formed ES-28 naming cmte to exchange info regarding the naming of the new Loudoun elementary school adjacent to John Champe HS. Please note that some members are using LCPS.org email addresses and all communications are subject to FOIA in accordance with LCPS policy. Simple rules: Be kind, be concise as possible, start a new thread as necessary. Any questions, p...
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ESC / Extinction Support Cascadia
Extinction Support Cascadia is a group of people in and around Portland Oregon who meet to discuss near term human extinction due to climate change.
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The English Shepherd Club calendar group, for discussion of internal calendar development and publication issues.
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ESC Health and Genetics committee mailing list.
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