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RJ / Roaring Jelly Contra Dance Band current members
Roaring Jelly was formed in 1970, by and for musicians, veteran to novice, to develop our skills by playing Contra and Square Dance music. We sponsor and play for the comfortable, community-style 3rd Friday Dance usually at the First Parish Church Hall, 7 Harrington Rd, Lexington, MA from September through our June Ice Cream Social. We are a democratically-run band of about 40 members led by ...
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RJDF / Roaring Jelly Dance Friends
Roaring Jelly is a very large, friendly Contra Dance Band formed in 1970. We sponsor and play for the 3rd Friday Contra (and Square) Dances in Lexington, MA (September - June) and some other dances, both public and private. Since 1970 about 400 musicians have contributed to the sound of Roaring Jelly. Some have stayed many years, other have passed through but briefly. As few as a handful or as...
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RLHS / Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Internet Message List
For members of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. The R&LHS, founded in 1921, is the oldest organization in North America devoted to railroad history. The Society promotes research and encourages preservation of documentation and photographs of business history, finance, labor history, and biography as well as technology. We welcome all R&LHS members and friends to our Internet...
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RM8CLUB / The RM8 Club
This is the group page for the RM8 CLUB. We are the Proud owners of ex London Transport Routemaster RM8 - VLT 8. Through this group we can share important information about future rallies / shows that we will be attending. All Members are welcome to participate in this group.
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This is the group formerly known as Railroad Modeling Still Makes Me Grumpy, 2003-2018 Which was previously known as Model Railroading Makes Me Grumpy, 2001-2003 From time to time some member or other will actually let slip some Useful Information. You may have to wade through references to pigs, obsolete sailing craft, obscure English canal boats, water tunnels, concert grand pianos, prosthetic ...
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RPG-Ad-Group / RPG Ad Group: The new home for RPGs!
* Yahoo/Groups is outdated! * Help RPGs find a new home here! It’s just like Yahoo Groups but better. Still free for what RPGs need, but better! - Less adds - Posts show up faster - Files and Photos section actually works! - Has new Features like; Group Chat, Sub-groups, Databases and more! Post any RPG ads here. (Even games still on Yahoo)
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A group to share information about the Bash 'n Build clinic.
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This group is for following along with James Wall as he presents on-line internet clinics about railroad prototype modeling. RPM "on-line internet clinics" are the next step in the evolution of assisting everyone with their railroad modeling endeavors. The clinics present prototype research photos and information followed by step-by-step explanation and photography of how to build models ...
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RPMclinics-RickBell / RPMclinics-RickBell
This group is for following along with Rick Bell as he presents on-line internet clinics about railroad prototype modeling. Specifically he does DCC installations on HO models (primarily) and are "High End" type installations. On occasion he will have a guest present a clinic. RPM "on-line internet clinics" are the next step in the evolution of assisting everyone with their railr...
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RPMclinics-RickBell-REPOSITORY / RPMclinics-RickBell-REPOSITORY
This is a repository of older clinics that were given at RPMclinics-RickBell@groups.io, and were moved here for archival purposes. To see the actual clinics happening join RPMclinics-RickBell@groups.io. PLEASE DO NOT POST MESSAGES OR QUESTIONS ON THIS SITE.....THEY WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. EMAIL QUESTIONS TO dccinstallssales@aol.com
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RR-HS-SIG / Organization and General Discussions
A group for the officers of North American Railroad Historical Societies to collaborate on solving challenges common to RR HS's. Collaborative efforts should reduce the volunteer time and resources consumed by administrative functions. These tasks could range from software and systems to digitize archive material, to design and implementation of web sites, and to society accounting and legal s...
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RR1201Community / River Reach Bldg 1201 Community
This group is to facilitate communications among residents of River Reach Condominium bldg 1201 during an emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, or other calamity. It is NOT a complaint or issue discussion site. While it is expected that many will not have wired internet during or after such an event, there may be cell phone service available. Before an event, you can post that you are stayin...
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RR4Sale - Railroad for Sale - Model Railroad or Railroadiana items for sale or trade. All scales.
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For individuals who love and collect railroad books and videos. Our group focuses on train-related books, periodicals, videos and multi-media. This group discusses newly released items, items for sale by collectors and vendors, book swaps and exchanges, how to care for books, valuation and other related topics. Vendors are allowed to post one sales-related post per month and may issue a "new r...
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Discussion and postings of color formulas, discussions of anything in regard to: color on trains, painting, optics, light spectrum, lighting, CRI, weathering, optical and lighting equipment, video projectors and lighting elements.
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Radio Relay International (RRI) group focusing on training amateur radio message traffic handlers. We focus on disaster preparedness, but have fun in the process.
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RRLug / Rock River Linux Users Group
We are a group, established during the last millennium (1998), dedicated to learning and exploring the intricacies of the Linux operating system, all things Free/Open Source Software (FOSS), and open hardware. Our primary goals are learning, teaching, and having a little high tech fun. All interested individuals are Welcome.
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Bonjour Cette liste pourrait devenir une liste d'échanges (rapide) sur les découvertes ,suivis et récupérations de RadioSondes 73
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RS-918-HF-SDR-Transceiver / RS-918 HF SDR
This is a user group for the RS-918, RS-928 (and related) HF SDR Transceivers. We welcome mcHF users as well as the users of the the RS-918 and related SDR units!! By joining, the applicant agrees to abide by the rules set by the group moderators and owners. This group has one rule: BE NICE.
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