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All about the Copper Cylinder Cadillacs (1903-1914)

     ♦This is the meeting place for anyone interested in the copper water-jacketed, one and four cylinder Cadillac automobiles from 1903 through 1914. Join with us in a discussion of all aspects of finding, documenting, restoring, preserving, driving and enjoying these early examples of quality automotive engineering design features from Alanson Brush.

     ♦Initially built from the remains of the original Henry Ford Company, the Cadillac Automobile Company started in August, 1902 and was later led by Henry Leland. 2,500 cars were reportedly built by the end of 1903. Later, Buick Motor Company acquired Cadillac Motor Car Co., on behalf of General Motors on July 29, 1909. Henry Leland and his son Wilfred left Cadillac in 1917.

     ♦Winner of the 1908 Dewar Trophy (interchangeability of parts) and the 1913 Dewar Trophy (electrical system) for outstanding automotive design, these early Cadillacs set the standard for much of the American automotive excellence during the 20th century.

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