A email group for discussion of amateur radio activities using modes within WSJTX software by Joe Taylor.
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Stands for Weak Signal Propagation Report . This is a ham radio mode to send and receive specially encoded signal reports using low power (10mw to 5w or so) using the free program wspr. Useful for checking band conditions and propagation. Versions are available for PC, MAC, arduino. raspberrypi and others.
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West Sound Warriors, historical miniatures war gaming Group located in Kitsap Peninsula area of Puget Sound, Washington State
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West Tennessee DX Association
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The Games take place 17-24 August 2019. The schedule of events will be published soon. Confirmed events for the World Transplant Games 2019 are; Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Cycling Darts Football Golf Petanque Table Tennis Tennis Ten pin bowling Squash Swimming Volleyball Virtual Triathlon
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WVARA / West Valley Amateur Radio Association
Email lists of West Valley Amateur Radio Association. For more information please see
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WVAS / Wabash Valley Astronomical Society
This group provides an internal discussion forum for members of the Wabash Valley Astronomical Society, plus central file storage and activity calendaring.
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West Virginia Prototypical Model Railroad Operators Association is a group for modelers in the Charleston, Huntington, and surrounding areas. The purpose of this group is to develop a round robin-type schedule for operating member railroads in a prototypical manner. Anyone with an interest in operations may join regardless of scale or ownership of a railroad.
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A group for communication of all recreated WW1 Canadian and Dominion reenactment groups.
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WWFF-KFF / WWFF-KFF, The US Chapter of World Wide Flora and Fauna
Discussion of all things related to the US Chapter of the World Wide Flora and Fauna This group is not meant for spots and will be kept on topic of WWFF-KFF related discussions. Unlike FB, it is easier to follow threads and read messages since they come to your e-mail box. I hope you enjoy the group. 73/44, Roger, AE4RM
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This email serves as the default email address for the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team based out of Frederick Army Airfield, Frederick, OK. Our mission is to REMEMBER those that fought and died to preserve America's freedom. To HONOR the memory of those who gave their lives as well as those that survived to SERVE by entertaining and informing the public of the sacrifices made by A...
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The purpose of the group is to facilitate the exchange of information. This includes informant ion on the restoration, modification, operation and the building replicas of the radios used by all countries involved in WWII. Items for sale or auction will be limited to military radios and parts. No SPAM will be tolerated.
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Newsletter working group
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Women Who Run With Scissors is a Fiber Art group based in Denmark Wisconsin. Members of the Yahoo group are all members of the physical Women Who Run With Scissors group and are committed to attending the meetings as they can, in addition to joining in the online discussions. Our common interests are in creating original pieces of fiber art and enjoying the thread of weirdness that binds us all to...
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This group is for classmates of the Class of 1965, Wah Yan Kowloon, Hong Kong. The purpose is to facilitate dissemination of class news, class activities and discussion of topics related to friendship, common academic and professional interests.
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This group is dedicated to the sharing of information related to the Wabash Railroad, its subsidiary lines and predecessor roads. Both prototype and scale modeling topics are considered to be within the scope of this group.
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WackyWits / Wacky Wits
To be arranged.
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WaddoARC / RAF Waddington ARC
A new email reflector system for the RAF Waddington ARC.
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Wagons / Wagons
Wagons! A gen group for the posting of Wagons numbers in the UK. Post consists, On Track Plant and sightings
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Amateur radio operators in the Waikoloa CERT
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