HeadsUpCoastFans / HeadsUpCoastFans
Limited to the Coast line from LA to Oakland, all branches and connecting short lines and to sightings of trains approaching the Coast from other subdivisions. Not a discussion group. Immediate news postings only. Questions and follow ups should be conducted on the affiliated Coast Discuss list at https://groups.io/g/CoastDiscuss Oh yes... this list is a firm supporter of Operation Lifesaver and ...
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Wagons / Wagons
Wagons! A gen group for the posting of Wagons numbers in the UK. Post consists, On Track Plant and sightings
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DEStevenson / D.E. Stevenson; her world and books. All DES admirers are welcome.
This email community discusses D.E. Stevenson (Dorothy Emily Peploe), her world, and her many wonderful books. All DES admirers are welcome.
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AnimalsCanadaNews / Animals Canada News
This a group for Canadian activists working on animal and environmental issues. Posted messages should be Canada focussed. News on international issues and campaigns should have some relevance to current Canadian issues or campaigns. Please do not post direct requests for funds, but do share events and presentations. Networking helps all of us! if you would like to nominate someone for membershi...
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Found a great replacement for my KC Chiefs yahoo group
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hnaa / Har Nof Advertising
This list is for any type of advertising to that is useful to HAR NOF RESIDENTS.
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a recipe sharing group. please feel free to post your favourite recipes.
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EpsonWideFormat / Epson® 3K, 4K, 5K, 7K, 9K, 10K, 11K, P series, T series, F series, S series, and SureColor series printers discussions
Discussions about EPSON® Wide Format Inkjet Printers: SureColor series, 11000 series, 10000 series, 9000 series, 7000 series, 5000 series, 4000 series, 3000 series 400 series, 600 series, 800 series, P series, T series, S series, F series and associated hardware, software, supplies, and consumables related to wide format inkjet printing. If you are looking for or selling a related parts or supp...
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Chronic_Pain_Assistance / Chronic_Pain_Assistance
This is a place for people with chronic pain (and their supporters) to talk about anything in relation to pain, illness or pain management. Our goal is to provide a safe haven of support, friendship and information in a relaxed environment that's more like a supportive, understanding family than a support group. We make every effort to meet our members' expectations for a close-knit ...
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QRP-BR / QRP-BR - LISTA DE DISCUSSÃO SOBRE QRP, CW e montagens caseiras.
Bem-vindo à lista QRP-BR. A lista QRP-BR é destinada exclusivamente à assuntos sobre QRP, CW, construção de equipamentos e novas técnicas de radiocomunicação. Na lista não será tolerado xingamentos e agressões aos membros e moderadores. Não é permitido a exclusão de mensagens postadas na lista em razão de mantermos o histórico de ideias. Caso não aceite, não entre na lista. Grat...
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HOswap / HOswap on IO
NO FEES NO HASSLES NO LIMITS This is THE place where HO-Scale items move. Whether it is new in the box or just collecting dust, you may have what others are looking for. You might even find your own lost treasures, here. We welcome all who are looking to buy, sell, or trade: -HO locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories -Hard-to-find items -Train-related videos, books, printed material, and o...
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TrollopeAndHisContemporaries / Trollope and His Contemporaries
TrollopeAndHisContemporaries is a listserv group where people are invited to discuss Trollope's work and that of his 19th century contemporaries. We define the period generously from 1800-post1918, and cover all countries. We began in 1995 on Elizabeth Thompson's listserv at Majordomo and were founded as a separate group which had a dual focus by Michael Powe in Fall 1997. Our banner headi...
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Ry-ops-industrialSIG / A forum to discuss railway operations and industries and how to model them
The Ry-ops-industrialSIG list, (Ops-Ind) is the primary discussion list of the Operations SIG of the NMRA and the NMRA's Industries SIG. The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for railway modellers to discuss railroad operations as well as to model industry practices and operations. Operations is a series of events that are required to complete a task. We expect this list to show how t...
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dsg / Dhamma Study Group
A discussion forum for anyone interested in understanding the Buddha's teachings. The aim of the discussions is to support the development of understanding of life as taught by the Buddha. Anyone having an interest is welcome to join. No prior knowledge of Buddhism is required. The focus of the group is the Buddha’s teachings as found in all three baskets of the Tipitaka, the origina...
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GivatShaulKiryatMosheJerusalemGroup / Givat Shaul - Kiryat Moshe Neighborhood Jerusalem Group.
This is a community group for events, private sales, asking advice. Only for residents of Givat Shaul and Kiryat Moshe in Jerusalem neighborhoods. Businesses post once a week.
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pozhealth / Health Tips and News
This is a group about HIV treatments, aging healthy with HIV and side effect management. By joining, you will abide by the following: 1- You will unsubscribe yourself when you want. The moderator does not unsubscribe anyone. 2- You will not attack others--even if you strongly disagree with their views. This applies to emails posted to the group or to the person directly. 3- You will always respec...
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oregoncoots / Western Oregon Messabouts (The Coots)
Informal gatherings of sail, human, electric and low powered small boats, and those who love them, throughout the Northwest, but particularly within an area convenient for residents of Oregon's Willamette Valley. We also discuss our other boating adventures, boatbuilding projects and dreams. "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing -- absolute nothing -- half so much worth doing a...
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Are you interested in trading Artists Trading Cards in the UK? If so and you LIVE in the UK, why not join UKATC. The only commitment is to a monthly exchange of three ATCs with an allocated member each month. Please do NOT apply to join this group unless you are able to comply with this one rule. Other interesting paper/card related swaps will also be occasionally available. PLEASE NOTE -...
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This group is for anyone interested in the Colt Garden Tractors , Case Garden Tractors , and Ingersoll Garden Tractors garden tractors.
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CronesCorner / Crones Corner
Merry Meet! Please feel free to share articles and stories of interest to post and pre-menopausal ladies and to the older wise women among us. Health tips, recipes, herbs, magick, healing requests and prayer circles. etc. Yes, you will still be receiving GrannyMoon's Morning Feast! IMPORTANT: Please e-mail me directly and and introduce yourself, you will then be added to the list. Be sure that...
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