I am looking for someone to help me out in implementing IB APIs Using python in my mobile application. I want to convert that functions into REST API call so i can call that function from my php or node web-server.I am attaching code here,if anyone can help it will be great. Thanks, Code: from ibapi.client import EClient from ibapi.wrapper import EWrapper from
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want a group just for chat and friendship this might be the group for you if you said yes so lets chat and have fun at the virtual caf├ę
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this group is to chat and to make friends with each other and to offer support when needed
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viskombabbel / Viskombabbel
Dit is een christelijke mailgroep waar Jezus centraal staat.
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To discuss the standardization of Java APIs for detecting, recognizing and annotating images with focus on the content of the images, facial detection along with facial emotions, image tagging, specifying image classifiers and training the visual data for optimum results.
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A group for blind and partially sighted people, living in Leicestershire and Rutland, to discuss issues that concern them and services provided by Vista (local society for the blind).
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vistamusic / Vista music group
Band of blind & visually impaired musicians affiliated to Vista Leicester.
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visualinvisible / Virtuele Geleidelijn
De contactgroep voor de Virtuele Geleidelijn
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This group is created to help visually impaired Christian singles to make friends with people like themselves.
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visudiab / visudiab
groep voor visueel gehandicapte diabetes patienten.
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Online plekje waar Vivor documenten deelt met ervaringsdeskundigen.
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vk2byi-ftrestore / FTRestore
FTRestore is a Windows desktop application that is used to upload, download and compare memory channels and menu settings in the Yaesu FTDX1200, FTDX3000 and FT-991/FT-991A model Amateur Radio transceivers. Details of the Regular Memory Channels and the PMS Memory Channels can be uploaded from the transceiver into a worksheet grid control where they can be modified as required, before being ...
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vk2byi-qsorelay / QSO Relay
QSO Relay is a Windows desktop application that runs as a System Tray application that listens for contacts being forwarded from WSJT-X and JTAlertX via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). As datagrams are received, they are logged locally in a SQLite database and then relayed via Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to a Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook v6.x database. QSO Relay was developed as a proxy ap...
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vkzlqrp / VKZLQRP amateur radio
vkzlqrp is a mailing list for persons interested in low power amateur radio communication (or QRP) in Australia and New Zealand. QRP awards and contests, construction of QRP equipment, social gatherings of QRPers, announcements of QRP activity, QRP club news and the arrangement of QRP skeds/tests are all relevant topics for this list. Subscribing will be of benefit if you are at all interested ...
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vogelaar / Vogelaar
Welkom in ons Vogelpraathuisje waar wij over onze gevleugelde vrinden kunnen praten. In deze groep kunnen we ook geluidsfragmenten met elkaar delen. Als er vogelspotters onder ons zijn, die hun bevindingen en opnames willen delen, zijn ze hier op het juiste adres. Maar als er mensen zijn die ook gewoon van alles over vogels te weten willen komen, zijn die ook welkom natuurlijk.
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voiceover / Voiceover
just a little group to chat about voiceover,
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voiceover-apple / Voiceover-apple
In deze groep kunnen gebruikers van de screenreader van Apple, VoiceOver terecht om ervaringen uit te wisselen en problemen aan elkaar voor te leggen etc. rond het werken met de screenreader VoiceOver die standaard aanwezig is op Apple producten als de iphone, ipad, macbook, imac en apple tv en het gebruik van deze apparaten met voiceover. Geïnteresseerden en eventuele toekomstige gebruikers...
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voxpupuli / Vox Pupuli -
This is the mailing list for voxpupuli. Used for user questions, release announcements, and project-wide developer discussions.
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