A group for people who are recipe addicts. I have been collecting recipes since 1960 when I took over the cooking for my family. These are unformatted. If you use MasterCook I have a group "ZoshasMasterCookFileCabinet" As time permits I will post files of various recipes to the group. If you have recipe collections you would like to post, please contact me. I have a private email (as...
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I haven't figured out how to close this group. If you were interested in this group check out .....send a blank email to ZoshasJustDessertRecipes+subscribe@groups.io This is an announcement list. Files are about 100 recipes each. Recipes are in plain text and also MasterCook format. For the convenience of those who don't have MasterCook the files are in text. I sometimes will...
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If you like MasterCook here is a spot to download recipes. I have been using MasterCook since version 4. I will be putting togother files to be downloaded. As a member you will get notifications when I post new files. These are in text files for the convenience of people who don't have MasterCook but want to access the recipes. In addition, I try to keep files to around 100 recipes fror t...
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Discussion group for homebrewing beer and related topics, including growing hops, brewing equipment, recipes, and more.
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z-scale / Z Scale
Welcome to Z_Scale, the English language forum for 1/220 model train enthusiasts from around the world. This list was founded and maintained 1999-2004 by international Z Scale Ambassador Jeffrey MacHan. Since 2004, the list has been owned by Z scale advocate Rob Kluz of Ztrack, Magazine. Z_Scale exists to nurture the development of a sense of community among Z scale modelers, to promote 1:220 m...
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z-scale-2 / Z Scale 2
Welcome to the companion group for Z_Scale. The purpose of this group is to share Z Photos and files to provide and expand Z_Scale's file and photo overloads so more people can share thier Z with everyone in Z land. This group is not ment for posting messenges and all will be refered to Z_Scale or deleted, it's only purpose is to allow more people Z information and photos that Z_Scale is r...
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This group is for discussion of the Z8Encore! and ZNEO microcontrollers from ZiLOG, Inc. The aim of the group is to learn about these micrcontrollers, develop solutions using them and discuss problems relating to their application. Important - The group is moderated, mainly to keep out spammers, so to join the group you must be approved. To help the moderators recognize you as someone with a genui...
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Zephyrhills Area Amateur Radio Club, ZephyrHills, Florida We are a general Purpose ARRL affiliated club located in West Central Florida about 20 miles NE of Tampa Bay, FL This is a moderated Group.
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zalang / ZaLang discussion group for South African professional translators
ZaLang is a mailing list for South African professional translators to ask and answer translation questions and discuss language issues. We welcome help requests for terminology and translation, any language issue, discussions of language related issues, press releases or information about upcoming language events, and tips and tricks (including computer stuff) directly related to translation. A...
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zapoly / ZAPoly
This is the umbrella mailing list for polyamory in South Africa - it serves as a national polyamory interest and discussion group for polyamorous and poly-curious South Africans. Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. The important point is that everyone knows about and accepts ev...
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zarashouse / Zara's House mailing list
Zara’s House cares about refugees and asylum seekers and helps those seeking safety in Australia or in other world countries. It is a not-for-profit organization that is about collaboration with caring citizens to involve refugees in social and vocational activities at Zara’s House, Jesmond.
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zastone d900 programmation et réglage
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zawiya / The Zawiya
Forum for the Hashimi-Darqawi branch of the Shadhili tariqa in Amman, Jordan.
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zdsr / 争渡读屏用户交流
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A Group to discuss implementation of the Zero Carbon Britain Report in Lancaster & beyond.
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Forum for discussion related to Climate Change action in Cornwall, for more information visit our website.
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testgroup to check out the features of Groups.io
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zhiyuanzhe.ac.cn 志愿者研究网
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