This is a list to discuss Humanware's Victor Stream products. If you join this list and are one of the businesses that sells Humanware products, be warned that posting any false information is grounds for moderation. Hopefully, this will keep the drama that likes unfolding from becoming as much of a problem as on other lists.
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video-game-coding-club / Vide Game Coding Club
Video Game Coding Club of Mountain Elementary in Los Alamos, NM.
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vidprotalk / VidPro Talk
Vidpro is the premier open discussion list for video and television professionals. Members range from seasoned professionals to students. Grab a coffee, let's chat.
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view-navion / view-navion
Welcome to a friendly forum dedicated to the Winnebago View and the Itasca Navion motorhomes. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in the discussion. New members may want to visit the FAQ’s located in the database and review the messages to bring you up to speed quickly. Feel free to post about interesting trips you have taken, problems you have solved, upgrades to your unit and any othe...
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view-naviontech / view-naviontech discussion
This site has been established to serve the more technical side of the Winnebago View and Itasca Navion motorhomes. The original View-Navion site has become a popular site for new as well as potential owners of Winnebago and Itasca's newest motorhome entries. This Tech site will allow people to have added space for files and photos of actual work that has been completed on repairs and modifica...
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viewforthlocal / Viewforth Local Group
A forum for issues local to Viewforth area of Edinburgh. Privacy policy: your email is provided by you on becoming a member, and is held for the purpose of distributing mail posted to this mailing list or contacting you otherwise about developments within the Bruntsfield area. The Group Settings detail who can see what information on this group.
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viewnavionmods / View/Navion Mods group
Welcome to the View/Navion Mods group. This group was formed to catalog information on modifying and/or customizing Sprinter based RVs. We invite people to post photo and/or text essays of modifications that they have made. Most of the information is in the photos section. I tried to organize the albums alphabetically, with the name of the system being modified first, followed by specific model...
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vigo-groovy / Vigo Groovy User Group
Vigo Groovy User Group (ou VigoGUG que é máis corto) é unha comunidade técnica nacida en Vigo co propósito de xuntar a profesionais e aficionados dispostos a compartir experiencias, aprender e divertirse con Groovy e tecnoloxías relacionadas (Grails/Griffon/Gr*, etc.). Principalmente as reunións e eventos van dirixidas a programadores, pero non se descartan outro tipo de temáticas, por ...
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vikingdesignerepic / Viking Designer Epic Group
Welcome to the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic group! This group is owned & run by independent machine embroidery users, not the manufacturer. The focus of our list is to discuss sewing, quilting, and embroidering with our Husqvarna Viking sewing/embroidery machines: Epic2, Epic, Diamond, Ruby, Topaz & Jade machines. We ask that all posts stay positive, no bad language, no bashing allowed....
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vikingsewingmachinespre1980 / Viking-Husqvarna sewing machines pre-1980
A group for users, repairers and collectors of pre-1980 Viking-Husqvarna sewing machines. A member of the Vintage Stitchers Family of Groups. This is a forum for anyone who appreciates the Viking-Husqvarna sewing machines from the years when they were one of the world's best. We prefer to keep our focus on the Husqvarna built machines earlier than 1980. Our Group Files contain a great deal o...
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villagerquest / Quest and Villager Owners
A discussion list for owners or prospective buyers of 1993 to 2002 Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest mini vans. All new members are moderated to keep the spammers out. So it may be a few hours at times before you see your message posted. With all the email phishing and spoofing that is going on nowadays, any email that has a link to a web page must have some text explaining why it is on topic for ...
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Neighborhood Group for Villages At Westford Neighborhood - Westford Ma.
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This is a community group for the Villa Roma Townhouses in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. This forum is NOT run by or affiliated with the Villa Roma Condominium Trust as an organization and is solely a group for the condo owners to have a forum open to the community to discuss issues within the community.
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A group dedicated to the history, data, and all things concerning VINtage enDURO motorcycles. A "vinduro" bike is simply a bike that was equipped with lights (and required/needed appurtenances) in order to be street legal and/or compete in "endurance" and "reliability trial" type events, or, to simply be ridden for recreation as a trail riding motorcycle. Among this genre o...
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Vince Gill fans
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vinny-news-updates-vp / Vinny News/Updates (VP)
Vinny News/Updates (VP) This list group is a continuation of the Vinny News announcements list group at Yahoo Groups that was operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the Oct. 2019 down-scaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer. The primary focus of this list group is to share ...
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Strat-O-Matic Basketball Draft League
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This group is about vintage electronic calculators and calculating machines of all manufacturers. Exchange of informations about repairing, restoring, and collecting of vintage calculators.
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vintageseasons / Vintage Seasons
Like many, I started out role playing in a world of swords and sorcery. I loved it. And then Chaosium turned our world on its head by publishing a game set in recent times, based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. I had read a lot of Lovecraft in college. Loved his stuff. And now there was a game based on the Cthulhu Mythos. But even better than that, it was a game of INVESTIGATION! The Player ...
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vintagesewingmachinerepair / Vintage Sewing Machine Repair
Vintage sewing machine collectors, repairers, and users group. A member of the Vintage Stitchers Family of Groups. This is a forum for collectors of antique and vintage Non-Singer sewing machines to get together to discuss recent finds, ask questions, and share resources. We cover model identification, maintenance, adjustments, repair, restoration, accessories and attachments - everything you ne...
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