VintageElise2 / Vintage Elise 2
Introduced in 1957, Madame Alexander's 16.5" Elise is a vision to behold. Madame created a very large assortment of fashionable clothing for her and she could be purchased fully dressed or or in her basic chemise. Elise has a body of hard plastic with soft vinyl arms and she is jointed at the ankle, knee, hip, elbow, shoulder and neck. Her shiny saran hair can be washed and combed.
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VintageHO / Vintage HO Operators
Welcome to our new Vintage HO Operators Group, which is a continuation of the group formerly on Yahoo Groups. This is the list for those who still run the good old HO of the past, Varney, Penn Line, Athearn metal, the list is virtually endless. Generally, I'm saying anything from the early 60's and before. Athearn Rubber band drive diesels, Varney NW-2's and F-3's, bras...
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VintageKenmoreSew / Kinder and friendlier group to help find, ID, understand, use, repair, and learn about Sears Kenmore sewing machines.
A kinder and friendlier group dedicated to helping you find, ID, understand, use, repair, and learn about Sears Kenmore sewing machines. We're NOT into a bunch of rules here. Just have a good time and let's all help one another. NOBODY WILL UNJUSTLY OR CAPRICIOUSLY BE TOSSED OUT OF THE GROUP - AS OFTEN HAPPENED IN ANOTHER SEARS-KENMORE GROUP ELSEWHERE. If you are removed, you will know ...
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VintageKorg / Welcome to the Vintage Korg group!
The Vintage Korg Group is dedicated to vintage Korg (Keio, Univox) Synthesizers, Tape delays, Drum machines, and all that good stuff. There will be various subgroups dedicated to the different (families of) machines. We are currently building up the groups and for now there are subgroups for: PolySix (this will become the overall Vintage Korg user group. It will be renamed at that time.) MS-se...
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VintageMALISSYreference / A Vintage Lissy photo reference
This group is to format, divide, and catalogue Lissy's wonderful vintage wardrobe - the group is not yet accepting members, it is still under construction, stay tuned!
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Vintage MA Lissy doll collectors
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We focus on vintage mystery novels. Authors may include Edgar Allen Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Raymond Chandler, Dorothy Sayers, Ellery Queen, Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardner, Dashiell Hammett, Margery Allingham, Anthony Gilbert, G. K. Chesterton, and many others. We'll have polls to determine which books we'll read and discuss. We'll also have general discussions of this genre. If...
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Vintage_Featherlite-Flower_Sewing_Machines / Vintage Featherlite & Flower Sewing Machines
This group is intended for owners of the very rare Featherlight & Flower sewing machine (not the famous Singer Featherweight) to share information on how to maintain the machine and use it. As far as I have been able to discover, the machines were manufactured in Taiwan and sold in the United States with the brand name featherlite which was registered by the now defunct C & J Distributing ...
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Viptech / VIPTech
A group to discuss different types of technology that helps partially sighted and blind people to use computers, I phones, I pads, smart phones This a friendly group, swap help and tips too other members of the group, so we can use our technology, at a Better level
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Members of the Virginia Writers Club are invited to study craft by sharing and commenting on writing exercises from Steering the Craft by Ursula LeGuin.
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This is a group for railfans and modelers interested in the Virginian Railway. Discussion of and sharing facts, data, and photos relevant to the Virginian and related railroads is encouraged. Sharing information and photos of Virginian models is likewise encouraged.
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Post any sighting of any train from any of Virtual Railfan's camera locations! Flagstaff, AZ Hesperia, CA (Cajon Pass) San Juan Capistrano, CA Davisville, RI Norwalk, CT Altoona, PA (Horseshoe Curve) North East, PA (Lake Shore Railway Museum) Folkston, GA (Folkston Funnel) Thomasville, NC Ashland, VA Sweetwater, TN Chattanooga, TN (TVRM) La Grange, KY La Plata, MO Deshler, OH Fort ...
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Discussion group for students in the Conducting Virtual Consults class, August 2017.
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VirtualGIJoe / Virtual GI Joe: Season 3
A working group for the creation of a virtual season of the Sunbow GI Joe Cartoon and storyline continuity. Current Project: "(Sunbow) G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Virtual Season 3". Project still in need of: Fanfic writers: To write text-"episodes". To join staff as one, please submit at least 3 full pages of a virtual episode you'd like to create, Microsoft Word/Ope...
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VirtualIndian / Virtual Indian
The Virtual Indian group is a forum for discussing all aspects of the 1901-53 US built "Indian" motorcycles. The bias is on the technical aspects, but all Indian-talk welcome.
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VishalMahajan Vishal Mahajan, Digital Marketing Executive
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This group is intended for the Sole use of Vision 100. We have created a vision of the future for our community. This is an all inclusive team and we are building the next level of business owners. We are building dreams, developing a purpose, casting a vision, and taking action.
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VisionInSightsNC / VisionInSightsNC
Vision InSights is an independent gathering place where blind and visually impaired folks come together to connect and share in a welcoming, supportive and empowering atmosphere. Vision InSIghts meetings are held on the first Friday of each month from 10:00 AM to Noon at the Durham Lions Club Scout Center located at 1850 Hillandale Road in Durham, North Carolina.
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Vista-Sunstar / Vista-Sunstar
For owners of the Vista and Sunstar on the VW chassis made by Winnebago 2002-2004. We'll be discussing problems and solutions, as well as fun things to do.
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What today is known as Vistytis is situated in the southwest of Lithuania near the Polish and Russian borders on Lake Vistytis in the municipality of Vilkaviskis and the county of Marijampole. Latitude: 54º27' north, longitude: 22º43' east. This group has been set up with the purpose of collecting and sharing information concerning Vistytis and all those individuals and families who hav...
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