This is the intra-club communications page for the Richardson Skill Builders Speakers League club.
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This group is for the discussion of SCCA Road Rallies at National, Divisional, and Regional levels. It is also for promoting the sport of road rally, or roadrally, in general. SCCA road rallies have 3 predominant types, course rallies, tour rallies, and GTA rallies. Course rallies have tricky instructions that have to be done "on time" throughout the drive, while tour rallies don't...
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Sun City Dermatology Providers Our Founding Father NPCC+NPALD crmPAC+vamPAC (aka TwoPAC)
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For those who are supervising new mentors-in-training.
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SCFWB / Sullivan County Friends with Benifits
Hope to bring together other ADULTS that injoy Benifits! (Lifestyle) Group is geared towards couples, with a few select singles thrown in. Should be in the Sulivan County area of NH.
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This group is dedicated to Amateur Radio operators who are primarily interested in buying and selling Amateur Radio equipment but discussions of other subjects of interest (Antennas, DX, Contesting, etc) are encouraged as well. This group is based in the Columbia, South Carolina area and membership is restricted to SC and border cities (Augusta, Charlotte, etc). Please keep your postings to ham re...
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SCMTAtrails / Santa Cruz Mountains Trails Association
Hiking and trail maintenance group in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California
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For disseminating information on any of the several S-COM repeater related products like the 7330, and elder products like the 7K, 6K, 5K, and MRC-100 controllers and more! This list is supported by S-COM, and their engineering department is subscribed to the list. This list is owned by Kevin Custer and additional moderation is provided by the factory engineers. Search Plugs: s-com scom 73...
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squanicook colonial quilt guild
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Specifically for support, maintenance and upkeep of the Bell Hill beacons
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This UNOFFICIAL group is set up to discuss the SCS Tracker Modem and all its capabilities. Made by Spezielle Communications Systeme GmbH & Co. KG I am a Ham in the USA and have 5 of these ins ervice 1 for Robust packet and HF packet on 40 meters 1 for Robust Packet and HF Packet 30 Meters 1 for HF Packet BBS forwarding 20 Meters 1 for 220 9600 UHF Packet 1 for 2 Meter 1200 Baud Packet
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SCSP / Sheffield Catholic Schools' Partnership discussion group
This is an experimental group to allow discussion between Headteachers and Chairs of Governors of schools in the Sheffield Catholic Schools' Partnership.
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SCVSARK9Training / Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue K9 Team Outside Training Group
This is a group for people (not members of SCVSAR K9 Team) that wish to attend the Snohomish County Volunteer Search & Rescue K9 Team trainings and events from time to time.
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SDARCSDremote / South Dakota Amateur Radio Council SDARC Remote Stations
SDARC SD Remote Radiios
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Newsgroup for the San Diego DX Club.
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A group in San Diego for the free exchange of usable items.
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SDGRS / San Diego Garden Railway Society
A group for, but not limited to, the members of the San Diego Garden Railway Society. This site is dedicated to large scale trains of all scales. A place to have some courteous conversations, learn and share about large scale trains
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SDO is a private group for people who wish to learn how to use Maxifi and Schwab Intelligent Portfolios.
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Questo รจ il Software Defined Radio Club Italia. Creato per gli appassionati SDR Italiani con lo scopo di promuovere e diffondere notizie e suggerimenti su questa nuova ed affascinante tecnologia.
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SDR-Radio / (SDR Console)
Support for software
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