TechNet / MORI Tech Net
Discussion about and supplement to the Oklahoma City Aeronautical Center Amateur Radio Club's "MORI" Tech Net
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TechTalk / Tech Talk
Welcome to Tech Talk, This is a group for discussing accessible technology and technology in general. Also, see our associated chat group where you can chitchat and discuss anything not related to technology.
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TechTalkChat / Tech Talk Chat
This is the chat subgroup for Tech Talk where anything not related to technology can be discussed. There are no subject restrictions, but please try to keep it civilized. Also, see our associated Tech Talk group where you can discuss anything related to accessibility and technology.
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Groupes pour que les ambassadeurs de Technopolys interagissent
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Here you can share any tech stuff
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A support group for the people who must make technology work and the difficulties/solutions they find to the ever-increasing need and want for new and better ways of doing things.
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Lista de distribucion para el tecnologo.
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This groups is for discussion of various Tecsun shortwave receivers.
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Tecsun-PL-660 / Tecsun PL-660
Tecsun PL-660 receiver discussions
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Tecsun-PL-880 / Tecsun PL-880
Tecsun PL-880 receiver discussion.
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TecumsehEngineGroup / Tecumseh Engine Group
Welcome To Tecumseh Engine Group A place to share and discuss experiences, repairs. Buy and sell pertaining to Tecumseh Engines. Tecumseh Engines, Tecumseh Engine, Small engines Our intent is to have a group where members can ...
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Welcome to the Ted and Mabel Sorenson Family Website! This is a general website used to keep in touch with each other through messages, pictures, etc. It is also used to facilitate reunion planning when that time comes around. (The "Conversations", "Files" and "Database" sections are the most important sections when preparing for a reunion.) Next Sorenson Reunion: Sun, July...
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TeddybearsandRainbowtags / Teddybears & Rainbow Tags
Here we offer tags from G - PG. If you like tags this is the group for you! We will be doing mystery tags and theme day tags, template tags and all sorts of tags! Like I said, if you like tags this is the group for you! We have great taggers here! Thanks for checking us out! We are an English speaking group only. Also, this is Alyssia's home group for her Always list. We NEED Taggers!!! Pleas...
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TeenAstro / TeenAstro
A forum to share information for building the TeenAstro telescope mount goto controller. un Forum pour partager et faciliter la construction de la motorisation de telescope TeenAstro. Ein Forum zum Austausch von Informationen für den Bau eines TeenAstro Teleskopsteuerung.
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TeenagerPenPalsFromAroundTheWorld / Teenager Pen Pals from around the world!!
This is for people from the ages of 13-17 to talk and meet knew people all are welcome (even if you have a mental health disability) also you can be anywhere in the world (but please be relatively good at english) and is it just me or do you also want a friend that's mute... Just me okay (but if you are mute just tell me) here are some rules: #1: No bad language #2: No sexual content/ langua...
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Teens-DID-support / Teen dissociative support
This group is for anybody under the age of 20 who has a dissociative disorder, is a supporter of someone who does, or who hasn't been diagnosed yet but suspects they might have one. Please remember trigger warnings on difficult posts. If you don't know what a trigger warning is, or have any questions, you can always email me. I'm happy to help.
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Teenswithdisabilities / Teens with disabilities and special needs
A group for teens with any kind of disability or special need ages 13 to 21
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TekScopes / TekScopes
All about classic Tektronix test equipment, its use, repair, and collecting.
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A group for Tektronix enthusiasts north of the continental U.S.
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TekScopes2 / All about Tektronix CRT scopes and more!
This group is for discussion of Tektronix instrumentation. We talk about the classic Tek scopes, the 7000 series, the TM500 instrumentation, the DSOs, and others. We also share service stories and occasional social talk: like you would if you went to get nuts and chatted in the hardware store. Moved from Yahoo!'s TekScopes2. We won't kick you out on a whim. We are a meritocracy, not a ...
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