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Mailing Liste der Vorarlberger Amateur-Astronomen Auf dieser Mailliste können kurzfristige Beobachtungsaufrufe, Anfragen und Neuigkeiten rasch unter Mitgliedern der VAA und interessierten Teilnehmern verbreitet werden. jetzt auf
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Utskick om framing. Exempel och tips för att förstå ramar och skapande av ramar.
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vagabonds / Vagabonds Cricket Club
This is the communications hub for the Vagabonds CC. Only approved members can log-in and/or send/receive emails here For main website see: Vagabonds Cricket Club
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vakum / Vakum Topluluğu
Türkiye Vakum Topluluğunun kuruluş aşamasında kullanacağımız eposta grubumuzdur.
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Valkyries - Black Women RPG Group
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valleymetal / Metalworking, machining fabricating enthusiasts from the General Phoenix, AZ Area
This group is dedicated to the Phoenix area metal working hobbyists. All hobbyists with interests in Metal Working, CNC Machining, Foundry, Machine Rebuilding and Fabrication as well as related hobbies like 3D printing, Model Railroad, Steam & Internal Combustion Engines and those just wishing to tinker with the metal working hobby. We are a very diverse group of talent and the members freely...
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This group is to support all vanagon technical issues, and those who enjoy them.
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Poker...mostly Texas Hold 'Em.
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vanessasfunhouse / Vanessas-fun-house
The ame of this group is to talk about screen readers and technology and any other appropriate topics
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vanilla-recipes / Vanilla Recipes
All things vanilla - Come and enjoy this underestimated flavour!
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A place on the web to share memories and anecdotes of Tucson's 20th century past. Most highly valued are posts of personal memories, no matter how insignificant, on virtually any topic. These may be written posts, photos, audio recordings, or home movies. Potentially, everyone has something to share, except those who are lucky enough to be too young. We know that it takes courage to share ...
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Discussion group for the VAOS open source email program
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vara / Valley Amateur Repeater Association
Valley Amateur Repeater Association, WR9ABQ
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Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada chat
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varc-committee / VARC Committee
This group is for the committee of Verulam Amateur Radio Club. There is also a varc-members group for the actual members of the club.
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varc-members / VARC Members
The members forum for Verulam Amateur Radio Club based in St Albans, UK. Here you will find general discussions about amateur radio, club announcements and other information. We meet every month and hold many activities throughout the year. Also see our website at or email for more information.
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varcgeneral / Verulam Amateur Radio Club
SITE IS BEING BUILT PENDING APPROVAL BY VARC This is the reflector for the Verulam Amateur Radio Club (VARC), runner up UK CLUB OF THE YEAR 2009. From here you can exchange e-mails, photographs and files etc., with participating members of VARC. [This is NOT a public web site - access is restricted to members (and some prospective members for a limited time)]. Our public web site...
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vares / Volusia ARES
This is the mailing list for the ARES group in Volusia County, Florida. Primarily intended for news of interest to the amateur radio community in Volusia County, Florida, particularly relating to emergency related information, it will be left open for general discussion as well. Please only post Amateur radio, emergency and weather related topics.
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varsitytubes / Varsity Tubes
Diffusion de tubes et brumes Tubeurs: TynaReagen, DJ Mists et CFT et LS (distribués par TReagen) pas de partages demandés
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