The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) builds interdisciplinary collaborations and facilitates the sharing of knowledge to address global health challenges. It assists members in sharing their expertise across education, research, and service. It is dedicated to creating equity and reducing health disparities everywhere. CUGH promotes mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships be...
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CV-RWY / Central Vermont Railway
For people interested in exchanging information (prototypical, modelling, stories, etc.) on the Central Vermont Railway. Transitioned from the CV_RR group on
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Cray Valley Radio Society The reflector is for society members only. For details of CVRS membership please visit
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Used for the Cray Valley Radio Society committee administration
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CVRSecho / CVRS Echo
CVRS special event stations group
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Used for CVRS licence training courses We offer courses at all three levels
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Private list group for Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club Inc.(CVRTC) members.
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CWBatemanWeavesStudyGroup / Complex Weavers Bateman Weaves Study Group
This is a closed group for members who have been members of the Complex Weavers Bateman Weaves Study Group. You must have been accepted by the moderator to join this group.
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CWIL (Cambridge Writers of Imaginative Literature) is a writing workshop (based in Cambridge, UK) for aspiring/perspiring writers of science fiction, fantasy, and essentially any other kind of fiction set in a reality, environment, or time that is likely to be different from the one its readers inhabit. Beginners, pros, and everyone in between are welcome! Our basic modus operandi is to select ...
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CabConverter 2 (TM) is an Apple(R) Macintosh(R)-based program that helps amateur radio contesters by converting a QSO log into the Cabrillo file format suitable for submittal to a contest sponsor. CabConverter 2 is offered with a very generous license and is free to use. CabConverter 2 is also user-extendable: you can add contests yourself and share them with the CabConverter 2 community! CabConve...
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This is my personal test group
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CafeMontgomeryMD / CafeMontgomery
This Bulletin Board is where Freecycle members in Montgomery County, MD, can have a friendly chat among like-minded people. Just keep it polite and free of politics, religion, or topics not appropriate for all ages. You can: Share community resources, including "freebies" as well as "nearly free" resources, for example, thrift stores. Ask for info. If you've got a "Ho...
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A private test group for the members of the Cal Central in Santa Clara, Ca.
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Welcome to the DEBENLLC California Freight & Details Company HO & N-Scale on-line store website. Now on the web since 1996, here your will find quality products & kits that although have been around for generations, are still original and fresh as when they were first offered. In 2009 DEBEN LLC purchased the structure & ancillary equipment portion of Thomas A Yorke Enterprises....
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CalQRP / The California QRP Club
The California QRP Club is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of Low Power Amateur Radio (QRP) communication using any authorized modes. Steve Smith, WB6TNL, and Doug Hendricks, KI6DS, will be the caretakers of the Club and this Group. They are responsible for maintaining all activities for the club, in the same way that Jim and Doug did many years ago. The club has no officers, n...
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CaliforniaStorks / California Storks
A site for files and other doings of the family of the late Floyd and Phyllis Stork
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Calrailfans / CALRAILFANS
Calrailfans is a list whose mission is to keep us informed of the railroad happenings in the State of California. Discussion should be focused on California, but general railfan discussion including the states of Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona is welcome. Once a month we meet trackside somewhere in California and have a day of train watching and camaraderie. If you have a location where you would l...
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CamelotAustin / Camelot Austin Forum
Neighborhood Communications, Files, Sharing, Finding, etc
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CampOn / CampOn
CampOn (short for Camp Onward) is a world-wide community of miniaturists, who are serious about dollhouse miniatures and also very caring of each other. We were formerly known for many years as The Camp in Yahoo groups. To learn how to use CampOn features such as #Hashtags, Photos, Files, Calendar, and Databases, please look at the instructions in the How To's for CampOn folder under the Files...
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Campnat / CampN@ attendees
CampN@ alumni only. The only real rules are: - Please be polite - Please no pitches - The occasional job posting is OK, but please put #jobposting in the subject line so that they can be easily filtered out by uninterested campers
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