This is a group for people that are interested in the TYT-TYTERA MD-398 10 Watts DMR/Analog handheld transceiver.
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TagginOasis / Taggin' Oasis
Group for tag offers and games,no mandatory sends or posts,just sit back and request tags,we will have games and if you want a tag you do have to play,but everybody gets a tag just for playing,absolutely no drama 'cause believe me not even your mama wants the drama,just wanna have fun and enjoy all the offers!! :)
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Tagging4You / Tagging4You
Tags offered several times a week for your personal use. Tags are emailed back to you. Have fun! This group is closed at 40 members. If you see the members at less you can apply and will be approved. I will be cleaning out the members who don't request periodically.
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Taking-back-our-lives / Taking-back-our-lives
About us: This is a support group for people who have experienced sexual assault and sexual abuse. This group is not run by a licensed professional and we are not responsible for the action of group members. From time to time the moderators may post resources that we have received from mental health professionals. This does not constitute treatment by our group. We just ask that you keep a few...
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TakomaDC / TakomaDC, Neighbors Talking to Neighbors
TakomaDC is for friendly neighbors-talking-to-neighbors conversations. It's focus is the Historic Takoma Park neighborhoods in DC and MD. Everyone everywhere is welcome but messages should be related to Takoma or topics being discussed by residents. Please do not post commercial messages, press releases, class schedules, or solicitations. The focus on neighborhood issues keeps us from being ...
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TalkTemari / Talk Temari Discussion Group
TalkTemari is the companion discussion group to TemariKai.com. It has been going strong since 1998, in one form or another, but its origins go back to a handful of people who gathered together online in order to figure out & learn the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. Members are crafters/enthusiasts of these embroidered thread-wound balls, dedicated to learning about, preserving and craft...
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TamarValleyLETS / Tamar Valley LETS
Mailing list for members of Tamar Valley LETS , Devon & Cornwall, UK - The Tamar Valley area's Local Exchange Trading Scheme trading online. This list is restricted to group members.
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Welcome to Tamarac, Florida Freecycle, a locally based group for re-distribution of items no longer wanted or needed. Our number one rule is that all items must be free of charge. This is intended to be suitable for all ages so watch your language in the public posts. Items must be picked up by the recipient within 48 hours unless other arrangements are made. No living organisms are permitted ...
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TangoCanberra / Members of the Tango Social Club of Canberra
A group for all members of the Tango Social Club of Canberra. We can use it to send out notices that have to go to all members — eg the notice for the Annual General Meeting. This group has two 'sub-groups'. One is for people to receive the Club's email newsletter; the other is the Club's discussion group. All members are put into this "members" group. Then if they choos...
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TastyWeekendRecipes / Great Tasting Weekend Recipes
This is a group where we will only have recipes posted on the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Group members are encouraged to submit recipes to the group ALL WEEK LONG to be posted for the coming weekend. Every weekend will be a different "theme" so it will be fun to get all kinds of different recipes every weekend. There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members n...
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TaxProExchange / TaxProExchange
Note - the original taxproexchange continues to exist and be active in Yahoogroups. There is a chance however slight that as time passes the groups component of Yahoo will become excess to their business plan. A group for CPAs, attorneys, EAs and other Tax Professionals to discuss U.S. income taxation, exchange information and suggestions, discuss tax programs and other software,upload excel work...
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Waiting for Godot
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Team4EdG / Team4EdG
Friends of Ed Glover
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TeaneckShuls / TeaneckShuls
TeaneckShuls is an announcement list for the Jewish community in the Teaneck / Bergenfield / New Milford vicinity. For complete posting policy info & relevant rules: http://www.teaneckshuls.org/files/TSPolicy.htm
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TeaneckShulsAnnouncements / TeaneckShulsAnnouncements
TeaneckShulsAnnouncements is an announcement-only list. Relevant announcements from the TeaneckShuls list will be forwarded or copied to this list for the benefit of those who only want announcements & not all the other TeaneckShuls posts. If you already subscribe to, and read TeaneckShuls there should be no need to join this list. For complete posting policy info & relevant rules: http://...
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A group to discuss the technical details of how a ISOT scenario would work.
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TechTalk / Tech Talk
Welcome to Tech Talk, This is a group for discussing accessible technology and technology in general. Also, see our associated chat group where you can chitchat and discuss anything not related to technology. https://groups.io/g/TechTalkChat
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TechTalkChat / Tech Talk Chat
This is the chat subgroup for Tech Talk where anything not related to technology can be discussed. There are no subject restrictions, but please try to keep it civilized. Also, see our associated Tech Talk group where you can discuss anything related to accessibility and technology. https://groups.io/g/TechTalk
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Here you can share any tech stuff
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