UltralightDX / Ultralight Radio DXing Enthusiasts
This group provides a forum for those interested in the reception of long range AM, FM, Longwave and Shortwave radio stations on pocket radios no larger than 20 cubic inches in size. Discussions of related antennas, modifications and radio station formats is also encouraged. Discussion and comparison of other portable radios is also generally allowed.
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A group to document the experimentation in medium wave radio antennas for Ultralight radios, including box loops, loopsticks and ferrite sleeve loop antennas
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Una Voce of Central Texas This chapter of Una Voce shall be known as “Una Voce of Central Texas Chapter,” and shall be referred to as ‘chapter’ throughout these Bylaws. It is a member of Una Voce America. Statement of Purpose The chapter has the following aims that shall direct its activities: 1. To work as a lay movement within the Church for an organic restorat...
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A place for everyone who loves and remembers Uncle Dale to chat and connect.
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Have you suffered emotional, physical, verbal, mental, or sexual abuse at the hands of others, most especially family members? Have you, so unfortunately, suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other problems caused by the aforementioned abuses? Do you have daily physical pain issues, headaches, spasms, etc whether they be due to a disability, an accident, or, again, the aforementioned abuse...
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The UniTrunker Mailing List is an email list for the purpose of discussing UniTrunker. Spam will NOT be tolerated. Anyone sending spam to the list will be removed and banned. Rules: No flaming. No spam. That's it! Please tell your friends about this list so they can sign up!
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Uniden discussion group
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UP Modeler group
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Union Pacific
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Replacement Group for Yahoogroups Union Pacific Group
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Unipolar-depressive-disorder-support-zone / Unipolar-depressive-disorder-support-zone
Welcome to UDDSG, which stands for unipolar-depressive-disorder-support-group, a place for those with unipolar depressive disorder, depression without mania, or one-sided depression, formally known as MDD, or major depressive disorder, can come along and seek support, regardless of their disability, religious affiliation, racial group, ethnic background, size, weight, physical appearance, family c...
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Unit6Contact / Pebblecreek Unit 6 Residents
A shared space for communication among residents of Pebblecreek Unit 6.
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UnitedProtectors / United Protectors
The flagship game of Continuing Heroes Greetings, Welcome to United Protectors. It is the year 2230. The UECS 'Protector' a colony ship from "United Earth' is bound for the system of 'Trappist' when something unexpected happens. The ship is thrown off course and the damaged navigation locks onto another system. The flight crew is awakened early, and the colonists arrive som...
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The purpose of the Unity in Motion - The New Consciousness of Life group is to support and empower all practitioners of Unity in Motion in their becoming fully connected to and merged with the harmony that is Universal Balance.
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UnsereStadt / Unsere Stadt
Eine Gruppe für die Seiten im Kreis Heinsberg
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UnsolvedProblems / Unsolved Problems
This group is for discussion of the unsolved problems in number theory, logic, and cryptography which are featured on the web site. Problems include the Beal conjecture, the existence (or otherwise) of a perfect cuboid, the Collatz conjecture, the ABC conjecture, the Goldbach conjecture, the twin primes conjecture, the Dorabella cipher (aka the Elgar cipher), the RSA challenge, the existence (or o...
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A group for facilitating community among homeschooled teens and their families in the Upcounty Montgomery County area.
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UpperValleyGoClub / Upper Valley NH & VT GO Club
This group comprises those who might play GO at the Hopkins Center Cafeteria at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, usually on Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM.
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