HQ281AHC / Headquarters List, 281st AHC Association
To provide official communications to the members of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company Association, Inc., a non-profit veterans organization. The association also provides a printed newsletter. Find the official web site at www.281st.com.
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replacement list for AlienSpaceBats@yahoogroups.com
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TalkTemari / Talk Temari Discussion Group
TalkTemari is the companion discussion group to TemariKai.com. It has been going strong since 1998, in one form or another, but its origins go back to a handful of people who gathered together online in order to figure out & learn the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. Members are crafters/enthusiasts of these embroidered thread-wound balls, dedicated to learning about, preserving and craft...
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We are a giant coffee table in cyberspace, exchanging recipes, jokes and cooking banter. This list is for people who love to cook and share recipes and cooking tip and tricks. It's moderated by Teri Davis Newman, LimoBarbie@aol.com (native of Florida). We celebrated 17 years of the group in May and we are the oldest group of our kind on the internet. We have about 130 members and will an...
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everythingbutmeat / Everything But Meat!
Well, the name pretty much explains itself. This is a recipe group where we share recipes for everything from the sea to the tressures of the vegetable- and fruit kingdom plus milk and egg products. Gelatin is allowed as an ingredient, as there are now gelatin products that are Vegan. Come and share all sorts of recipes with the above rule in mind, starters, soups, salads, main dishes, sides, dess...
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sar-l / sar-l - for fans of South African Raiways
For fans of South African Railways There are RULES. Please read these before requesting membership. When you join there will be a short wait period while the moderator makes sure you're not going to spam us.
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Prudent-Living / Prudent-Living
This is a group where we can collectively share and learn from others on how to DIY, whether it be gardening, home repairs, homesteading, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, permaculture, organics, making your own products, economical cooking, home remedies, auto repairs, and much, much more. PLEASE NOTE!!! All we ask is that you play nicely with others and not cause trouble, start arguments, disag...
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ebm-weekend / EBM Weekend
Welcome to Everything But Meat on the Weekend! You could call this an extension of my Everything But Meat-group. The difference is that this group is theme-based. I will announce the new theme each Monday, and you may start sending in recipes right away. However, they won’t show up until between Friday and Sunday. The new theme will be announced in this space and by email. Be sure to check...
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JosCountryKitchen / Jo's Country Kitchen
Howdy!!!! Welcome!!!! I am so glad that ya'll dropped by!! This is a friendly group where we share all sorts of recipes-from cakes,pies,cookies and breads to family favorites,and vegetarian to meat lovers recipes.I also help locate recipes and list helpful kitchen hints,household tips,craft ideas and freebie offers from time to time. Please note that this is a family-oriented group and ...
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InternationalTreatmentPreparedness / International Treatment Preparedness Coalition - e-mail platform
This is the new email platform of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, a group of over 1000 individuals from over 125 countries advocating for access to HIV and TB treatment for those who need it all over the world. Here you can share relevant news, announce new initiatives, send invites for webinars and other global events, seek support for petitions and joint statements, and adver...
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BlueRibbonRecipes / BlueRibbonRecipes
This is a group where the recipes are winners! Literally. A judge, somewhere, at sometime, declared them the best. These are the ultimate TNT recipes. I love collecting cooking contest recipes and cookbooks, whether they're from a TV show, a website, a national or local competition, or the local county fair. If you like entering these competitions or just like collecting recipes, this is...
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Transferido de Yahoo Grupos para fins de arquivamento
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VCH / Residents of the Virginia City Highlands
The Virginia City Highlands is a rural subdivision about 5 miles north of Virginia City, Nevada USA. This list is a way for residents to keep up on news of the community. The list is fully moderated. Generally, the only requirements for posts are that they must be on-topic, and they must be civil. Individuals are limited to 3 postings per day. This group was originally started on September 28, 2...
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hmk61 / HMK61
Alumni of the Henrietta M. King High School, Kingsville, Texas, Class of 1961. Open to everyone who was ever part of the class from first grade on, wherever or whether s/he graduated. Messages from August 2008 through September 2011 are located at https://goo.gl/4jkPNR (member sign in required). Photo: Detail from "Henrietta M. King High School, Kingsville, Texas" by 25or6to4 at Wikimedia...
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The American Miniature Schnauzer Club provides its official proprietary email list for the benefit of its members, to function as a vehicle for timely communication across broad geographic areas and exclusively among AMSC members.
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softrock40 / SoftRock40
A replacement for the same group name in Yahoo Groups, all the users, photos, files, and messages were moved here from the original group at Yahoo Groups. This is a restricted group, new members have to be approved, and an initial post will be moderated, no spamming is tolerated, spammers will be deleted on their first offence. This group is for individuals, Company accounts will be refused....
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CoffeeShopGoodies / Great Coffee Shop Recipes
This is where we can post any type of recipes that you would typically find in a Coffee Shop - pastries, muffins, breads, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, soups, salads etc. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members will need to post one (1) to the group every ...
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a recipe sharing group. please feel free to post your favourite recipes.
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somisl / Strat-O-Matic International Summer League
~Our 15th Season 2002 to 2017~ This group is an open group for SOMISL members. Non-members are free to investigate our group to learn more about SOMISL. Checkout the Wiki and Files for a variety of information.
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95033talk / 95033Talk
This group is a continuation of the 95033Talk Yahoogroup. Since migrated here. TO JOIN: Go to the bottom of this page and click on the "Apply for membership in this group" button 95033talk is the group for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas of the Santa Cruz / Los Gatos Mountains to discuss local issues <please note the emphasis on local>. asking for recommend...
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