DID-RA-SRA-MC-SA-EA-and-other-abuse-sufferers-support-space / DID-RA-SRA-MC-SA-EA-and-other-abuse-sufferers-support-space
First off, let me introduce myself, and of course, my system. Yes, that's right, my name is Kaden, I have the condition known as dissociative identity disorder, I am the host of a 2184 part fragmented system collectively known as system grey. We are a survivor of a car crash, and of sexual, emotional, financial, mental, physical, psychological, ritual abuse, SRA, and mind control, so I am sta...
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DID-Safe-Inner-Sanctuary / DID-Safe-Inner-Sanctuary
Welcome, this group it’s for anyone struggling with the condition known as dissociative identity disorder, their alters, and friends. This is a sanctuary, no bullying of any sort will be tolerated list owner michone
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DID-anorexia-bulimia-EDNOS-and-other-food-issues-safeZone / DID-anorexia-bulimia-EDNOS-and-other-food-issues-safeZone
Hello, welcome to this group, this group is for all sufferers of all kinds of eating disorders, facial disfigurement, traumas, D I D, have been abused, ETC, my name is Damon, I am a vampire altar in a dissociative system, I don't tolerate any bullying any brushing of flaming on this group, please remember your trigger warnings about food issues? It is not fair, I feel that there is too much s...
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This is generally a trigger-free group, but not where D E A T H is concerned
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This is a beta test group for members of the DIFM DPG. You must be a member of DIFM to join, and we hope that you'll provide us with feedback on the Groups.io platform.
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The purpose of this group is to serve as the main hardware support source and discussion group for hams building and using the DINAH Allstar Radio Interface. Support of the Allstar distribution you install in your Raspberry Pi and use in conjunction with DINAH is best obtained from the source of the Allstar distribution (i.e. allstarlink.org or hamvoip.org). You need to join the group in order to...
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This is a forum to allow for DIOs of different institutions to interact and to share information relevant to GME. This forum is run and operated by DIOs.
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Diplomatic English lessons taught by prof. Salvatore Averna for the Students as Ambassadors to the United Nations Program promoted by the Italian Diplomatic Academy
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DIYAutoMechanics / DIY Auto Mechanics
This group is comprised of auto mechanics we welcome all auto mechanics both private and dealership The perpose of this group is to help one another do our task better. I have found over the years that no one knows everything about mechanic work and we all could use a little help at times so i am hoping to bring a lot of mechanics together whether handicapped or mainstream together for the good of...
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YARWA Workshop: DIY Book Tour DIY Book Tours Dates: April 8-19 Instructor: Ines Johnson Cost: Members $25 / Non-Members $30 About the course: Learn how to DIY your blog tour in six steps which include building a media kit, targeting the right bloggers for your book, tailoring your email to each blogger to break through their slush pile, how to keep records of which sites you’re visiti...
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We are a group of radio amateurs interested in building radios from scratch. We will share skills and knowledge to have fun learning what makes radios tick.
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For DJI Phantom 3 and 3 SE Pilots to share information and experience.
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DL-MONDAY / Debate League 2nd & 4th Mondays in Carrollton
Intra-club communication hub for Carrollton Debate League club.
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For members of the the Downtown Lincoln Association to network with each other.
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DMR / Ham DMR in the Pacific Northwest of the United States
​ This is Digital Mobile Radio for Ham Radio Operators with a primary flavor for the Pacific Northwest. Within this "​Parent​"​​ DMR ​IO Group ​are also PNW DMR, DCI and several other subgroups. Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your ...
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DMR-Ontario / DMR-Ontario
THANK YOU - Game Over - Au Revoir
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DMR info for All users. All manufacturers. Interactive support for all, by all. Everyone welcome. DMR pour tous... Entraide - Bienvenue Group Rules - Règles du groupe The DMR-Quebec judicial philosophy can be summed up in two rules: 1) Thou shalt not excessively annoy others. 2) Thou shalt not be too easily annoyed. La philosophie judiciaire de DMR-Québec peut se résumer en deux...
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DMR-RGV / DMR Rio Grande Valley
All things DMR in the Rio Grande Valley
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DMRAA / Des Moines Radio Amateurs Association
Discussion and notification group for the Des Moines Radio Amateurs Association in Des Moines, IA The club call sign is W0AK.
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DMRHawaii / DMR-Hawaii
DMR Hawaii is a Motorola Mototrbo network repeater system based in Hawaii. For IP network purposes, it connects Mototrbo Tier II repeaters together utilizing Motorola’s IP Site Connect technology through a Rayfield Communications c-Bridge. User/subscriber radios can be any DMR Tier II, 2 time-slot TDMA compatible radio. The user group has the current ability to support Hytera and Motorola DMR Ge...
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