qucs-oh-ham / QUCS-OH-HAM
Quite Universal Circuit Simulator / QUCS -ryhmä suomalaisille radioamatööreille. (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator / QUCS group for Finnish amateur radio operators.) http://qucs.sourceforge.net/ http://qucs.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html
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queenofangels / Queen of Angels Homeschool Community
Queen of Angels Homeschool Community is a home schooling support group comprised of families from Canton, OH and surrounding areas. We are families interested in support for the mother, social activities for our families, and friendships for our children. We are an informal group with only two planning meetings a year. Membership is open to any Catholic home schooling family. Those interested in l...
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a place where everyone can come together share recipes,,tips anything to do with recipes
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This is a group for general announcements and event updates for Queer Geek! Seattle, a group in Seattle for LGBTQ folks to network online and offline, meeting up for gaming, movies, drinking and other.
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Group for the Stoughton 4H QuestStars.
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Dedicated to the Quest Super Elf computer. Join this group to discuss the Quest Super Elf, the RCA CDP1802 and all things COSMAC.
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quiita / Quiita
Quiita Group to Test this service
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quilting / Quilter Wiki
A forum for quilters to learn, share, and have fun.
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quiltproject / Quilt Project
We will be doing a quilt project to raise money for the Baronial travel fund. HOWEVER, it is not an official SCA project and all discussion on the Quilt Project will be on the Quilt Project group. Please join if interested. Thank you.
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quinoa / Quinoa - Adaptive computational fluid dynamics
Quinoa is a set of computational tools that enables research and numerical analysis in fluid dynamics. Using the Charm++ runtime system, we employ asynchronous (or non-blocking) parallel programming and decompose computational problems into a large number of work units (that may be more than the available number of processors) enabling arbitrary overlap of parallel computation, communication, inpu...
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This group provides infrastructure for Group Five of the 2020 Cohort of the Living School for Action and Contemplation.
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for those of you who fancy taking part in a weekly quiz for fun. each weekend, I will post 3 individual quiz questions for you to have a go at, and the answers will always be given the following day We will play family feud, the dchase, pointless, and even some original ideas so if you like quizzing, come and join me.
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