For members of the the Downtown Lincoln Association to network with each other.
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DMR / Ham DMR for Independent Operators
This is Digital Mobile Radio for Ham Radio Operators. Within this "Main" section for DMR are also PNW DMR, DCI and several other subgroups. Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your call sign, location, etc. If a group has restrictions or requests more in...
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DMR-Ontario / DMR-Ontario
THANK YOU - Game Over - Au Revoir
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DMR info for All users. All manufacturers. Interactive support for all, by all. Everyone welcome. DMR pour tous... Entraide - Bienvenue Group Rules - Règles du groupe The DMR-Quebec judicial philosophy can be summed up in two rules: 1) Thou shalt not excessively annoy others. 2) Thou shalt not be too easily annoyed. La philosophie judiciaire de DMR-Québec peut se résumer en deux...
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DMR-RGV / DMR Rio Grande Valley
All things DMR in the Rio Grande Valley
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DMRHawaii / DMR-Hawaii
DMR Hawaii is a Motorola Mototrbo network repeater system based in Hawaii. For IP network purposes, it connects Mototrbo Tier II repeaters together utilizing Motorola’s IP Site Connect technology through a Rayfield Communications c-Bridge. User/subscriber radios can be any DMR Tier II, 2 time-slot TDMA compatible radio. The user group has the current ability to support Hytera and Motorola DMR Ge...
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DNAAdoption / DNAAdoption
Welcome to DNAAdoption. "Digging for the roots of our families" A place to discuss DNA and Adoption. See http://www.DNAAdoption.com Please tell us why you wish to join in the comments when applying for membership. Pending memberships without any comments will be rejected. We are sorry but it is illegal in many states to assist anyone with minor adoptee searches. Please do n...
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A group for the DND 5E Roleplaying game. Enter at your own risk. Weekly game Tuesday's at 6.
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Grupo interno da DOMO
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Pakotiprapha lab at the Department of Biochemistry and the Center of Excellence in Protein and Enzyme Technology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
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Writing By Writers DRAFT is an intensive program for 15 writers who are committed to completing a novel, memoir, short story, or essay collection over the course of two years. Whether starting a first draft, or working through a new revision, this program is appropriate for writers who want a rigorous and supportive community throughout their process.
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DRGW / Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (and its predecessors)
This group is open for anyone interested in the D&RGW - ex-Grande employees, historians, rail-fans and railroad modelers of the D&RGW railroads & its predecessors. Discuss any question, modeling topics, old stories or other items of interest about these railroads and their history including standard and narrow gauge are welcome. Discussion of current operations and interesting sighting...
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Durango Railroad Historical Society
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This group is for the Deep Run High School TSA chapter.
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A place for us to be creative before we meet in Cancun
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DRVSyndicate / DRV Syndicate
Group of owners of a Schleicher K8 glider, registration DRV, based at the Scottish Gliding Union airfield, Portmoak, near Kinross, Scotland
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For Discovery Systems Inc. board member discussion and file sharing.
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<p>This group is for the discussion of all topics related to the Amateur Radio D-STAR repeater system W9DUA in Springfield, Illinois. All those with an interest in D-STAR are welcome. <p>The frequency pair is official! The Illinois Repeater Association has approved W9DUA to use: <p><center><h2>443.78125 MHz +5 MHz</h2></center> <br /> <p...
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Listing and updates for D-Star Nets. Some folks are unable or unwilling to use FaceBook Groups due to security issues in the past. This was created to include that group of users in receiving D-Star Net uodates as well as D-Rats updates. We want to include everyone that would like to participate.
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DTASC / Dog Trainers Alliance of Southern California
We are a group of Southern California Dog Trainers and Behavior Consultants who are dedicated to sharing and increasing our knowledge about high-quality, professional dog training through monthly educational talks and discussions. We also strive to provide a supportive atmosphere and fun social environment for our members while giving us a way to find the best professionals in our area for referra...
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