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For metahumans, second chances are hard to come by. The population at large barely believes we exist and the Government doesn't know how to control us. Punishment, even for minor offenses, is swift and often heavy handed. With tensions mounting across the globe and metahuman threats growing more serious a team is necessary to balance the scales. They say we were selected because we have potential, because they want to save us from a life of crime and punishment...

It's probably bullshit but playing superhero seems like a better alternative to life behind bars.

Enter the Caerus Initiative, a government sanctioned diversion parole program that recruits imprisoned metahumans in exchange for leaner sentences and a life beyond a prison cell. The year is 2020 and many characters are convicted criminals who now live in the Caerus headquarters based out of Chicago, IL. Join for your chance to play amongst a group of anti-heroes or just someone who was guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


The Caerus Initiative RPG is a play-by-email group for original characters, taking cues from DC comics like Suicide Squad, Marvel's X-Men, New Mutants, and Inhumans with a sprinkling of magical elements that take it beyond a traditional hero game. 

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