PSP-Freubelaars / PSP-Freubelaars
Ben jij een beginner, gevorderde of vergevorderde met Paint Shop Pro dan zijn wij de aangewezen groep voor je. Ben je beginner dan start je bij les 1, ben je gevorderd dan mag je instappen bij les 20 en ben je vergevorderd mag je instappen bij les 101. Mocht je starten bij les 1 of 20 dan is er nog de optie om tot en met les 100 de lessen versneld te maken. Momenteel hebben we meer dan 1000 les...
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PSP-Freubelaars-Hebbedingetjes / PSP-Freubelaars-Hebbedingetjes
De PSP-Freubelaars-Hebbedingetjes is een groep waarin alles gedeeld zal worden wat te maken heeft met PSP zoals: plaatjes, tubes, fonts, brushes, filters enzovoorts. Heb je geen tijd of zin om iets te delen dan is dat geen enkel probleem, dan hoef je alleen maar te ontvangen. Ik zal elke dag van diverse dingen iets versturen. Zoek je iets speciaals dan gil over de groep en ik zal kijken of dat...
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Welcome to PSP Graphic Artists. Whether you are new to Paint Shop Pro, rediscovering it or an old hand needing a fix, come and try out our tutorials with or without your own creative input. Enjoy the groups' appreciation, help and friendship
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Groups for sharing tubes and div. psp stuff. Welcome.
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Welcome to PSP-Weekend-Warriors. We war every weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday night. We send anything and everything PSP - tubes, brushes, masks, images, tags, gradients, presets, brushes etc. as long as they are free to use. Nothing pay to use is allowed to be sent. We do not allow jokes, rants, political/religious writings "the sky is falling" emails etc. We also do not allow ad...
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PSP-World-Share / PSP-World-Share
Hier kan en mag alles gedeeld worden wat met Paint Shop Pro te maken heeft. Het Share-Team.
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We are a sharing group that shares tubes, masks,scrap kits,graphics etc. Anything that we can create with in PSP. We are a family-friendly group, so no A/C please. We have a high volume of mail at times, so you might want to use an email that gives you quite a bit of space. We would love to have you join us! So pull up a chair and start sharing and snagging!
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PSPandSTUFFONCripplecreek / PSPandSTUFFOnCripplecreek
This is a group to share all things related to creating in PSP. We will share tubes, fonts, graphics, masks, tuts etc. No Adult Content please. Participation is appreciated. Kate---Owner
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Forum of the San Diego Division of the Pacific Southwest Region of the National Model Railroad Association. NMRA PSR San Diego Division
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PSUG / PowerSchool Users Group
A place for PowerSchool users to collaborate, cooperate and share. PowerSchool is a powerful web-based student information system and the objective of this group is to help users get the most out of its many capabilities.
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PSUG-WPA / PowerSchool User Group - Western PA
Welcome to the Western Pennsylvania PowerSchool user group. Please post all messages to the group. Rob Smiley from Mt. Lebanon School District and JR Deer from Fox Chapel School District will be monitoring this users group.
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Possum Trot Orienteering Club's discussion page.
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PTSD-DID-CMPD-and-trauma-safe-Houdveure / PTSD-DID-CMPD-and-trauma-safe-Houdveure
Welcome to the PTSD-DID-CMPD-and-trauma-safe-Houdveure, my name is bonnie I am the list administrator. This group is for sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder, dissociative identity disorder, complex mixed personality disorder, and trauma NOS, as well as for family and friends of sufferers to connect, chat, share conditional related information and resources, give and receive advice and supp...
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PTSD-and-trauma-survivors-sanctuary / PTSD-and-trauma-survivors-sanctuary
If you have PTSD, DID, or suffered any abuse or trauma, you are welcome in our sanctuary, my name is jerry i own the group, i suffer from DID, PTSD and gender identity disorder as a result of being abused, you're not alone, all that i ask is that all list members be respected and trigger warnings be placed on all sensitive posts
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PTSDSufferersAgainstCelebratingChristmas / PTSD Sufferers Against Celebrating Christmas
This is a safe non-judgemental group created by me the owner Jamie for all PTSD sufferers who like us hate the December holiday
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PVED / Parents Via Egg Donation
Parents Via Egg Donation, or PVED was created to provide an informational and supportive environment where parents and parents-to-be can learn and share information about all facets of the egg donation process. Our mission is to educate, support, and empower families and individuals at any stage of the process who choose to use egg donation to build a family. We provide information to help...
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PVPlaneswalkers / Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers
We are a club in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts seeking to build a diverse, inclusive, and friendly environment in which to play Magic: the Gathering. Though several of us are indeed nerdy white dudes, we're keen to recruit members who might not fit the traditional stereotype of trading card gamers. Everyone interested in Magic: the Gathering is welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual...
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For discussion on all things Port Vale and to provide a tracking history of conversations and decisions made.
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PWB / PWB Electronics
To provide a place where the customers of PWB Electronics can exchange ideas on how best to utilize the products of Peter Belt and transform their audio listening experience.
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