WcfAresSecStaff / WCF ARES SEC Staff
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This group is not for parents or teachers or professionals or any people who care for we autistic people. This site is for us!
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We-Hope-your-Helpless / Angel: We Hope You're Helpless!
Welcome to Angel: We Hope You're Helpless RPG! We start right from episode one and rewrite the series as we see fit. Don't like something? Change it! Thought someone should have lived, another should have been killed off? Change it! Got an idea for an original episode? Let's work together and create it!
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WeAreWoman-WeAreGoddess / We Are Woman We Are Goddess We Are One
We Are Woman We Are Goddess We Are One! No matter your path, if you are WOMAN you are welcome. Kindness prevails here, a safe haven! We share affirmations, validate each others thoughts and fears, send positive messages and/or readings. Postings about Women, Goddesses, cultures, magick, ritual, meditation, prayer, dreams, divination and healing of all kinds are welcome. IMPORTANT: To make this a ...
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WeCanHams / WeCanHams -formerly known as - Amateur Radio Builders Group
We - Can - Hams is an Amateur Radio - Ham Radio - Builders Group We invite you to join in the conversation about Building, Making, Kit Building, Project Design, integrating Arduinos and Raspberry Pis with Radios, anything Ham Radio Related if you are putting it together. Membership in any Club isn't entirely necessary, but participation is.
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WeMOG / West Michigan Outdoor Group
WeMOG is the West Michigan Outdoor Group. We hike, bike, kayak, cross country ski, snowshoe, and camp together. Occasionally we do cultural events together, such as Art Prize, ethnic festivals, movies, and music events. Most of us live in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland, Whitehall, or Montague. We generally have two events per week, usually Mondays and Wednesdays, but any member ...
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WeRead / WeREAD
WeREAD stands for Readers Enjoy Authors' Daydreams. READ also stands for: R = RESPECT for fellow members E = Exciting and Energetic friends A = Affection and Attention to those we care about D = Dedication to a hobby (reading) we all love This list provides a friendly network specifically for authors and readers to share and discuss Romance Novels. PLAY NICE OR DON'T PLAY on READ. This...
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A place for individuals or weaving guilds to list ISO/FS weaving related books.
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WeavingSalesAds / Weaving Sales Ads
This is the Weaving Sales Ads group that was on Yahoo Groups. Weaving Sales Ads is a moderated list for vendors & individuals to place ads for items for sale for weaving equipment and supplies, such as looms, tools & yarn. You may also post if you are looking for something specifically related to weaving. MESSAGES AND PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED *AFTER* MODERATOR APPROVALS...please be patient: ...
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A group of professional WebXR developers and amateurs a like. Share your ideas, questions, experience and projects.
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Group for us all to share
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WednesdayGaming / Wednesday Gaming
The Wednesday night gaming group.
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WeekendWorld1 / Weekend World
Bored on the weekends. Groups are closed. Not here we are only open Friday 10:00 pm Central Time Zone and Close 6:00 pm Sunday Central Time Zone. What can be share here.... Tags -Tubes - Frames - Font - Mask - Scraps - Just about anything we can use . Rated G-AC All SAC or AC must be marked at all times Please do not send jokes and things like that through this group. We are only here for Psp Stu...
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This group will be dedicated to a different weekly theme. This will be a good chance to sort and share all those stats we have been saving... Incredimail is a must so that we can all enjoy what is shared Sundays will be the beginning of a new weekly theme .and will be posted a month in advance. Hoping you join me !!!
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A group for friends to come together and chat. No flaming of list members or profanity will be tolerated.
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Online group for Weld 64 course at Sierra College.
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This is a test replacement for WestCoast-FFI Yahoo Group
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West Island Model Railroad Club
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WestOhioAstroImagers / West Ohio Astro Imagers
This is a group of astro imagers in the area of Auglaize and surrounding counties. We meet in person monthly on Saturday around the full moon. Our purpose is to support each other as we learn more and develop skills in taking pictures through our telescopes.
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WesternCanadaWeakSignal / Western Canada Weak Signal
Western Canada Weak Signal is a group of like minded Amateur Radio enthusiasts that want to talk about weak signal activities on the Amateur radio bands above 50 MHz in Canada. We need a voice and a place to discuss this aspect of the hobby.
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