Fanciers / Fanciers
A group for cat breeders, rescuers, exhibitors, and other fanciers to discuss issues of feline health and husbandry.
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vooreenappeleneenei / Voor een Appel en een Ei
Deze gezellige groep startte op 02 februari 2004. We maken wenskaarten in alle technieken en met alle materialen. Je vindt hier volop inspiratie. Vind je het ook zo leuk om zelf wenskaarten te maken? Je bent van harte welkom om met ons mee te doen. Meld je aan via 'Apply For Membership In This Group' (onderaan op deze pagina). Je vindt hier o.m. - Handgemaakte kaarten - Patronen - Ske...
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SistersofTheBurningBranch / Sisters of The Burning Branch
Sisters of the Burning Branch Coventry of the Feminine Divine is now taking students, "Women Only" at this time. We are located in Virginia, but offer the course on-line. For course and tuition information, click here: The course itself is four levels, it takes 13 months (a year and a day) to complete the first three, the fourth level is the High Priestess, teach...
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stirling / S.M. Stirling Discussion List
This list is intended to serve as a forum to discuss the books and short stories written by S.M. Stirling, a popular author of Science Fiction, Alternate History, and time travel. These include the Draka series of books, "Island in the Sea of Time", "Dies the Fire" series, etc. The list is relatively unmoderated and tends to range off topic at times, within limits. S.M. Stirling h...
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ipsum loars
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boekvertalers / Boekvertalers
Een lijst voor mensen die boeken naar en uit het Nederlands vertalen, waar we elkaar bijstaan als we zelf net even niet op die ene uitdrukking kunnen komen, maar waar ook ruimte is voor gezelligheid. Klik hier voor ons blog over het vak, de vertaler, de wereld en het boek Volg ons op Facebook of op Twitter Reservelijst bij problemen
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This is a group where you can post all your recipes, whether they are tried n true (TNT), something your grandma or mom has handed down or a recipe that you found on the internet, in a cookbook or magazine or saw in a newspaper. There will be no "theme" in this group so it's basically a "free-for-all". There is a posting requirement in this group and group members will need t...
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Pinkys-Place / Pinkys Place
Thanks for considering joining Pinky's Place. Here you will find all sorts of different PSP related things. Tubes & Graphics, Plugin's, Incredimail Tutorials and Stationery. We will try to help anyone needing it, if we can. We do not ask much of your stay here, but we are asking you to share something at least once a week. It can be a tube, graphic, plugin, or just a note to say H...
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ChroniclesOfAether / Chronicles of Aether
Chronicles of Aether is a play-by-post RPG hosted on yahoo groups. It has a very light smattering of commonly found fantasy elements (soul names, elves, god-inspiried mating rituals, but that's about it)and a heavy helping of medieval intrigue, fantasy magic and heroics as well as romantic/political drama. Plots are overseen by the moderator but players are encouraged to create plots for thems...
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The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc. (MAGDRL) was organized in 1979 to serve the seven states of the Mid-Atlantic region. The organization is a DC corporation and has a charitable tax-expemption under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. MAGDRL is staffed completely by volunteers. Like all humane groups, MAGDRL is in the unique position of helping both humans and pets. In our case, t...
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Greetings and Welcome to SW-SWRG, the group for all things railway in the South Wales and South West regions. This group has been set up to fill the gap left by the unexplained disappearance of the old SWRG group. The area covered by the Group is as far North as Gloucester, and out to Westbury, Weymouth and down to Penzance, as well as trains within the South Wales area. Trains outside these...
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austinsiameserescue / Austin Siamese Rescue
Founded on the belief that all life should be valued and treated with dignity and respect, Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc. has a long-term commitment to responsible rescue, rehabilitation and the re-homing of Siamese cats and their non-Siamese companions in the Central Texas area. Austin Siamese Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, formerly the Austin Branch of Texas Siamese Rescue. ...
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hellsgeriatrics / Hell's Geriatrics
Hell's Geriatrics a general discussion forum for seniors
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FuchsFriends / Fuchs Friends ®
Worldwide information and support to people who have a Corneal Dystrophy, Fuchs or other. No matter your location, you are welcome to join our group If you would like to become a member of our group, you must complete an information form that you can find at the following URL: agree to our Terms and Conditions of use and Submit th...
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IIPG / IIPG Queen of Peace and mir_peace_shalom Group
"Peace, peace, peace and only peace! Peace must reign between God and man and also between men!" Welcome!! You have reached mir_peace_shalom IIPG Queen of Peace which is a discussion list and prayer group dedicated to the messages of Our Lady, Queen of peace in Medjugorje. We were founded June 4, 1999 by Nedjo Brecic, a prayer group member of Ivan Dragicevic's prayer group"'Qu...
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cooking-friends / Cooking Friends
A group for chat, recipes, tips, crafts, homemaking, stories, jokes, poems, prayer requests and for sharing the ups and downs of our every day lives. And we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.
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PassaicJews / Passaic Jews
PassaicJews Welcomes You. Sponsor: NJ Patent & Trademark Lawyers/Attorneys NY - Michael Feigin See the Special Notices, Gas Prices, and the Eruv and Minyan Maps, at How to Post: Post announcements at which will also sends the message to this group, or send an email to . Rules: All messages must be according to Jewish and secular law and not...
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Howdy! This is the new group for Conservative_Chat at Yahoogroups. Welcome! A place for like-minded people (ie: Conservatives, Republicans) to chat about whatever (current events, families, a good joke, etc.)...not limited to political discussion. Please use your own good respectful to fellow members :) This is not a debate group for Trump-haters. Trolls of any nature (spammer...
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TakomaDC / TakomaDC, Neighbors Talking to Neighbors
TakomaDC is for friendly neighbors-talking-to-neighbors conversations. It's focus is the Historic Takoma Park neighborhoods in DC and MD. Everyone everywhere is welcome but messages should be related to Takoma or topics being discussed by residents. Please do not post commercial messages, press releases, class schedules, or solicitations. The focus on neighborhood issues keeps us from being ...
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