velitriumpbem / Velitrium PBEM
This group is the posting board for the PBEM players of my Velitrium Campaign. It is for players only! If you are interested in playing contact me directly or visit Missiledine's Games at We are always looking for new players! Velitrium is a Fantasy RPG, a traditional swords & Sorcery campaign, utilising GURPS 3rd edition rules. PLEASE NOTE: This game does not al...
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velocette / Velocette Technical Forum
Owners of Velocette motorcycles have always had a strong tradition of enjoying technical aspects of these rather unique motorcycles. The objective of this e group is to foster the sharing of knowledge and the building of a virtual community of those interested in technical aspects of Velocette motorcycles. This e group complements both the existing Velocette technical site ( http://v-tec.veloce...
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Ride Bikes Together In Austin Texas
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ven-fri / Cueillette du Ven | Fri Pickup
Vendredi programme | Friday schedule
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Venezuelans MSP es una organización sin fines de lucro cuyo objetivo es apoyar a los venezolanos que llegan a Minneapolis/Saint Paul.
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venicemoms / Venice Moms Group, Los Angeles
This is the homepage for the Venice Moms email group: You will find additional helpful information on our website: Our group was started in the Fall of 2002 by some moms with infants to create a local community for gatherings as well as information sharing and parenting support. Here are the general guidelines for this group. 1. ...
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Ventura County Birding is a discussion group devoted to sharing information about the wild birds of Ventura County, California. Use this forum to report rare or unusual birds, to report and discuss birding sites, and to discuss bird identification and other birding related topics. Announcements of upcoming birding related events are also welcome. Non-members may view messages but only members may ...
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venturinglist / Venturing List
Welcome! This List is for anyone in the Venturing BSA Program. This list is designed to facilitate discussion about the Venturing Program itself. This list is more than a list; it is a community of volunteers dedicated to improving the program for crews across the usa. Many subscribers are leading the top crews around the country. Oftentimes you will find these same leaders attending if not teachi...
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verascope / Jules Richard Verascope
Welcome! This group is a place to collect and share information on all things Verascope, Taxiphote, Glyphoscope, and glass plate stereo views. photo: Taxiphote Model Mechanique
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Discussion of alternative fiction and poetry for women. Various authors post updates and invite list participants to engage in discussion regarding their posted works. This "interactive fiction" is an effort on the part of the authors to improve their stories while in the process of being written. Some fanfiction related to Xena, Gabrielle, their Uber reincarnations and Uber-esque inspir...
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Grupo de discussão sobre sustentabilidade, visão para o mundo e tudo verdoca relacionado!
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vernalpool / Vernal Pool Listserv
The Vernal Pool Listserv provides a forum to discuss topics relating to vernal pools and vernal pool ecology. Discussion is encouraged about scientific research, on-going vernal pool education projects at the elementary through graduate school levels, and about the first spotted salamander sightings of spring, among other things. Though originated in the glaciated northeastern US, discussion will ...
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vertalers / Vertalerscafé
Deze groep is bedoeld voor vertalers in en uit het Nederlands en biedt ruimte voor taalgerelateerde vragen en collegiaal advies. De groep is in het leven geroepen voor vertalers die hun onderlinge communicatie bij voorkeur niet via de sociale media laten verlopen. De regels zijn: duidelijke vragen stellen, vriendelijk en respectvol reageren. Iedereen die vervelende of aanstootgevende berichten pl...
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vertalerskoffiehoek / Vertalerskoffiehoek
Zoals de naam van de groep het al min of meer prijsgeeft: een virtuele hoek waar vertalers bijeenkomen om bij een virtuele kop koffie over vertalen en al of niet gerelateerde realia en virtualia te bomen.
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Hier kunnen boekvertalers elkaar vertaalgerelateerde vragen stellen. Om alles in goede banen te leiden een paar huisregels: - Deze vraagbaak is uitdrukkelijk niet bedoeld als koffieautomaat. Dit vooral om de mailtoevloed te beperken en om kliekvorming te voorkomen. We houden het bij vragen over het vertalen zelf (bv: Hoe vertaal ik die en die term?) en vakoverstijgende vragen (bv: Heeft er iemand...
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Test nové komunikace OBC
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veryfatwomen / Very Fat Women
Their bodies are enclosed in fat, but with their mouths they speak proudly. (Psalm 17 Verse 10, King James Bible) This is Very Fat Women, celebrating BBWs, SSBBWs and the larger sized woman. As the title suggests, this group is all about very fat women who weigh up to and above 400 pounds, also known as obese, morbidly obese or BBWs & SSBBWs. It is advised that you read the w...
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Usilujeme o zřízení městského obvodu v naší čtvrti. Proč? Městský obvod by mohl: - mít vlastní zastupitelstvo a starostu, který by se naší čtvrti mohl věnovat na plný úvazek, jednat s městem i krajem v zájmu naší čtvrti - mít vlastní rozpočet, ze kterého by si financoval své potřeby; zároveň by ale měl své jisté - starat se o školu a školky - spolkový ži...
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vespohio / VespOhio Motorbike Touring Club
A group of small engine motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy touring the back roads of Ohio. The roads less traveled. This group is open to anyone who shares this interest. All makes of "scooters" and motorcycles are welcome.
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Ehemaligengruppe Dessauer-Haus Frankfurt am Main
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