U-Boot ARM Amlogic SoC Support list
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uaflc / Large FLC Group
Our theme this semester is "The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning" or SoTL. There are many resources for folks who are interested in learning more about SoTL. Please click on "files" and find the "SoTL" folder for more information. This is a group for UA FLC members to share ideas, connect, and organize peer observations. You can upload resources by using the "fil...
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ublacteos / UBLácteos
União Brasileira da Cadeia Produtiva de Lácteos (UBLácteos).
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ucd-contra / Urbana Country Dancers
This group will be for used for announcements of upcoming dances held by the Urbana Country Dancers. We hold contra dances at the Phillips Recreation Center, 505 W. Stoughton,Urbana, IL. There will also be announcements of other dance and music events of interest to the Champaign-Urbana contra dance community. In addition there may be some discussion of dancing, music and other aspects of our comm...
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ucuk fikir, futurism
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U-Fli judges communication and info list. for current ufli judges only.
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ufms-facom-si / Sistemas de Informação
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UGLY AS YOU assignment & openingsevent Luca-Arts Ghent
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uglydogs / uglydogs
The uglydogs group is a safe and private gathering place for the fans of Blair Braverman and Quince Mountain. It is a place where members can communicate with each other on a variety of topics, and coordinate on a variety of events. From the igivearod.com website: The “Ugly Dogs” (#uglydogs) are a Twitter-based group of dogsledding enthusiasts who are particular fans of BraverMountain Mushin...
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uglyfoxfriends / Friends of the Ugly Fox
It's a place, and a state of mind. The epicenter can be found in Massachusetts, but it extends far beyond there. It's timeless, if you understand that time is irreverent, uh, irrelevant. It passes, but this will help it stand still. If this concept strikes a chord, even if it seems to be flat, enter at your own risk, or clue, or the game of your choosing.
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uglytrolls / Ugly Trolls
Dungeons and Dragons Singapore Campaign
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UK global health stakeholders collaborating on UHC debate ahead of the HLM on UHC.
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uicstock / uicstock
This group is for discussing the main line railway coaches and wagons of Europe and other countries whose vehicles carry European Vehicle Numbers (EVNs). Limited discussion of markings of locomotives and multiple units carrying EVNs is also allowed. Welcome are observations, stock changes (withdrawals, renumbering, conversion etc.), liveries, lettering, details of new orders and fleet lists. Also ...
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Discussion and help group for UK based amateur radio operators.
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ukcab / UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB) on HIV
The UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB) is a network for community HIV treatment advocates across the UK. The UK-CAB has three main aims. To develop and strengthen a UK network of HIV treatment advocates. We do this using a confidential email forum that links all members. To provide expert training on current treatment issues. This includes the chance to meet with doctors, researchers and ph...
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ukconchology / UK Conchology
A discussion group for members of the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland and others with an interest in British marine, terrestrial and aquatic mollusca and their shells. We welcome contributions on molluscan topics from beginners and experts alike, but please - no advertising, campaigning or chain letters. Images for identification or interest may be loaded in the Photos section. ...
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Discussion and Debate relating to British Politics Supporters of the following parties are welcome. In alphabetical order: Conservative Greens Labour Lib Dem Plaid Cymru SNP Ukip When members are asked questions relating to their posts it is expected that they will answer. Cross posting is not permitted without permission of the author.
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ukletsSW / UK LETS South West Forum
Discussion Forum for members of LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) groups in the South West of the UK.
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ukoscale / ukoscale
The email-plus group for O-scale modellers of North American railroads living in the UK. O-scale is 1:48 ... 1/4":1ft. We model in 2-rail and our track gauges are 1-1/4" / 32mm, the same as British O-gauge track, and P48 for absolute scale track gauge. 3-railers with recent, scale models from Lionel, MTH, etc are also welcome as are narrow gauge modellers in On2, On30, On3, etc, esp...
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uksmg / UKSMG Discussion Group
This discussion group is available to all Six Metre enthusiasts. When applying to join this reflector please give your Name and Callsign. If you are a member of the UKSMG, then if known please add your membership number. This Reflector is intended for the exchange of information on 50 MHz operation including DX-related topics, QSL information, propagation, technical discussions & other news...
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