Sdrplay / SDRPlay RSP
A group for the SDRPlay RSP Software Defined Radios
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SearsGardenTractorsGroup / Sears Garden Tractors Group
Welcome To The Sears Garden Tractors Group This group was created for members that like to talk about and work on Sears Suburbans, Customs, SS, ST, GT, GTV, Roper Tractors, and Craftsman Tractors ...
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This is a list for people to sell things and request things
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This is a list for people to advertise goods for sale and request stuff
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SeeYaDP / Alfa See Ya Motor Home Support Group - SeeYaDP
Alfa See Ya! Diesel Pusher Owners Group *** Run By Owners For Owners *** This group is managed by owners of Alfa See Ya! Diesel motorhomes. Its purpose is to link owners for the exchange of information related to the use and maintenance of their RV. Anyone interested in Alfa See Ya! motorhomes is welcome to join, including both current and prospective owners. Be sure to check out the valuable inf...
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For discussing conversion of QuickBooks data to MIP
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Senior-chat / Senior Chat
We are still busy and interested in all kinds of crafts and other activities. Some of us garden and all of us are interested in staying active and involved. Cooking for just one or two can be a real problem. Got any recipes you'd like to share? Religion and politics are discussed but in good taste. If things get out of control, we close the subject for a bit. We don't bash the president, ...
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SeniorPals / Senior Pals
Welcome to Senior Pals! ™ We are a friendly caring chat group where seniors ages 50 and over of both sexes can chat, share stories and experiences, and feel at home among friends. Senior Pals is the place to help you build worldwide friendships. This is a family friendly group! No spam permitted.
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This group is open to every country not just the USA.
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SeniorsOnBikes / Boulder, CO Seniors on BIkes
The Boulder, CO Seniors on Bikes welcome anyone who enjoys cycling with a group. There are fast-paced "Tiger" and more moderate "Pacer" rides posted on the Calendar each Wednesday & Friday morning year-round, weather permitting, and ride notice e-mails are sent to members. Casual "Cruzer" rides are posted in warmer months. Sometimes other rides and events are posted as ...
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Fun group with jokes, cartoons, and memes. Laugh at political stuff too. Combination of 2 groups "Political Insights and Silly Stuff" and "Surveys Taken Here."
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This is where we can post any type of recipes thatis a side dish. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members will need to post one (1) recipe to the group every month. There won't be a weekly "theme" to the recipes posted to this wil...
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SerenityMountain / Serenity Mountain
Serenity Mountain is a Christian Community of people who are looking for friends who will support each other through prayer, fellowship, and sharing many materials! Such as devotionals, poetry, recipes, anything that is clean. Discussions of all kinds are welcome accept for politics. Do you have a prayer request or praise report? That is welcome as well.
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The Serra-Boulder group is a communication tool for the Serra Club of Boulder County Colorado. It is an affiliate of Serra USA and Serra International. Serra USA was founded in 1935 by a small group of lay Catholics in Seattle who decided to form an organization to promote and foster vocations to the priesthood and consecrated religious life. As a result, they chose Father Junipero Serra, the grea...
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Welcome to Served In a Bowl! This group is a recipe, cooking and food group for anything you might serve in a bowl. Your bowl can be a shallow bowl or steep-sided, large to small. If you might put it in a bowl to contain liquid or just to contain your food so you can travel on the go, it's welcome here! Your bowl might be of a size that you are using for food portion-control,a mug, or a heapin...
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SettingCaptivesFree / Setting Captives Free
Setting Captives Free one heart at a time, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Severe-migraine-support-group / Severe-migraine-support-group
My name is Kaden I own this group, I have been suffering with migraines for 8 years now, and the severity of them is increasing over time, but has dramatically worsened since last September, every birthday and every greys day I get one, and if I get too stressed, overexcited, anxious, upset, distressed, manic, switchy, angry, or agitated, I get them every other day, because of my eating disorder m...
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Severe_depression / Severe_depression
Welcome to severe_depression, the group where anyone with any type of depressive illness can seek support, it is for this reason i ask that all sensitive posts be preceded by a trigger warning, all mods and members be treated with equal rights and respect, and no nasty/offensive/derogatory behaviour will be accepted on this list, my name is Silas i suffer from severe unipolar depression so i know ...
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Share-A-Paw is an informal group of people in the Broome/Tioga Counties, NY area who have therapy dogs doing nursing home visits. Membership must be approved by list owner.
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Welcome to a safe place to bring forth your prayer requests, praise reports and prayer updates. Many prayer warriors wil be lifting your petitions up to the throne room of God!
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