Users group for the Sainsonic AVRT7 APRS I-gate. This is a small self contained unit whoes primary purpose is to transmit APRS VHF amateur radio digital packets to the Internet
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W8LKY is a mailing list (reflector) open to friends & members of the Alliance (OH) Amateur Radio Club. We pass announcements, & traffic of interest to club members.
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ctc-northampton / CTC Northampton
CTC Northampton - part of Cycling UK
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limers / Limers
In The Caribbean, LIMERS were originally people who hung out on the street corner and discussed everything from the latest sports score to the current parliamentary debate. The street corner was a place of lower and higher learning. It was a place for cultural exchange. Liming has now emerged to mean any gathering for which the primary purpose is to have fun. This could be on the street corner, at...
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Saddlebrooke-community-info / Saddlebrooke AZ master planned - master class - master winning
Have it All - Views, Variety, and Value SaddleBrooke – one of America's Top 100 Communities! Located just 25 miles north of downtown Tucson, Arizona, and just a few miles to Oro Valley, AZ. Where you can enjoy spectacular views of the 9,000-foot Santa Catalina mountain range, perfect weather (cooler than Phoenix or Tucson ) and an abundance of community amenities, events, groups, an...
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mccarty / McCarty Genealogy
A group for research and study of the genealogy and family history of the McCarty families, including alternate spellings
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leztalkmadison / LezTalkMadison Listserv
Do you need players on your softball team? Are you having a U-haul party and need a few extra hands to help you move? Do want opinions about a professional you are thinking of doing business with, i.e...lawyer, construction, car dealership, mechanic, etc...? Are you new to Madison and need some advice about settling into the city? Are you a seeking assistance with a house or garden project? Do you...
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w6fm / W6FM Repeater Group
This list is for the users of the W6FM repeater on Tassajara Peak to receive and share information regarding system operation. When submitting your request to join this group, please tell us why you want to join and include your callsign.
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Mensa North East - news, short notice events and updates. Stay current with what's going on in our region!
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awsrg / Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group
The Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group is the premier association for wildlife and nature sound field recordists in Australia. We are a friendly and welcoming group of about 100 members from diverse walks of life, who have in common a passion for the natural world, and in particular the recording of wildlife vocalisations, be they from insects, frogs, mammals, birds, fish or crustaceans...
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PFAGallery / Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery
Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery full membership group, primarily for messaging and for storing documents
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3Dsalon / 3D image exhibitions
The objective of the list is "to promote and encourage participation in stereo image exhibitions". Examples of postings that are acceptable: 1. Reminders of deadlines of Stereo Salons. 2. Posting of 3d salon results or web references where results can be found. 3. Details and encouragement on how to start a stereo salon. 4. Advice and feedback from organizers of stereo salons 5. Eyewitness...
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CPI (Communications Power Inc.) Radios CPI Radio Collectors
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This group is for Indivisible groups to connect. We (members of Indivisible Portola Valley) have been talking individually with other Indivisible groups; we thought that it'd be a good idea to create an email group to make it easier for all of us to communicate with each other. The hope is that this group will be useful to share ideas, coordinate, and inspire each other as we resist the Trump ...
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lighthouseterrace / Lighthouse Terrace
Communication platform for residents and unit owners in Lighthouse Terrace, Vancouver B.C.
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A group for anyone interested in County Sligo Ireland family history. Rootsweb.
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BCSBD, Cambridge, MA
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GGC-Condor / GGC Tuesday Night Soaring group
Group to organize gliding club weekly Condor - the complete soaring simulator - contests. Information on configuring Condor, including graphic card settings, getting mics to work, how to join the online game, using Teamspeak, etc.
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IC-735 / Icom IC-735 Amateur Radio Transceiver
ICOM IC-735 User Group
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Blackburnswap / Blackburn Swap
Blackburn Swap exists for the purpose of selling or trading books, curricula, and/or clothing related to Blackburn Study Center. Additionally, members use the group list to post announcements that may be of interest to Blackburn families.
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